This was posted 3 years 2 months 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$15 off 2019/20 Digital Books ($50 to $55, +1.25% Fee) @ Entertainment Book


Greetings everyone, I just noted that this deal is back and working again, this is for the 2019/20 entertainment book, I just bought the digital version via this link and it successfully added to my current subscription to end 1/6/2020!

It works perfectly for digital memberships, even though it says "Do Not Use". Get in quick as I doubt this will last long.

The pricing is the same, $15 off digital copies of the Entertainment Book. Plus a 1.25% fee for the use of debit or credit cards.

Update 7/4: Back again with new Odyssea City Beach link thanks to LurkMoar

Update 10/4: Also alternatively, KFC link

As always, enjoy!

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    Argh, I bought my new one 2 days ago because the new ones are always full price.

    • Ok heres how it works.
      - buy digital membership
      - check email
      - click activate (youll be taken to a webpage)
      - login to existing membership account or make a new one
      - activate to that account
      - if already have the app log out and log in.
      - if no app go download it and log in.

  • Is it still worth it? In sydney not many good deals in last edition

    • +1

      Depends if your favourite restaurants are in it…

      • The last edition, while it is thicker, it doesn't have good restaurants.

        • +11

          Maybe they just used thicker paper?

    • +16

      I'm not going to renew this year. Most of the deals are 25% off with lots of conditions. Nowhere near as good as it used to be.

      • Totally agree

        • It's more a list of places not to go to.

      • Thinking the same, there are many free apps that do 30%-50% restaurant deals in Sydney at the moment that the entertainment book doesn't really work out anymore to be much better.

        The icecream, coffee and fast-food deals come in handy sometimes though.

  • Legend!

  • +2

    Seems a bit early? Current membership finishes 1/6?

    • +4

      Mine stacks on top, current membership says 1/6/19 and other one says 1/6/20.

      See here

      • +1

        If you haven't used the voucher for a particular restaurant in 18/19, will it automatically pick the 18/19 voucher first, and when you come back again then it'll pick the 19/20 voucher?

        • +1

          It will show you all the voucher for the years valid, then you select which year you should use first

  • +2

    I prefer the two bonus tickets offer

    • Where is this offer?

  • Sounds like a good discount. Excellent deal.

    Doweyy, I wonder though if this means that you're not able to redeem deals for 2018-2019 anymore? This probably wouldn't matter to most, but I'm curious about how the renewal works.

    edit: Looks like you've just answered my question above. Thanks :)

    • +2

      My understanding is that you still can use the 18-19 version, just make sure that the correct version is activated in your app.

  • Did anyone else get the $20 woolies gift card deal?

    • +1

      yeah but you got to spend heaps $220 to get $20 off cellermasters is better

      • OMG !!!

    • Yes, and for some reason I was emailed two of each voucher (2x woolworths and 2x cellar masters). I don't know if this happened to anyone else, but It effectively means I've already saved $40.

      It's worth noting that the woolies voucher comes in the form of a promotional code. This means that while you can use it and pay with your discounted gift cards, you can't stack it with other codes. The woolies system only seems to allow 1 discount offer code per checkout.

      • So you have to use it online? or is in store possible?

    • What deal?

      • I'm an existing user and they sent an offer as a signup bonus.

    • Ohh. I just looked at the T&Cs of my offer.

      Spend $220 to get $20 off woolies. And spend $120 for $50 off at Cellarmasters

  • +1

    What are the benefits of having one?

    • +1

      Entertain yourself and your family/pals at a discount in some places.

    • +3

      If you happen to spend money at restaurants and other attractions in your city, you can save money on things you would otherwise pay full price for.

      There is a searchable preview of the books for each city here if you'd like to check and see if you'd personally use it.

  • Amazing, doubt you'll get anything better than this.

    • work provides a link that you pay full price but comes with $20 Woolies e-gift card

      • +1

        I had a look at mine. Have to spend $220 to get $20 off…

  • Cheers, Works great.

  • What's with the collecting Early Bird Offers from Laurent?

    Edit: Ok I figured out the paperbook version order doesn't work here only digital. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Can you view the deals before you buy?

    • +3

      Yes. Download the app and you can see what's on offer.

      • +1

        Thank you kindly!

    • You can browse/search the offers on the website.

  • Do you find a physical or digital copy is better? I haven't had a membership for years now so I don't really know what's better.

    • +2

      I haven't either, but I would imagine you'd always have your phone on you where you might not have the physical to utilise a potential saving

      • +1

        Ended up getting a digital one, thanks

    • +2

      You can swap physical vouchers amongst friends, family and colleagues.

      You can take digital memberships anywhere you have your phone. On Android, you can only install the membership on 2 devices.

      • +1

        I'm pretty sure you can have 5 active devices, i've done so in the past. The website even says so "You can have up to 5 currently active. If you want to remove one, contact support"

        • +1

          It didn't work for me. I damaged my phone and installed a new instance on my wife's phone. Then when I got a new replacement phone, I tried to install the entertainment book app but was denied. I have to call the Entertainment help line to release the original install. I haven't done it yet though.

          • @lomie: Just send them a facebook message. They'll do it within a few hours.

      • I think the I'd use the digital one more, thanks for the advice

    • +4

      Digital much better, you can share on 4 other devices so your friends and family can use.
      There have been times the cashier don't know how to redeem the voucher so you can use it again.
      There have been other times when cashier has absolutely no idea and gives you stuff for free, especially fast food places where kids can't read and think its a free item.
      Plus the app can show you near by stores with vouchers. Handy if you go somewhere new and take advantage.

      • Got a digital one, thanks for your help

      • +1

        Although I like the idea of it being readily accessible and shareable with friends and family, I actually prefer the print version.

        Then again, the reason that I like the print version is because I have created a compact filing system that sorts and cross references vouchers according to location. Most people would probably prefer to just use the app.

        I find the app helpful, but the map isn't very easy to use to narrow down your results. I'd love to see them further develop it to make it easier to navigate.

        • +2

          Map is crap, once you load your location, click on the 3 lines so it turns the map into a list which is already sorted by closest distance.

    • +2

      I went digital for a few years but went back to the book last year. I found that I used the book less as it wasn't always on me, but the book was used more as family and friends could use vouchers that I didn't use.

      For 19/20, I've just purchased 1 of each. I figured I'd get the money back after a few dinners anyway.

      Unfortunately, I purchased both already at $60 a pop. Wish I had seen this deal earlier…

      • How do you get the physical copy? I’m getting a delivery error message…that says please choose delivery method even though I’ve selected $2 for delivery…

        • +2

          I purchased elsewhere, not through this link. From my understanding this won't work for the book version.

      • Thanks, just got a digital one to start!

  • Wow these are actually great value!

  • What’s the best new deals for Sydney?

  • Never used this before, but are the offers you see on the app for places like cafes etc single use only? Or can you use them over and over again?

    • +1

      Normally single use only. Places like McDonald's, subway, etc have multiple vouchers (approximately 3 ish). Download the app and have a browse. All the offers are there. Just can't be redeemed.

    • +1

      Single use only. Although I find some places don't redeem them and are happy for you to use them again

  • Can we use the vouchers once we buy the book OR do we need to wait till July. Thanks

    • Based on my experience with the print book, vouchers can be used immediately. This means that you have 14 months to use them (they expire on June 1st each year)

  • Where to see the list of participating places and discounts you'll be getting with the membership? Thanks

    Hmmm, found it, kind of meh:/

  • +9

    Almost bought it thinking it is a no-brainer as I have been paying full price for the last couple of years.

    But I thought I’d have a quick look at what is changed and I'm turned off.
    - chemist warehouse gift card at 10% no longer available ($50 value)
    - Baker's delight has been removed (about $15 value)
    - Soul origin (BOGOF any main items becomes BOGOF Salads)

    No good deals habe been introduced, but the good ones are leaving entertainment book from the look of it.

    • +1

      Yes many good deals are gone.

    • 🤣 that’s basically everything though

    • Don't they update the deals progressively?

      • Not sure to be honest, never purchased this early. It doesn't make sense removing an existing provider (the ones above) and add them back in during the year though.

        I've never found new deals added through the year of much value, could be just me.

        • This looks like an early bird offer too so perhaps that's why.

      • Yes, every 2-4 weeks you often notice something new.

    • Wow so glad I stocked up ($500) on CW.

      • When is the expiry date?

        • I think from memory it's 3 years from the date of purchase.

    • They brought back red rooster, wait, what? But 1 reg chips get 1 reg free? Just chips??

    • +1

      According to this page, Chemist Warehouse is still available??

      Your Melbourne 2019 | 2020 offers will be launching on 31 March.
      Can't wait that long to start getting the value from your membership? Our national Travel and Gift Card offers are available to you right now!

      • Hmm.. it is not in the app preview..

        Not sure which one is the source of truth.

      • +1

        According to this page, Chemist Warehouse is still available??

        It is still available, because it's part of the 18/19 book, which is still running until end of financial year, although the gift cards hasnt been in stock for months.
        When the 18/19 book expires, it'll most likely disappear if CW is really no longer a participating merchant.
        What you see on the website is most likely a combination of year 18/19/20.

  • +1

    Uh….mine says….

    Error notification
    Fraud detected. This card may be fradulent. If this is definitely your card, please contact your card provider immediately.

    anyone else go this? I'm buying other things online just fine and the credit card company says it's fine.

    • works fine for me :D

      • Worked for me after I manually typed it in…

  • It seems to work for printed for Perth right up to payment $55 stage but pick up is probably their staff office so that won’t work.

  • Worked for me! Thanks OP!

  • Who's Laurent and why isn't Laurent allowed to use this?

  • Noticed the Bali version for all of those that believe the Bali is part of Australia

  • Some charity or school provide the link to purchase, the profit goes back to the school etc. I have been entertainment book customer for many years now, digital is the way to go, they add on vouchers during the year so you don’t miss out compared to physical. Some store stop subscribing to entertainment, you may find yourself embarrassed when they don’t sccept the hard copy. At least with digital you know when it’s not there. Those participating merchants always accept booking and use of voucher any day which I think it’s better than the Scoopon or Groupon deals online. Just my two cents.

  • +1

    Someone name Laurent (don’t use) is going to get so much trouble lol it’s a staff purchase link

  • Silly question but I’ve activated the card number on the webpage but how do I get it onto my existing app? It’s only showing my 2018-19 details and I can’t figure it out

    • Log out and back in

      • Tried signing in and out, even deleted and reinstalled app and still not seeing 2019-20 offers despite it show the card being activated

        • On the main page there's a tick box (with pencil sign near it) to tick which offers you want to be displayed. One for 2018/19 another for 2019/20. That's how it looks like on mine anyway

  • Thanks op

  • Thanks Op and Laurent

  • I've never purchased this but have always wondered if they're worth the $60 you splash out

    • You get the value back very easily if you use it. The problem is remembering to use it

      • But doesn't that kinda force you to shop or dine at only those specific places?

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