Buy One Hot Chocolate, Get Another Free, Every Tuesday @ Starbucks


All aboard for Hot Choc Choo-Choo-Tuesday 🍫🚂 Buy one Hot Chocolate & get another one for FREE to treat a friend - every Tuesday! Ends 11 June 2019. Conditions apply, see in-store for details. #SignatureHotChocolate #HotChocTues

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    Hate their coffee but love their hot choc.

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    Wonder if they'll ever come to W.A.

    Probably not.

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    Hey guys remember when we all booted Starbucks almost entirely out of the country. Now they're trying to creep back in, so let's not buy their shit and kick them out again because it was pretty funny the first time.

    That hot chocolate looks pretty good though, damn

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    50% Off Any Beverage, Anytime, Anywhere

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    3) Login, and head to your rewards for a 50% off your first beverage reward voucher
    4) Log-out and repeat

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    I'm still recovering from a starbucks coffee I attempted to drink back in 2014, so I'm not yet willing to take the risk, even for a half price hot chocolate.

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    how mucu do these usually cost?

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    Let's not let this cancerous company spread in Australia.

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      Agreed. Lived in USA last year and you can’t walk 50 metres without tripping over a Starbucks. Won’t lie, I bought many a coffee through sheer lack of options. My regular Aussie sized keep cup qualified as a small coffee so pretty cheap. When I ordered a Grande one day it came in a cup the same size as you would get for ordering a large McDonald’s thickshake. It was laughably huge and yes I drank it. The cashiers would always ask if I would like to add cream or spices on top of my flat white. I would always politely decline but think in my head “wtf cream/spices in an espresso is an abomination against coffee”.

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      Hurrrr durrrrrr Howard Shitz.


      Yes. And their work culture is cancerous as well. Talking from experience.


      Yeah, I mean you don't need help, you have your own cancerous companies here, right?


    How does it compare to GJ's? I love GJ's hot chocolate.

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    you had me at BOGOF


    Maybe I've missed something… I admit, I am not a coffee drinker, so perhaps I'm not in the loop.

    But… what is all the vitriol against Starbucks? As a company are they especially egregious? Do they encourage clubbing of baby seals? Or do their big steaming coffee machines emit excessive CO2 into the atmosphere?

    Seriously, please explain the hatred.

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      It's just the coffee itself is… not great. At least not to Australian tastes, anyway.

      "Australia’s already-thriving coffee culture also proved to be a challenge for the American brand. The Australian cafe industry is expected to hit more than $6 billion in revenue in 2018. The country has been immersed in the cafe scene since the mid-1900s when Italian and Greek immigrants moved to the continent. It was then that Australians were introduced to espresso, the key ingredient to an Aussie favorite – the flat white.

      Australians also compete in barista competitions and can enroll in coffee-making classes, so they take their coffee seriously.

      Starbucks didn’t fit Australians’ tastes. The company served sweeter coffee options than Australians preferred, all while charging more than the local cafes."


        Thanks Angus. I hear what you are saying. And I read the link.

        But the feeling I get from this (and also other comments in the past elsewhere) is a hatred aimed at the company. Not just at some of their products.

        It feels (and sorry to use such nebulous terms) somewhat akin to the zealous hate directed towards Apple, or Microsoft.

        Is there a trendy 'anti-US', or 'anti-big corporate' thing going on here?

        And, regarding Starbucks' products: isn't it pretty clear what you are getting from the written descriptions? With all the cream, and whipped baby fat, or whatever… Does a 'sophisticated Australian coffee drinker' expect barista-quality subtle shades of Peruvian crushed snail shell beans, or whatever? From a place that is 100% up-front with what it offers?

        And, further… if I was a 'sophisticated Australian coffee drinker' (perhaps I should (tm) that?) why would I feel and express such rage, anger and nastiness towards a place I would never been seen dead in, let alone consume their product?

        No, Angus, I'm not sure it is to do with the actual coffee. Something else is at work here.


          Personally - I'll grab a coffee from anywhere; Gloria Jeans, Muffin Break, Maccas, etc .. You expect lower quality than a fancy hipster cafe. It will need most definitely milk/sugar/chocolate/whatever to be palatable.

          So wouldn't you also expect similar quality from Starbucks? To me, that was the issue. The bar was already pretty low and Starbucks couldn't even reach it. A standard latte with one tasted like dishwater.

          Saying all this though, my nearest Starbucks seems to be doing great! People are flocking to it for orange mocha frappuccinos.. Rarely a "standard" coffee in sight - but that's their market, right?