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Melbourne to Manila with Cebu Pacific from $300 Return

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Fly direct from Melbourne, Australia to Manila, Philippines return form just $300 including taxes.
Departure dates range from May to July 2019 and airline is Cebu Pacific.
One way fares also available!
Flight deals were found via Skyscanner.

To view a complete list of available flight dates at this price please (including those for one way fares) see our Chau Papa post

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  • +36

    George Christensen MP will be pleased about this deal.

    • Gold.

    • Great comment, except he apparently doesn't like to fly direct (according to the Murdoch press this morning).

      • Somehow I think he wouldn't be flying Cebu Pacific economy as well.

        • Maybe he does to keep it 'low-key'?

  • +3

    This will be great for me to meet with Church leaders and raise funds for missionary.

    • +1

      Are you particularly fond of missionary?

    • +1

      Missionary, cowgirl, whatever.

  • Just FYI, taxes are ALWAYS included in fare prices originating from Australia as per law.

  • Is this only via skyscanner?

    • No, you can get a very similar price on the airline's page. I booked directly, with luggage and meal it came in at $420

      • Hard to compare different inclusions & prices.

  • Was $200 in previous deal. Flights at this very time!

  • I know cebu airlines, despite having a terrible experience in the past I have used them many times (including when I lived in the Philippines), they are a competent airline just treat them like Ryan air, incredibly beurocratic.

    • I agree. Kind of like Jetstar Lite. Flown maybe 20 flights with them.

      • They reverse shanghaied me in Hong Kong (refused to let me on) with more than 5 Mobile phones despite having in writing their permission and speaking to the person on the phone and handing it to the airport beuocrat and getting hong kong airport security to confirm that there was absolutely NO security risk (provided they are switched off)

  • +1

    Anyone been to the Philippines? I wanna go but kinda hesitant because of the ruthless dictator they have, no questions asked bang bang

    • +4

      There are some beautiful island paradises there.

      There are also active terrorist groups and drug cartels that control significant territory and kidnap foreigners for ransom.

      Just depends what you want in a holiday really.

    • +1

      The Philippines is beautiful and mostly full of extremely friendly people. Land in Manila and get out immediately, there are innumerable beautiful islands to choose from. Getting on a boat and seeing the place from the sea is highly recommended. It also boasts truly world class SCUBA diving if you're into that or want to learn (one of the cheapest places for it too).

      Their ruthless dictator is more into murdering drug using locals than targeting tourists, so you'll be right. In the big cities be on the lookout for pickpockets but this applies everywhere.

    • +1

      They love foreigners, your going to be fine, as for the current president I can't say much but I lived there while he was in power and there was/will be no issue, even if you get involved politically they will ignore it or at "worst" attempt to deport you like the Australian nun who apparently got involved in a way the preisdent didn't like and they tried deporting her.

      Make sure you get outside of metro manila otherwise your just going to be eating fast food (the only good pizza there is "shakeys pizza" heads up

  • -1

    It's cheaper on https://www.google.com/flights/ ($288)

  • +3

    Just a PSA. There is a reason these fares on these dates are cheap. Around this time is monsoon season. To which typhoons are frequent.

  • Beware, big measles outbreak there atm.

  • +2

    Cebu Pacific is the worst airline in the world, signed up at Oz bargain just so i could comment - terrible terrible airline, seats have no padding and they hold the record for the most seats fitted to this aircraft, 60% of all flights are delayed and you will be lucky to get a cup of instant noodles as compensation for a 6 hour delay.

    • Was the plane fully packed when you went?

    • My parents flight was delayed and they were given one way flight voucher to any destination the airline flies to

    • I got given a packet of chocolate Bingo biscuits (5 pesos….) and a bottle of hot water.

      and they didn't even want to give them out to passengers, you had to go up and specifically request it

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