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75" Soniq Ultra HD Google Chromecast TV 100hz $1299 (Local Pickup Available VIC) @ SONIQ


Hey Guys,

SONIQ is reducing our prices on our 75" Google Chromecast TVs

SONIQ NX-Series 75" Ultra HD Google Chromecast TV N75UX17A-AU 100Hz Was $1899 Now $1299

  • Google Chromecast Built In allows you to stream from your compatible device
  • 100Hz Refresh Rate by QuickMotion (motion interpolation)
  • Shipping varies by state/ postcode so you will have to check to see how much
  • Pickup Available at 178 Boundary Rd Braeside
  • 36 Month Extended Warranty if you Register the TV on our website

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    I will put few hundred extra for hisense.

  • any deals on 55 inch?

  • so not smart just able to cast to

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    $1300 for a 75"? Well damn. I'd put the extra $400~ into a Hisense having never owned a soniq personally. Then again, $400+ is a third of the price of the soniq, so again, damn.

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      But this tv does not have HDR I think. Or local dimming.

  • Whats the price of its remote as we usually loose and always need a replacement.

    • Slightly off topic but I remember buying our first ever Plasma TV, a 42" SD Soniq plasma from JB and it actually came with 2 identical remotes - maybe they still give you 2?!

      • Never heard of that before. Maybe you got two by mistake.

    • Remote Control is $42 + $12 shipping

      • Thats way more expensive than replacing samsung sony or LG remotes

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    Ready for Google Game Streaming!

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    100Hz Refresh Rate by QuickMotion (motion interpolation)

    So it's not actually a 100Hz TV?

    That's like advertising a 1080p TV as 4K but it only upscales to 4K.

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      You're pretty much describing 4K Blu-Ray :)
      Majority are 2K upscales to 4K

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      So it's not actually a 100Hz TV?

      Nope, TVs are only 60 or 120Hz physical refresh rate. In theory they can be 240 as well.

      That's like advertising a 1080p TV as 4K but it only upscales to 4K.

      Yep. Manufacturers attempt to mislead and decieve consumers at every opportunity.

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        I was hoping the fact I put it on the description would be not seen as misleading :/

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          Also just for reference other brands do the same thing with motion interpolation but under different names
          LG calls it TruMotion
          Samsung calls it Auto Motion Plus
          Sony calls it Motionflow

        • I very much appreciate it 🙂

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    I have the 65" version… for a cheap tv it's been terrific in the family room. Never had an issue.

    If you want a perfect picture for your home cinema, go spend 5-10 times as much.

    Understand what you are paying and what you are buying, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with Soniq.
    There's a few comments above that "would rather spend hundreds more on a HiSense" even through they've never owned a Soniq.
    And that makes no sense.

    Google methods to get into factory settings of the Soniq to change the picture.
    Out of curiosity I put monitor calibrator (Spyder 5 Datacolour) on the front of the Soniq and it did pretty well considering its cost.

    Each to their own and by all means be a brand snob (I am on certain things I buy). But a 75" Soniq for $1300 that comes with a decent warranty is a bargain imo.

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      "And that makes NoSense." - missed the opportunity

      • Not missed, that was the intention. Although granted I should have typed it like you have :).

    • It's been a while, but I've had no good experiences with soniq in the past.
      Better than a "toyoda" tv I once had (avoid like the plague if it's still a brand)

      Soniq's biggest problem is that Chinese brands like HiSense offer so much more for a often very small amount more. The value is so much more it's hard to justify not spending more.

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