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Exetel 4G 250GB Home Wireless Broadband (12/1 B40 or 5/1) for $39.99/Mth Modem Inc. over 12 Months @ Exetel


Exetel are offering two 250GB Home Wireless Broadband plans on the Optus 4G Plus Network.

Great for people who are renting or sharing accomodation or you just can't get a reasonable ADSL service.


  • 250GB anytime data usage (uploads and downloads counted)
  • Plug and play. Just insert SIM Card and power on
  • Get online faster. Connect as soon as you power-up the modem
  • Choice of great value plans - including month-to-month and 12-month terms
  • Speeds up to 12/1 download/upload in areas where you connect to 2300MHz spectrum
  • Powerful Huawei 4G Router B525 - FREE on 12-month plan
  • Discounted modem on month-to-month plan
  • Modem supports 64 simultaneous connection. 4 x Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Free modem shipping
  • Order by credit card for quick delivery

12-month contract:

  • $39.99 per month
  • 250GB Anytime Data
  • Speed up to 12/1
  • FREE Huawei B525 WiFi modem
  • Free shipping
  • Total minimum cost $479.88

No lock-in plan:

  • $39.99 per month
  • 250GB Anytime Data
  • Speed up to 12/1
  • $99 Huawei B525 WiFi modem
  • Free shipping
  • Total minimum cost $138.99

Additional Details:

  • Data cost per GB $0.16
  • Uploads and downloads counted in usage
  • Excess data charge is $10 per 10GB block
 (limit of 5 blocks for total 50GB)
  • Speed shaping to 256Kbs after 250GB usage
  • The Exetel Home Wireless Home Broadband service is available in selected homes in selected areas

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  • +5

    Sounds good, but why the speed restriction? I’m currently getting around 50/20 on my Optus 4G Mobile Broadband. Are you basing these speeds on what’s achievable from the Huawei modem? Or is it a proper restriction?

    • +9

      12/1 if you’re area has 2300mhz coverage. Otherwise it’s 5/1.

      According to the critical info summary on their website.

    • +4

      It is a provider restriction, not hardware.

      • Thanks guys

        • +7

          Correct. Optus shape the speed to 12/1 when you connect to the base station with the 2,300MHz spectrum. When 2,300MHz is not available, the service is shaped to 5/1. Having said that, it's a pretty good service compared to a lot of ADSL services and its super convenient.

          • @Glenn Ward: Is there a way to know if the 2100 mhz signal is available at a particular location? Because 5/1 isn't going to cut it. Perhaps a trial period that you can cancel within 30 days?

              • @doxxie: Thanks…. hmm nearest two towers have 3g 2100 optus but not 4g 2100.

                • +2

                  @MrFrugalSpend: 2100mhz is irrelevant. needs 2300mhz

                  • @dasher86: Very true, Optus has plenty of capacity in the TDD L23 spectrum because of its acquisition of vivid wireless many years back.

                  • +1

                    @dasher86: Right… no sign of 2300 anywhere near me.

                    • @MrFrugalSpend: So no fall back to 3G either? If 4G drops out as it does in some areas more than others, the modem will go offline, unlike (in most cases) your phone… which is why so many of us don't know how flaky so many of the 'networks' built in Oz are.

                  • @dasher86: Correct.

                    ozTowers is a good source of info on coverage.

                    • @Glenn Ward: How far from the house to the tower to be considered "in the area"? I mean the maximum distance from the house to the tower?

                      • +1

                        @yphuongd: You really need Line of sight to the tower otherwise the modem will fall back to a stronger signal from one of the lower frequencies.

                        • @ESEMCE: Thanks for your reply. There are houses (one or two stories) between the tower and my house, no high rise buildings. So is it considered "line of sight"?

                          • +2

                            @yphuongd: If you can see the tower with your eyes, from the location of the router, this is considered line of sight.
                            Anything obstructing that line of sight (including windows and walls) will reduce signal strength, especially if it's a tree which will absorb and reflect a lot of radiation.
                            I have an External antenna mounted on my roof with direct line of sight to the tower. My speeds as a result peak above 100mbps (off-peak). without the external antenna, my speeds are less than 10mbps If I force the modem to connect on Band 40.. Without forcing, it connects to Band 3 (1800MHz) for around 15mbps connection speed.
                            Being lower Frequency 1800MHz transmits through obstacles better, as a result signal strength is higher and connection speed is better.

                            ** Note my speeds are not throttled as they are with this plan.

                            • @ESEMCE: Do you mind letting me know what type of antenna did you install? I didn't realise you could do that with these 4G modems.

                              • +1

                                @yoyo5: I bought this…

                                because I have direct line of sight from my rooftop and the distance to tower is only about 500m and it comes with 2m cabling included.

                                If you value speed higher than I do, or have an obstruction or the tower is distant, it's probably better to go with a more expensive MIMO Yagi antenna. I was just looking for a relatively cheap solution that would get me good speeds until 5G comes available and I can upgrade to that, which I'm guessing will require a different Antenna, especially for mm wave.

              • @doxxie: Thanks, what does it mean when a frequency is in parentheses?

          • +1

            @Glenn Ward: To clarify further it's a restriction for resellers.
            I'm connected to Optus 2300MHz with an Optus SIM and hit 100/8 speeds.

            • +1

              @ESEMCE: Wow that's why you look so happy

            • @ESEMCE: I am also connected with an Optus sim and can get about 120mbps down on a good day. Problem with 4G though is congestion and latency. Will be switching to the NBN as soon as it is available. 4G is way better than ADSL though.

          • @Glenn Ward: Can you explain how this is better than Spintel offer, which is month-to-month?

            • +1

              @uk3000: Looks like you get the modem/router for $80 cheaper for this if you do month to month, and free for a 12 month plan. The Spintel offer still has you paying $30 for the modem if you lock in for 18 months. That's just from reading the 2 pages. Can't tell whether or not the Spintel one is a hard 12/1 or has the same 2300MHz requirement as this or it'll be 5/1. You'd have to ask the provider.

    • +2

      i assume its a resell of the old vivid wireless plans which were capped at 12
      optus are pushing the same modem on their new wireless plans, and they arent capped.

      • It's re-using the 'old Vivid' spectrum.

    • Because 4G doesn't have a fraction of the data available compared to cabled ADSL or NBN.

      This deal is aimed at consumers close enough to a 2300Mhz tower to actually receive it. Without an antenna and line of sight you're only looking at a signal reach ~ 2 klms. With trees and buildings and from inside a building the range might reduce to 5-600m.

      The problem is the tower is most likely transmitting other frequencies ie. B1,B3 & B28 which will travel further and unless you can lock a modem to B40 (2300Mhz), the signal will quickly get nudged aside at a relatively short distance.

      Because of the issues regarding the short coverage area it seems the operator has spare capacity on B40, so is prepared to literally give it away and $40 for 250GB is very cheap for MBB.

      5Mbps is only really any good for SD streaming.

  • Read the critical info summary on their website. Is my understanding correct that you can BYO a compatible modem?

    To avoid getting locked into a contract.

    • -19

      The plans are sold as is. There is no BYO modem option.

      For the M2M plan you pay $99 up front and get a modem. And on 12M you get it free.

      Why BYO when you get a $179 modem for $99 or Free?

      • +26

        Why? Because I will save $99 and also prevent having to throw away my vivid wireless modem, which SHOULD be 100% compatible with this.

        That's why.

        • Yes same here, I got given one (same model as the one they're giving with this plan).

        • You should be able to sell the modem quite easily for at least what you paid for it if you already have one.

          • +1

            @tranter: Why would anyone buy it when all the plans forcibly bundle in a new one? :P

            • @kranix: Use it for another provider.

              Modem is not locked. Probably can make a profit on it.

        • I called up exetel and told em that I had a B525 modem. The person was like "no our modems are locked to Exetel". I said its the same Optus network and she still said nope

          20 mins later I call again, saying I got the modem from an Exetel customer, and the salesperson (different one) tries to sell me the modem saying ADSL and wireless are different modems. I mentioned that it was the B525 modem from Huawei from an exetel customer, she puts me on hold and says "nope we dont have the option to remove".

          Stuck between Exetel and Spintel (who have horrible customer service - their call centres are located offshore - Philippines and India).

    • +4

      Just throwing this out there: The E3372 Optus Huawei USB 4G Modem is currently $15 at OW. Plugged it into my Asus RT-AC68U and now using it as my home internet. Plan is to utilise deals such as this whenever prepaid data runs out.

      If anyone's going down the 4g home internet path, this could be a setup to consider.

      • Hi, just to clarify, do you mean plugging the E3372 to the usb port behind Asus RT-AC68C?

        I have an iinet nbn modem, which has usb ports behind. will it work?

        Thank you.

        • +1

          Correct - my E3372 is plugged into the back of my RT-AC68U router (have tested both USB2 & USB3 and both work). Followed some instructions I found on whirlpool, enabled dual-WAN in the router settings, and voila!

          I don't know about the E3372 into an nbn modem. See if you can find any info on whirlpool. What are your intentions with this setup? Are you planning to cancel your NBN connection and use 4g internet at home? FYI my setup will be a permanent replacement of my current Optus cable service (once my Boost SIM arrives). I will not be signing up to any NBN plans.

          • @ilubbargains: I am on ABB nbn plan currently, and paying $55 for 100GB. The speed is at 25Mbps/5Mbps according to the plan. I need turn on 5ghz to achieve a higher bandwidth.

            I did a speed test on Optus 4g plan on my ipad, and the speed is actually faster than the ABB nbn so i believe i have good Optus coverage at my area.

            I could either go for Exetel or Optus 200Gb for free ipad at faster speed and lower cost in the long run after i cancel the nbn plan.

            I want to minimise purchasing of any new hardware if i could use my nbn modem.

            Edit - it seems like Exetel is running at 12/1..hmmm

            • @spedohero: Have you considered a 4g router such as this or similar? Small investment for potentially long-term savings, assuming you cancel NBN.

              Definitely something to consider seriously since you're getting good Optus coverage.

      • can you throw any simcard in that thing? even if its a simcard intended for use in a phone? or not on the optus network?

        • From what I've read so far, it depends on whether your E3372 comes unlocked by default (YMMV per whirlpool). If it is unlocked, then in theory you should be able to throw any SIM card into this USB modem; even Exetel's. Happy to be corrected if this is not the case.

      • +1

        I’ve been doing a similar thing. Going between providers ever month with prepaid. It’s pretty easy and setup and activated in minutes. Currently spending and average of $13.50 for 35-45GB with quick 4G speeds. This deal is good, but it just comes down to your habits.

        • Good to know. I know this is area specific, but are there any particular prepaid SIM card brands that you'd stay away from due to slow speeds, speed throttling, etc?

          • +1

            @ilubbargains: Hey mate, I’ve just stuck to Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. I know Lebara and Kogan (Vodafone) has been super fast in my area.
            Use one SIM card, dispose and move on.

            • @ph81: Out of interest what 4G router are you using?

              • +1

                @ilubbargains: I've been using 4G as my home internet for the past month, replaced ADSL. Modem/router is Kogan N300 with Ovo, Amaysim or Catch SIM cards. West Perth, modem is in the middle of ground floor, yet I regularly get 10-20 Mbps download, depending on the time of the day. Upload 5-10 Mbps. I haven't seen any noticeable difference when I put it on the first floor or outside of the house. FullHD streaming works well. Overall, it's a bit speedier than ADSL and works well for my needs. Only one 20 minute outage so far.

                • @Miroslav: That's great, thanks for sharing and good to hear that it's been working well for you. The $$$ saved over time, compared to the conventional $60/70+ per month contracted broadband, will be significant.

                • @Miroslav: does this kogan N300 have b28 frequency? thanks

                  • @hopper: Band 28A is listed.. I've never heard of Band 28 being split into A and B though.

      • Are you using stock firmware?

  • +2

    That looks like a good deal, shame they don't do BYO modem since I've got my own already.
    OP, what happen with the modem after 12months if we don't stay with exetel, is it ours to keep?

    • +2

      The modem is your property as soon as its delivered to you - on either plan.

      • +1

        Lol don't know why someone negged your answer to my question. Thanks for the response.

    • +2

      I recently moved to Optus 4G 200GB plan and negotiated with Optus to use my old Vividwireless modem.

      I pay $60 month on month sim only plan instead of $70

      • I pay zero per month using the add on data sims that Optus used to issue. These slot nicely into a 4G router that supports all the Optus bands and just data pool with my primary phone plan :)

  • Matching Spintel eh?

    Is this the Optus network too?

    • +3

      if you read the first line you would have an answer

    • Better than Spintel!

      Yes, Optus 4G Plus network.

      • How is it better? Spintel is not "Plus"? My Optus 500GB ends this month looking to renew, was gonna go back to spintel but might consider exetel

        • Why not stay on Optus?

          • @nfr: Its 80$ for 500GB, I dont use 500GB monthly - just got it for the steam games i wanted to download and expiernce a faster internet. Unfortunately the latter didnt happen except after midnight (reached 4.0MB/s).

            So 40$ for 250GB is plenty enough for me for monthly use. The 12/1 although low and a pain for downloading and uploading, it is at least consistent.

  • +1

    I would have been more interested if it had a larger data cap.
    I do 200Gb down on a 3Mbps adsl plan, only signed up to the 500gb optus wireless this week, would have considered this otherwise.

  • Is this 250GB a month or year?

    • Monthly

    • per month…."If data usage exceeds 250GB (pro-rated in the first month) your service will be slowed to 256Kbps."

  • Few questions.

    1. Can I use this anywhere that has Optus signal? Like taking it on business trips.

    2. Can the SIM card be used with any device? Say a 4G tablet.

    3. Is the Huawei modem locked?


    • From the link:
      3. Plug and play. Just insert SIM Card and power on

    • Can I use this anywhere that has Optus signal? Like taking it on business trips.


      Can the SIM card be used with any device? Say a 4G tablet.

      Yes, if your tablet is not locked to a provider.

      Is the Huawei modem locked?

      Most likely yes, but maybe only to optus networks.

    • +4
      1. Yes. Though like all mobile based services - subject to coverage and availability.
      2. Technically yes. Though the service is designed as a fixed line replacement (ADSL/NBN 12/1) so the modem provides the features home users need - great Wi-Fi, Gigabit Ethernet ports etc.
      3. No, it's not locked.
      • So I can use the SIM card on my phone and use it as my 'data' SIM?

  • +1

    OP i am not tech savvy Can I ask if the modem is locked to Optus network. For example if I chose to go with month 2 month plan and after some time I want to use Telstra sim in the modem will it allow me to switch over.

    • No, the modem is not locked. You can use MBB services on this modem from other providers as well.

    • +1

      To be more general (so it applies to ANY carrier or equipment you look at in the future)… You will have to:

      • Look up the modem model and check its specifications to find which bands/frequencies it supports.
      • Then compare them with the bands/frequencies your intended carrier uses. e.g. Here:
      • Then there's the 'Cat' (category) version. The higher the number the better. e.g. Cat 4, Cat 6, etc. But you have to trade off with price. i.e. If price isn't a concern, you just get the one with the right bands and the highest Cat number. If you want to save money, a lower Cat device may still be fast enough anyway. (You'd have to ask people in your area with a wireless modem to find that info.)
  • +2

    Man….i almost jumped at this….until the speed cap.

    I would be happy to pay a little more and not be restricted.

    • +2

      Exactly… anyone looking at this and don't mind a 24mth contract consider this deal.

      12/1 & 5/1 are not worth the headaches…

      • +5

        This is a nice cheap way to get a B525 though

        Total minimum cost $138.99

        Optus charge $252 (including a $60 Month to month SIM)

        Secondhand B525's are selling on Gumtree for more than $140

        • wow didn't realize that these were still so valued on the 2nd hand market.
          You could probably get a e5186 for cheaper still a CAT6 device with minimal difference.
          Do not get a b315 though.

          • +1

            @dasher86: I have both, the B525 gets a better signal and WiFi has greater range. The E5186 has CA on band 40 only, when I test both modems on band 40, the B525 is consistently faster.

            • +1

              @adr8: thanks, good to know!

            • @adr8: Yeah I have a E5186… with hacked firmware to activate Bridge Mode… But I have been toying with the idea of grabbing a cheap B525 and just living with double NAT for this exact reason.

            • @adr8: @adr8 Any rough speed test comparisons between the e5186 and b525? Contemplating buying a Telstra Netgear nighthawk M2 but it misses B40. If the B525 is just as good I'll get that. Currently using a modded firmware e5186. Is the b525 supported by the toolbox?

              • @julz: I've only read that the B525 has better reception than the E5186.
                And I think it does CA on other bands, for me Band 40 seems to get overloaded at night, Band 3 doesn't seem to fluctuate at all, but as my E5186 doesn't CA Band 3, my speeds are overall better on Band 40.

                I think B525 has the same API set as the E5186 so is supported by the various Toolbox softwares.

                • @ESEMCE: Cool I think I'll give it a shot then. Should be able to offload either modem without losing too much .
                  I think it very much depends on what CA Optus supports and specifically at the towers nearby. Been discussing with a Telstra engineer.

              • +1

                @julz: Done a few speed tests just now, E5186 ~20-25Mbps & B525 ~35-40 Mpbs, last time I tested at around 8pm was getting ~20Mbps on E5186 and 40Mbps on the B525 both on Band 40. I found I got the best speeds on Band 40 eventhough the B525 can do CA on other Bands.

      • It's also nearly double the monthly price

    • +1

      They are selling it as an ADSL alternative and speed is capped by Optus. There is no way for any carrier to sell more speed for this product.

      • +1


        Though that's not to say that we might see higher speed caps in the future.

  • Hi OP, I tried to connect with Exetel broadband the other day and they wanted my licence/ Medicare details to “run a credit check”. Is that required for this service too? I don’t recall ever having to do a credit check with any other broadband provider

    • Yeah, license is standard fare. Medicare is a bit unusual but might weed out some license fraud

      • +1

        Yes, all new customers must undergo a credit and payment verification check.

  • +1

    Hi Glenn

    Does this service include a public IP or is it behind a CGNAT?

    • +3

      It used the Optus mobile network. All mobile networks CG-NAT their data services.

      Having said that, our business mobile data products provide public static IPv4 addresses.

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