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Flexiroam X Global Roaming Data Starter Kit (Microchip) - Buy 1 Get 1 Free US $9.95 (~ $14 AU) @ CallCloud


CallCloud has recently been appointed as Australian distributor for ASX listed Flexiroam (ASX:FRX) and is running a flash sale for starter kits bought through their website.

Enter the code: OZBARGAIN2 to receive Buy 1 get 1 Free on all microchip starter packs.

Flexiroam offer ultra low cost data roaming to over 580 networks in over 150 countries.

Flexiroam x is available as normal 3-in-1 SIM card or an innovative microchip 'sticker' that sticks onto you existing SIM enabling you to switch back and forth from your home SIM via the Flexiroam App.

Now added a eSIM for everyone who has a fancy new iPhone/Pixel

Flexiroam recently was named the World's Leading Travel Communications Provider for 2018 at the World Travel Awards.

If you have any questions please let me know.

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    Great concept, but at these prices I'd rather pay for roaming. International Day pass with Telstra may cost less. This is about 10 times the cost of other travel sims I have bought.

    • I am on telstra and have Flexiroam and find 90% of the time for my travels (3-5x per year to Asia, Europe, US) Flexiroam comes out cheaper if you buy the local data options (I.e country specific, not global). Local sims are obviously the cheapest but might not work out depending on the length of the travel. Also Flexiroam has issues with calling - I think it does have the capability for some countries though.

      I like Flexiroam because once you have the sim sticker you can just top up and use, don’t have to worry about buying/changing sim. Gives you more options than roaming alone if you arrive in a country and a local sim is too hard to source. Had it on my sim for 2/3 years now and used it a few times so it payed off!

  • Pricing is in USD

    • +2

      AND… the prices on the website are 70% off prices if you book 90 days in advance

      • Hi jaclarkaus,

        Correct, prices are currently quoted in USD. Partly because that's how Flexiroam invoice us, which makes things much simpler. As we grow we'll consider adding other currencies, but for now we'll aim to be as clear as we can in our communications. As mentioned below, we aren't registered for GST so that helps make the prices a little more 'aussie' for consumer purchases.

        Also, correct regarding the Local Data Plans. 50% off if purchased 30 days in advance, 70% off for 90 days. Either way, the key here is for us to educate our customers, to start thinking about travel data when booking their travel, not as something you pick up at the airport.

        We're about to update and release our pricing on the website, which will hopefully be easier to navigate and more transparent. Stay tuned…

        Note that the purchase in advance discounting does not apply to Global Plans. (Yes, we know they are MUCH more expensive) but in our view they satisfy a different part of the market, there are some pretty unique & exotic destinations covered.

        Thanks for the feedback, it all helps!



  • Unless I’m missing something this looks really cheap.

    Is it true esim only works in a handful of countries?
    Also how long can the service remain dormant?

    • Hi JV,

      Regarding eSIM availability, well yes & no!?

      According to Apple, the following carriers support eSIM:


      I note that no Aussie telco's are listed! Which is strange because Telstra/Optus/Voda all suppoert Apple Watch via eSIM!?

      However that's not the full story. A SIM is SIM. The Flexiroam eSIM will work anywhere that their Microchip or conventional SIM Card will work it is more a matter of who has the eSIM technology and whether they are willing to deploy it commercially.

      All Flexiroam X SIMs will persist forever once activated. The Global Plans will extend if they are topped up before they expire. This is a core part of the value proposition. It can be be really useful to have even a tiny amount of data if it doesn't expire.

      Another component I think is great is the data pooling (Flexishare) that is available to almost all of their plans. As an earlier poster noted, local SIMs may generally present better $/GB ratio, but sharing a 10GB plan between a travelling party or your own devices (without needing to tether) provides excellent value.

      Thanks for the questions.



  • Keen to give this a go but im travelling in a weeks time and worried a physical sim won’t reach me in time.

    Can you do a deal on an esim so I can get started right away

    • Hi bboink,

      The eSIM retails for USD $20 so you are already getting a pretty good deal. Part of the reason we offer them so cheaply is we figure anyone with such an expensive phone would clearly spend bucket loads on data, right? :) If you buy the eSIM, you still get a free microchip!

      P.S. We have have fixed the bug on the website for postage of eSIM.

      I'm assuming you have an eSIM capable handset?



      • Thanks for the response rep. Confirming that the esim starter pack was 35usd inclusive of 1gb data (used anywhere)

        I have an iPhone XS Max

        • Hi bboink,

          Sorry I missed your reply yesterday. Yes, the pricing you have is correct. Although with this offer, you can also get a FREE microchip to use in another device or to give to someone else.



  • Hmmm, "OZBARGAIN2 discount code isn’t valid for the items in your cart".

    • +1

      it worked for me once I added 2 into the cart

    • +1

      Looks like the code is valid only for the microchip version, not for SIM or eSIM. While this is mentioned in the detailed description, it should really be in the title to make it clear.

  • Hi OP, tried to find contact details on the website but couldn't so hope you can help. I need to get the eSIM quickly but it says that I need to pay for postage? So does that mean I can't use it until something arrives in mail?

    • Hi Hayato,

      I've got your email. Will reply soon.



      • Hi Hayato,

        I fixed the issue on the website, and you should now be able to order the eSIM as a digital product, with no shipping address (or shipping charges) required. If you have any further issues, please let me know.



  • +2

    5 USD for local postage? That's too much for a small envelope.

    • Whaw, yes, shipping is a bit high!

  • +1

    these are a bargain if transiting thru singapore changi airport onwards (1 or 3 GB roaming). Heck if you are staying over in sg, you even have 100gb local data included. valid for 7/12 days http://www.starhub.com/personal/mobile/mobile-phones-plans/p...

  • Was about to purchase for my upcoming trip to Japan, then paused when I saw the paypal account I was paying to was called "[email protected]"
    Website has no ABN or other contact details. Too suss. OP care to try to allay my fears? Has anyone dealt with "callcloud" before? OP's only other post on Ozbargain got 2 negs and no upvotes.

    • +1

      Hi BargainLuver,

      Thanks for the interest, and fair enough comments. We've only been operational since Sunday, as you mention launching on Sunday with OzBargain, to some 'constructive feedback'.

      So far, website has been rebuilt, and we will keep on improving. Currently, I'm operating as a sole trader, hence the personal account, but we're real, honest & here for the long run. Plus, as I'm not currently registered for GST which has benefits for non-business purchases.

      Important to note we're a distributor for Flexiroam and if you buy a Flexiroam product from us, you will become their customer. They are ASX listed (ASX:FRX) and have an established business reputation.

      Also, as purchasing in Australia you are protected by our consumer laws.

      Thanks again for expressing your thoughts, if you didn't, I'd probably be losing out from other customers who just walk away. I'll take the comments on board and work on building trust as it is crucial.

      I hope you enjoy your time shredding? in Japow

      If you need to contact us you can do so on:

      1800 66 4736
      [email protected]



      • Ended up going ahead and bought 2 microchips. I just read in a response to another comment that the eSim comes with a microchip as well? If thats true then can I swap one of my microchips to a eSim with bonus microchip? I have a pixel 3 handset. Assuming the eSim will work in Japan?

        • Hi BargainLuver,

          We're happy to do that for you. I'll amend the order and have it to you as soon as I can.



          • @Flexiroam: Thanks! I fly out 6am on April 16th so hope it arrives before the 15th. Where do you ship from?

            • @BargainLuver: Hi BargainLuver,

              We ship from sunny Melbourne town. It should be in your hands well before you depart. The eSIM should arrive in the next 24 hours. PM me your order number just so we amend the correct order!



  • How it compare with AirSIM?

    I have not used airsim myself but one of my friends highly recommends it.

  • for iphone esim users (xs/xr) truephone/gigsky are a fair bit cheaper, albeit still a lot more expensive than a local sim at the destination.

    As a comparison (USD)

    Truephone 1GB 30 days $20
    Gigsky 1GB 14 days $20
    Flexiroam 1GB 90 days $30

    Truephone 3GB 30 days $50
    Gigsky 5Gb 30 days $50
    Flexiroam 3GB 150 days $80

    Flexiroam gives a lot more days, but my holidays don't go that long :p

    I've used gigsky and truphone and they're super convenient, but pricier than a local sim.

  • Hi jlien,

    I respectfully disagree with the comparison you provide above on a few points. In saying that, I'm not suggesting Flexiroam is the best for all travellers in all situations, but I do think it offers superior value in most circumstances. I guess a good reason why we sell their product! :)

    Flexiroam's Global Plan covers 180+ countries. Truphone's Global Plan covers 80. Gigsky don't really have a Global Plan, they split things into regions.
    In my view that's no a fair comparison. I understand that those other plans may cover the countries you travel to, but for others they may not.

    I also believe most popular destinations are covered by each providers Local/Regional Plans at far cheaper rates, so if one was wanting a shorter stay in these areas with lots of data they would be more likely to choose these types of plans.

    Flexiroam generally offer far more choice/flexibility, not less (in fact I'd argue possibly too complex in some cases).

    For the example you provide above for 1GB, Flexiroam provide 1 Hour, 48 Hour, 15 Day & 90 Day Options. On the 3GB example I do agree with you though.

    The longer duration of the Flexiroam Global Plans can be useful as the data rolls over if you add more data before it expires. You also have the ability the share it with other users which avoid you having to buy a number of 1GB or 3GB packages.

    With all of the above said, count yourself lucky. Having an eSIM enabled phone is awesome because you can pick and choose whichever provider suits you in any given destination!

    Thanks for the thought provoking comments.



  • I tried applying the discount code for two e-sims but it doesnt seem to work?

    • +1

      Hi VIVh,

      The promotion was intended to be for Microchips only, but we're happy to extend the offer to eSIMs too. I'll amend the web shop shortly.

      I'm amazed at how many people have eSIM enabled phones already.



      • Any chance it can be extended to the physical SIMs too? I don't really feel comfortable leaving my Australian SIM card in my phone whilst overseas, even with the microchip attached.

        • Hi mattsbox60,

          We could look at doing that, however we don't have many conventional SIMs on hand. What combination are you looking for?



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