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Virgin Australia Velocity Flyer Card 75,000 Bonus Velocity Points (Reduced 1st Year Annual Fee $64)


Similar to this expired deal but bonus now increased.

Earn up to 75,000 Velocity Points - receive 25,000 Velocity Points for each month you spend $1,500 on Eligible Transactions for the first 3 months.

Receive a $129 Virgin Australia Gift Voucher each year - to unlock the $129 Virgin Australia Gift Voucher, simply make an eligible transaction in the 2 months prior to requesting your voucher. Valid for 6 months from voucher issue date.

Earn rate:
First $1,500 = 0.66 points per dollar
After $1,500 = 0.50 points per dollar

Annual fee $64 for first year, then $129.
Additional card holder fee $19 for first year, then $39.

There is also a deal for the High Flyer card, which nets 90,000 bonus points but with an annual fee of $289 thru the same link.

Looking through the fineprint, there doesn't seem to be any 12 month exclusions stated, just says that offer is not available to existing customers of Virgin Money.

Important note
Eligible Transaction means any purchase excluding (but not limited to) Cash Advances, Balance Transfers, Special Promotions, BPAY payments, purchases of foreign currency and travellers cheques, transactions made in operating a business, bank fees and charges such as interest and ATM charges and government related transactions. Government related transactions include transactions with government or semi-government entities, or relating to services provided by or in connection with government (for example but not limited to transactions made at Australia Post, payments to the Australian Taxation Office, council rates, motor registries, tolls, parking stations and meters, fares on public transport, fines and court related costs).

Mod Note: Offer extended to 31 August 2019

Referral Links

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When the referee takes out a Go Account using a referral code and makes a purchase, that is settled (not pending), direct debit or BPAY payment within the first 30 days, both parties receive 5000 bonus points.

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  • Hmmm, I just cancelled my Virgin CC last month and got a Qantas Premier (both by Citibank). I wonder whether they would approve if I applied for this one.

    • best wait 6/9 months according to citibank credit rules


      Mate I'm about to do exactly the same. Did you get the 70k sign up bonus points with Qantas Premier? I didn't know Virgin and Qantas are both provided by Citibank lol

      • What is 70K bonus? Is it on top of current 120K bonus?

        • It's actually the previous offer.
          Same card, $149 annual for first year, structured to produce 70k bonus points first year and 30k bonus points second year.

          The current 120k offer has $1.5k min spend for 6 mths, instead of $149 annual fee for first year it's $199 annual fee for first year.

          Both revert to $299 annual fee for second year

          The previous 70k/30k offer has a normal min spend requirement, I don't remember the exact amount but it was more of your typical spend X amount in 3 mths

          • @cwongtech: Yes, $1500 spend for 6 months is bit stretching but doable.
            I was waiting for no fee bonus offer credit card but haven't seen for a while so I may pull the trigger on this one.

            • @ggmm2013123:

              Yes, $1500 spend for 6 months is bit stretching but doable.

              Can buy gift cards and offload @1% loss on Ozb classifieds :)

              $1500 X 6 = $9000

              Sell at 1% loss (for example if you buy Woolworths gift cards/Coles gift cards @5%, sell for 6%)

              Effectively use $90 to get rid of $9000 spend.

              If you're churning for points, then it becomes $199 (annual fee) + $90 = $290 for 120k Qantas points

  • are the gift vouchers easily transferable?

  • Not a bad deal - pity about the poor earn rate & I don't find Velocity points anywhere near as valuable as Qantas or Krisflyer.

    • how are you collecting your QFF or KF points ?

      i find Velocity to be decent, because KF points expire every 3-years,
      and the KF expiry is "PER TRANCHE"…so, that's no good to collect & store points.

      • +2 votes

        Yes, KF expiry is an issue but keep them on the credit card until I need them.
        Velocity award availability is the real problem - rarely find any availability on international flights.

        • it depends on which international flights you take, as Virgin [VA] are better for their routes:
          - U.S.
          - Indonesia
          - Hong Kong
          - Domestic flights

          You can use Velocity to fly to Bali, and then your international flights get 'cheaper' from there.

          The thing is, Singapore Airlines [SQ] redemption is not always confirmed, as there's a "waitlist"
          and SQ taxes are not as cheap as VA flights.
          SQ are the best airlines, but their KF system is just annoying and I hate the way the KF points expire in tranches.

        • True but it has great availability on domestic flights and on the east coast that can be pretty useful, in particular the sydney/brisbane/melbourne routes where there are a lot of seats.

    • I personally value VFF more than QFF points, as there aren't many cards offering bonus velocity points for little to no annual fee, plus the rewards seats cost less points compared to QFF on the same route.

  • Is there a 12 month waiting period since last cancellation?

  • Are Velocity points much less valuable than QFF? I have only ever had the latter.

    • I would much rather get velocity points. Easier to use and less carrier charges for award flight redemptions.

      • Amen. Velocity points are MILES better than QFF domestic, too. Not even comparable. I primarily use pts for domestic so Virgin points suit me much more.

        All depends on your circumstances.

        If you are saving for that 'dream' overseas trip where you are hoping to accumulate enough pts to go business class, QFF might be the way to go (although not always).

    • Generally much better value domestically, less value internationally (though 75k points is equal to ~48k Krisflyer miles, which is nearly a return domestic flight to SE Asia with low taxes on Singapore).
      The fact that you can use or sell the $129 flight voucher means the annual fee is more than offset, and the points are basically free.

      I just finished up getting my third round of 20k points, and am very happy with the deal.

  • thank you op. been looking for qff alternative. just applied and let's if it will be approved.

    • same.
      i got rejected in the recent ANZ/Point Hacks Visa card deal for 80,000 Velocity points.

      credit card companies are just more stringent these days,
      just like home loan companies.

      • ANZ was a pain to deal with to get that card!!! I managed, but a major pain in the butt.

        • Ditto. I gave up and cancelled the application in the end as the number of questions that came up and the analysts desire to have everything line up perfectly.. just wasn't worth it in the end.

          A shame as I actually had the expenditure lined up to actually go onto the card..

  • Damn it - I just received this card under the 60k points deal!

    • Did they really call your HR / Payroll officer?

      • I don't think so. The phone number I gave was the general reception phone number of the very large company I work for whose payroll team would be unlikely to randomly give out confidential information over the phone.

  • That's a big list of Ineligible Transactions esp the government ones.

    • Council rates and motor reg, they sound like new exclusions. What’s next, discounted Wish cards?

      • Council and Motor are government related so most credit cards don't award points/reduced earn rate.

        • Prepaying council rates used to be one of the top suggestions to reach min spend requirements.

    • Could you use PayPal (with the card) and get around the govt exclusions that way?

    • Please note that whether or not a transaction is an Eligible
      Transaction will be determined based on information
      provided either by the merchant or the relevant financial
      institution (including information about the type of
      business conducted by the merchant). This means that,
      for example, spend with certain merchants may be
      characterised as spend with a government related entity
      and therefore not an Eligible Transaction, even if that
      merchant is not in fact a government related entity.


      • Whether or not this is an eligible transaction will be decided by smoke and mirrors upon redemption. Thank you kind sirs.

  • The earn rate of this is pretty low - I may get this, and then cancel and get the High Flyer as well once they offer 120k points as the earn on that is much better (1 point per $ up to $8000).

    Not worth keeping this to use long term IMO.

    • For a good earn rate (for velocity points) amex platinum velocity card is best. 1.5 vff points per $ uncapped but will soon drop to 1.25

      • yes I'm waiting for an amex exclusion. Just cancelled high flyer 2 months ago.

    • Yeah pretty lousy considering this is actually a credit card by Virgin themselves…

  • 75K points for $64..tempting

    oh, no discount for high flyer card :(

  • So do I have to spend 1.5k each month for 3 months ? Aka 4.5k

  • How can we check if there is an exclusion period? I know it’s not in the fine print, but does calling up draw attention to the fact that it might be wrong?

    I’ve had this card within the last 12 months but I’ll definitely apply again if I’m eligible.

  • What kind of upgrade can u get for 75k points?

    • Depends on domestic or international.. there's too many options to list here so just look it up on VA's site.

      Just keep in mind that you usually need to have purchased a Freedom (fully flexible economy) fare to then use points to upgrade - on international legs anyway.

      You can also use these for 'at gate/checkin' upgrades - e.g. if you want to get on an earlier flight, you have booked the cheapest fare.. you may have the option to burn some points as an 'upgrade' that will get you on an earlier flight.. I've had to do this occasionally..

    • Upgrades are poor value when flying Virgin, as if you're paying for your flight, you'll likely seek better value, in which case either your fare will mean the upgrade costs nearly as many points as if you'd just use points to buy a business class fare (domestic), or they won't let you upgrade with points at all (international). So in effect you'll pay double the fare for the privilege of upgrading, when you could have simply used points to buy business class in the first place.

      Best use of the points is domestic rewards flights - high availability, taxes less than Qantas. Also good for redeeming with Delta (very low taxes) in the USA, where your Velocity status will be reciprocated.

  • No lounge passes? Seems strange….

    • lounge passes come with the High Flyer (but they are digital and cannot be sold unlike the ANZ ;)).

  • 4.5k isn't great, it'd be better if it wasn't month by month.
    The card tho for $69 with the voucher is good.

    Ain't many good Velocity deals ATM.

  • Will these cards work with Apple Pay?

  • Any ideas whether the spend has to be during a calendar month? Ie lets say approved 20th April, do you have 10 days to make the first 1.5k spend? I'm assuming not, its probably during the statement period I'd guess.

    • Its from the approval date as far as i am aware, so try and meet the first $1500 asap, then it is per statement period. I was approved on 11th Jan and made sure to spend the first $1500 by 11th Feb.

  • Does anyone know if we can book points + pay and use the gift voucher to pay?

  • Any idea when deal expires?

    • The post says 30 April - it's just under the "share" icons and Ozbargain tags. It's in the same place for all deals :)

  • Does anyone know what you can use the gift vouchers for? Would it only be for flights? I searched online but it wasn't clear.

    $129 doesn't get you far with Virgin

    • Yeah only flights. Good for a one way flight on the east coast, easy enough to find Melbourne to Sydney less than 129…not worth its face value, but worth a lot more than $64.

      • It's worth using to change the type of fare you might fly - e.g. if you were going to book the cheapest fare (getaway) you could instead book elevate or freedom and get more status credits/points and flexibility.

  • The exclusion of government payments is what keeps me from using this card anymore.

    Can't imagine myself spending $1500 on other stuff each month for 3 months.

    • I agree. Not only gov but 'semi government'. Stuff like parking meters and public transport seem pretty excessive.

      Seems counter intuitive to get us to switch over for 'day to day' transactions

      • Yeah, most cards in my experience exclude govt for points, but include it for minimum spend purposes.

        I had to notch my $1.5k a month on this card by car services, energy and broadband bill prepayments, as well as any time I couldn't use my Amex.

    • Unfortunately there isn't many Velocity deals ATM, gotta take what you can get.

      Ask friends if they're paying any bills, or buying anything.

      • Not worth it for me. Most of my monthly spend are gov payments. I'll wait for the next Amex or ANZ travel deal.

        • When there is a will, there is a way :)

          Hint: egift

          • @endolphin: Can any eGift card be used to make payments at food outlets as if it was an eftpos card or used to pay for fuel or other bills like electricity?

            From looking at this for example:


            I can only see myself getting Coles gift cards. I spend $50/week on average at Coles (spreadsheeted in store during the shop to make sure I don't over spend for the bonus points… when no bonus points to get that week, I use up my Flybuy points for shopping). At this rate, $1000 worth of Coles gift cards will last me about a year.

  • How much gift card value is 75K points?

  • Does anyone know if I book a VA flight using the vouchers , whether I will get all the normal Velocity points and Status Credits that I would normally get. Particularly interested in the status credits

    • you will get points and status credits according to the fare type booked.
      i used a voucher for a flight brisbane denpasar