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½ Price KB's Prawn Gyoza 1kg $10.65 @ Woolworths


Save $10.65. $1.07 per 100g. I quite enjoy these dumplings.

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  • These normally sell for $21.30?

  • Made in Australia?

  • How good

  • These are pretty decent. Can't complain about a kilo of quick noms for $10.

  • Are there any non prawn flavours available?

  • Overpriced then half price

  • well i got this during the woolies frozen 50%, do they go 50% often?

  • These are great, especially 'steam fried' with sesame oil.

    Good enough that I admit I've bought them full price before.

  • The prawn and vegetarian ones are good.
    I chuck them on a pan to fry first then a splash of water to give it a quick steam. Good stuff.

    Also good are Mr Chen’s range. They’re in coles. Can’t rememebr if I’ve seen them at Woolies? They’re good.

  • They probably sell more at half price than during normal price which is 90% of the time.

    At $20, they are more expensive than some fresh handmade dumplings around uts/Central.

  • my daughter's favourite meal / snacks.. I bought a 1kg bag as a treat during the recent 50% off freezer sale.

  • What exactly is this food? (serious question)

  • So I just bought a bag an hour ago because I thought the half price was on already… they stored heaps in the half price section of the freezer with the special sticker on the front. However no price was displayed - I just assumed.

    Anyone done refunds before? Could I get them to refund the difference if I wanted to keep it?

    • Coles? Their policy on incorrect pricing
      What is a scanning error?
      A scanning error occurs when an item has been scanned, or the correct PLU (Price Look Up) number entered, and a price higher than the advertised or ticketed price displays at the checkout or on the receipt. Single items
      If a single item scans at a higher price than the advertised or ticketed shelf price for that item, we will give you that item FREE.

      Multiple identical items
      If multiple, identical items scan at higher price than the advertised or ticketed shelf price, we will give you the first item FREE, and the remaining items at the advertised or ticketed shelf price

    • At Woollies, if it scans at a higher price than labelled, you get the item free.

      • To clarify, I bought the item on Tuesday Night while they were stocking up in the half price section. I forgot to check the price at the counter - which was $21.30. Wasn't labelled.

        Nevertheless I learnt something new from the replies cheers.

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      Woolies care about customer relations. It costs them advertising dollars to acquire you as a customer. Over a lifetime you'll spend tens of thousands of dollars with them - in a market in which you have a clear choice.

      Therefore, if you are the customer who overcomes the inertia to call them or to front up at the service counter with your receipt or your Woolies loyalty card (which has a record of the transaction) to request half refund because you had seen the catalogue price - on-line or in your letterbox - but that you missed noticing the start date, then their training is that they will refund you the difference - because it makes sense for them to not want you to be pissed off with their brand. If you don't have a receipt or loyalty card registered transaction then more difficult for them to act, but maybe they can look up the details of the transaction if epayment. I'd explain that you haven't brought the product back because it is frozen food.

      If the person you speak to is lacking in this perspective in their training, then ask very nicely if it would be alright for you to speak to the duty manager. Over the phone the duty manager will tell the front desk person to refund you half the cost - because they're too busy to come to the front).

      Note: paying you this half refund is the smart and most cost-effective response they can make. They risk losing money by saying no to you, but you would probably need to call, them or front up before the discounted price expires. because as a transaction they would put through a refund or return on the initial transaction from that receipt, and then charge you the current discount price instead - which expires tonight?

      [And we want a report back! Lol.]

      • Hey Pal,

        Very logical points you have there. What happened was I came back to the store (I bought it Tuesday night, and returned Thursday evening) to return it or paid the difference of the sale price. The girl who was inexperienced in these circumstances asked a colleague (they wore the same clothing so I'm not sure if it was a manager) about what to do, and came back saying they can't refund it because it is a frozen product. They also can't do a price-difference refund because of the same reason…

        Unhappy about it all but I don't care too much to bring it up to someone higher. As you said, I probably could have went the extra step but that's what happened.

  • I pan fry these with a little sesame oil, and make a sauce with

    soy sauce
    vinegar (apple cider is nice)
    sugar (palm is nice, kecap manis (sweet soy) is also good)
    a dash of lime juice and fish sauce
    and a dash of sesame oil
    and a little minced garlic and ginger.


    • Sauce was a hit! Many thx.

      I'm not a cook so always tentative and anxious with this stuff - esp trying to do it without any indications re quantities. So it was a dash here and there into a small saucepan and onto a low heat. Worked well, even though we'd run out of fresh ginger so I'll try adding that too next time.

      I had to google options for "steam-fry" and this looked pretty good and worked well:-

      | Choose a non-stick frying pan with close fitting lid;
      | Put a non-stick frying pan onto the stove and turn the heat to medium;
      | Put a tablespoon of oil into the pan and then the dumplings – it doesn’t matter if they touch each together.
      | Pour water into the pan a quarter of the way up the side of the dumplings;
      | Cover the pan with a lid and let it sit for about 15 to 20 mins for the water to evaporate;
      | When the water has evaporated and the bottom edges of the dumplings are brown (you’ll know
      | because you’ll be able to hear a reassuring ‘sizzling’ sound coming from the pan), flip
      | the dumplings to brown the other sides. The best way is to use a wooden spatula and
      | chopstick, as I find tongs are too rough on them;
      | The dumplings are ready when they don’t look like they’ve been hibernating all winter – this
      | should take about 5 mins.

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