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Meat Mincer $29 at Kmart Footscray (Maybe Other Outlets Too?) Usually $59?


Homemaker brand meat mincer on clearance sale.

Looks like stainless steel hop and tubes. Has 3 different attachments for different coarseness of mince. Includes sausage maker attachment.

I've been looking online for a while and the cheapies seem to go for about $60-$80. I think these are normally $59 and now half price on clearance.

12 month warranty.

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  • Great price for a mincer. I think mine cost over $100.

  • Homemaker, the only brand you can buy at Kmart. Usually rubbish quality.

  • Will-It-Mince? "Homebrand smoke, don't breathe this"

    LOL :-D

  • can you mince human remains with bones intact?

    • I also would like to know this as it's the sort of thing I'm in the market for.

    • +2 votes

      Won't work with bones. My mincer does a fair good job handling fatty meat but occasionally thick gristle will clog the outputs. Best chopping off the gristle before mincing. Another tip, put the meat in the freezer before you mince. Not so much that it freezes but enough so that the meat is firm. Mincing soft meat turns the mince into a a liquidy mess.

      • OK, do you recommend something to cut up the bodies… ok, I think i've pushed this joke to far. Or am I joking ;)

  • Similar unit at ALDI didn't sell that well. Was on clearance around that or slightly cheaper at my local.