KFC Secret Menu Items via KFC App - $6.95 Per Item [Nationwide]


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Saw an article on facebook about a "secret menu" on the KFC App with items for $6.95. Thought I'd try it and it worked :)

Only 3 items on the Secret Menu for now:

  1. Beese Churger. It's a Zinger fillet, cheese and mayo but with the bun flipped upside done for whatever reason.

  2. Zinger Chipster. Twister with chips and supercharged sauce in it.

  3. Slida Burger."low-carb" burger - zinger fillet, smoky bacon, lettuce, cheese and supercharged sauce between two flatbread buns (instead of the normal buns).

I ordered the Slide Burger through the KFC App and it worked (and it was tasty) :)

What you need to do:
- Go to the KFC App and select "Order"
- Once the KFC Menu appears, swipe and hold all the way down on the screen until you see a cartoon Colonel Sanders appears at the top.
- Keep holding onto the screen until the "Secret Menu" appears and it'll pop up in the menu.
- Then you can select the item from the secret menu :)

here's the article to it: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/food/article-6862825/The-...

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