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75" Soniq Ultra HD Google Chromecast TV 100hz $1299 (Local Pickup Available VIC) @ SONIQ


Hey Guys,

SONIQ is reducing our prices on our 75" Google Chromecast TVs

SONIQ NX-Series 75" Ultra HD Google Chromecast TV N75UX17A-AU 100Hz Was $1899 Now $1299

  • Google Chromecast Built In allows you to stream from your compatible device
  • 100Hz Refresh Rate by QuickMotion (motion interpolation)
  • Shipping varies by state/ postcode so you will have to check to see how much
  • Pickup Available at 178 Boundary Rd Braeside
  • 36 Month Extended Warranty if you Register the TV on our website

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  • +7 votes

    I will put few hundred extra for hisense.

  • any deals on 55 inch?

  • so not smart just able to cast to

  • $1300 for a 75"? Well damn. I'd put the extra $400~ into a Hisense having never owned a soniq personally. Then again, $400+ is a third of the price of the soniq, so again, damn.

  • Whats the price of its remote as we usually loose and always need a replacement.

  • Ready for Google Game Streaming!

  • 100Hz Refresh Rate by QuickMotion (motion interpolation)

    So it's not actually a 100Hz TV?

    That's like advertising a 1080p TV as 4K but it only upscales to 4K.

    • You're pretty much describing 4K Blu-Ray :)
      Majority are 2K upscales to 4K

    • So it's not actually a 100Hz TV?

      Nope, TVs are only 60 or 120Hz physical refresh rate. In theory they can be 240 as well.

      That's like advertising a 1080p TV as 4K but it only upscales to 4K.

      Yep. Manufacturers attempt to mislead and decieve consumers at every opportunity.

  • +2 votes

    I have the 65" version… for a cheap tv it's been terrific in the family room. Never had an issue.

    If you want a perfect picture for your home cinema, go spend 5-10 times as much.

    Understand what you are paying and what you are buying, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with Soniq.
    There's a few comments above that "would rather spend hundreds more on a HiSense" even through they've never owned a Soniq.
    And that makes no sense.

    Google methods to get into factory settings of the Soniq to change the picture.
    Out of curiosity I put monitor calibrator (Spyder 5 Datacolour) on the front of the Soniq and it did pretty well considering its cost.

    Each to their own and by all means be a brand snob (I am on certain things I buy). But a 75" Soniq for $1300 that comes with a decent warranty is a bargain imo.

    • "And that makes NoSense." - missed the opportunity

      • Not missed, that was the intention. Although granted I should have typed it like you have :).

    • It's been a while, but I've had no good experiences with soniq in the past.
      Better than a "toyoda" tv I once had (avoid like the plague if it's still a brand)

      Soniq's biggest problem is that Chinese brands like HiSense offer so much more for a often very small amount more. The value is so much more it's hard to justify not spending more.