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Ozito Power X Change 18V Pole Hedge Trimmer Kit $129 @ Bunnings


It's on special considering the skin only is $159.
Here is the link to the skin only:

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  • Own and recommend. The mini chainsaw is the best bit though

    • I couldn't imagine the 2mAh battery lasts long with either ?

    • Now I'm not a chainsaw expert but this thing leaks oil like a sieve and the chain always comes off. It's a very small blade, not a fault as such but for general awareness nobody should expect to cut large trees with it.

      With the rate trees grow, ie: slowly, borrow a real chainsaw every 10-20 years and give the ozito chainsaw attachment a miss.

      To answer others, no the battery doesn't last long with the chainsaw. This isn't a big deal other than the attachment will be pissing oil in the meantime. It lasts ages with the hedge trimmer.

      As a hedge trimmer this thing is great, although weighted very poorly. Forget using it at full extension unless you lift, bro.

      Take care of the hedge trimmer blade or it will rust very easily.

      • Couldn't disagree more,but YMMV. Never had an oil leak, the blade is the right size for PRUNING which is its purpose. The size is also appropriate to get into nooks and crannies. Re the battery,I would say you would get 30 mins non stop, but due to the stop start nature of pruning, I would get at least an hour's worth of work done personally.

      • Same here cjb. The three Ozito Chainsaws I have (Pole Pruner, Standard & Brushless models) work really well and only leak the normal amount of oil. I'm comparing them to my $2000 24" 88cc Husqvarna Rancher which seeps a bit of oil when in storage but still nothing that can't be cleaned up with a piece of paper towel. Of course this is just a pruning attachment but I've cut a 300mm lower branch with mine (two cuts, one from each side) as it was the only way I could DIY the work as it was in a hard-to-access location but it did a great job! Used a 4Ah battery for about 30mins and yes it got pretty flat towards the end but hey it easily saved me at least the purchase price compared to paying someone to come out and do the work for me plus I was able to cut the large branch up as firewood. Win-win!

        Sounds like yours may be faulty or you're not tensioning the chain properly. I'd be taking it back and trying another if I were you.

      • I chopped down some 15 mtr gums with one of these, except for the trunk.
        Getting approximately 40 minutes run time with 4ah battery.
        Oil use was on par with other chainsaws.

      • Ok, well this one leaks like a sieve. 2Ah battery (I think I've been using it with my trimmer battery lately) gets maybe 10min continuous runtime whilst cutting, being very generous. It's a relatively new battery.

        It's not mine it is borrowed from my dad in law, he won't care to try exchange it, and I'm finished needing chainsaws now. With everything cut back the hedge trimmer will now do the trick for me.

  • The Pole Trimmer & Pole Pruner Kits have been this price for a while however as cjb says above the Pole Pruner is best :)

  • Is this still convenient to use as a hedge trimmer for small hedges?

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      It works but isn’t as precise as it’s heavier than a standard trimmer and you’re standing further away. As long as you’re not into topiary you should be fine

  • Heavy at saw or pruner end im 90kg and solid build i bought it and assembled it and then realized just how top heavy it was and took back for a refund.

    • Agreed however tilt the head to 90 degrees and that weight actually assists the cut! Came in very handy when cutting a very hard & sappy, large-ish diameter (approx 300mm) lower branch approx. 2.5-3m off the ground as it helped keep the saw head stable on top as it sunk into the bark & wood. Needed two cuts and a lot of patience but yeah, got through it and thank goodness as it looked as it was hanging over the house and left for another year or two could've made a major mess if it blew down in a storm. The weight could possibly a problem with smaller branches though I suppose.

      • Would the saw be suitable for small trees with branches that go straight upwards? I'd need to cut from left to right, rather than top to bottom, and they sway in the breeze so they would move when pressing the saw against them.

        • Hmm, good question. It'd definitely do the job but you may need to cut them down at an angle instead of horizontally across the branch and that may not give you the look you're after.

        • Can be tricky but if you make a cut through the branch above the point you'd like the eventual height to be, then that can take the weight and sway out of the branch. Put a nick in the bark on the side opposite to which your cutting through so the bark doesn't peel down when you make the cut.

          Then make the final cut at the height you'd like.

        • I think it would. The chainsaw/pruner just kinda rips stuff on it's own. If you dangle it there long enough it should get through. The branches need a certain amount of firmness/stiffness or the pruner just doesn't work (you'll need the trimmer instead)

          The pruner was rubbish on a bougainvillea for example. The trimmer decimated it though.

  • Anyone compared this to the Aldi one out now?

    • I can't compare for quality, but the fact that Ozito gear is always available at Bunnings would be the sealer for me. You can always add to the collection of xchange gear, get new batteries at any time, as opposed to once every 6 months with Aldi.

  • Anyone know if this would work for trimming pittosporums?
    (silver sheen)

    • Depends on the branch thickness. The trimmer says it has a 12mm cutter. That would leave a mess though and you'd need to tidy up cuts with loppers/secateurs. I'd hazard a guess that up to 6mm diameter should leave a pretty neat finish.

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    I bought one of these last time they were $129.00.

    Good value. I have trimmed large espaliered fruit trees and 3m high Magnolia hedge with no issues.

    Buy the cheap chainsaw attachment for more versatility.

    Branches of 10mm or so may take a couple of swipes.

    Surprisingly the little battery just keeps going - I thought it would run out very quickly.

    No regrets.

  • Thanks OP. Was looking to buy one of these this week to tackle the damn bamboos going out of control in our backyard.
    Perfect timing!

    Would the trimmer be strong enough to trim bamboo branches? or should I get the pruner attachment as well?

    • How thick are the bamboo culms? I only learnt that word a few minutes ago BTW :)

      • Not very thick. Thickest would have 5-6cm diameter maybe?

        I do have a handsaw for cutting the culms. This will be mainly to trim the sides and the top.

        I have learnt to really hate bamboo after moving to the house with bamboo.

        • Whoa, 5-6cm!! No go for the trimmer then.

          Do you own or rent? If you own (or rent and have the guts!) then why not remove it completely? It sounds like the non-clumping variety in which case is a pest anyway.

          • @SteveAndBelle: Hmmm, not sure whether I overestimated the diameter, but I didn't buy this to cut the culms. I just want to trim the branches. I use my handsaw to cut any culms. It's clumping bamboo and a runner variety and whilst I hate the maintenance, it does serve as a privacy screen so can't really remove it. I won the place. I may buy the pruner attachment for cutting the culms.

  • Ignore me!

  • Just a head's up for people who want the pole pruner AND the hedge trimmer. Both kits are on sale for the $129 price. You can buy either kit and then buy the other attachment, and then you get both. The swapping is easy.

    However, the pole pruner attachment is $49 and the hedge trimmer attachment is $59.

    So, if you want both, buy the hedge trimmer kit for the $129 and the pruner attachment for $49. I messed up and bought the pruner kit and I am sad because I only worked it out after!

  • I'm new to chainsaws, didn't realise I need to buy Chain Bar Oil.. another trip to Bunnings needed now.

  • I ran out of oil, so serviced the car instead. Then realised I had oil after all. It did the job. I used it in an ozito petrol saw.

  • Wow I feel really stupid. went to open the pole hedge trimmer to get it ready for use tomorrow and realised the girl at Bunnings put aside cordless hedge trimmer instead of pole hedge trimmer. didn't even think to look at it when I picked it up nor thought about why the packaging is so small. both priced the same as well so I didn't even think of the possibility that I was getting the wrong product. FFS