expired Optus 4G Wi-Fi Modem (E5577) with 4GB $29.50, Optus $40 SIM for $15 @ Coles


Was looking to get cheap 4G Modem and, seeing previous deals (e.g. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/436425 ), decided to check Coles and Woolworths catalogue and found this one. Combine with $15 sim to get 49GB for $44.50.

Previous Aus Post deal was cheaper with 50GB for $39 but, whilst the modem is still $39.00, no mention is made of the 50GB : https://shop.auspost.com.au/product/Optus-4G-Wi-Fi-Modem--E5... .

Could combine with KMart deal : https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/443546 , to get 49GB for $35.00 but possibly slower modem ???

Could try Officeworks price beat of KMart Deal : https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/optus-alca... , and possiby get for $18 which, combined with Coles deal, would be 49 GB for $33.

Comments from anyone who has used both modems with same sim/provider would be helpful.


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    Combine with $15 sim to get 49GB for $44.50.

    Note that the $40 SIM card is 20GB Standard + 25GB Bonus for first three recharge.

    PS: Based on previous deal posts, these appears to be locked to Optus Network.


    Both are CAT 4 devices (capable of upto 150Mbps download speeds). If you are going to predominately use the Optus network I would suggest the Huawei E5577, as the Acatel is missing Band 40 (2300 MHz frequency).


      If you’re interested in sim hopping between the three networks, am I correct in thinking the Alcatel is better because it has more bands and is easier to unlock?

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        Correct. I also got the Alcatel to use cheap Kogan sims but found when using Catch Connect (Optus Network) I got faster speeds using another modem when it connected to Band 40.

        From what I read on Whirlpool, Band 40 has greater bandwidth than the lower bands so less congestion, hence faster speeds.


      150Mbps is faster than NBN, so CAT 4 modems are fast enough right?

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        In theory upto 150Mbps, but you would get nowhere near that speed in the real world. I would get a CAT 6 device as the bare minimum if you want decent speeds.

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          I use a cat 4 device on telstra network in a sydney suburb, i get 3-8 Mbps at rush hours and just under 30 Mbps close to midnight. just an fyi


    Isn't the E5577 difficult to unlock?

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      Think so too, trolled eBay for unlock code for e5577 but couldn't see any.

      Alcatel from Kmart has options to unlock.

      I will b using mostly Optus n Voda Sims in it. Thinking of Alcatel given its easy unlock option. Anything not to go ahead with it?


    Will e5577 work with my optus data sim?