expired Free NRMA Club Care Membership for 12 Months (NSW and ACT only)


Got a flier which says,

This voucher entitles you to 12 months NRMA Club care, absolutely free. It includes all NRMA benefits EXCEPT road side assistance. So you'll enjoy

  • Countless everyday savings australia-wide by showing your NRMA card
  • Free maps and discounted guides
  • Free 12-month subscription to Open Road magazine
  • Discounted accommodation, car rental and family attractions.

There is much more, see mynrma.com.au/benefits Feel free to photocopy this voucher and give it to a friend.

Hurry, you could win $2500 fuel card if you accept this offer before 30 June 2008

To redeem:

  • Call us on 1800 469 588 (Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm), or
  • SMS the words Club care, your full name, address and date of birth (in that order) to 0400456762

I think it is a good offer as my friend who has roadside assistance got discounts at the motels in Melbourne and said he got good deal on 2nd hand car purchase by NRMA card. so I am applying via sms.

Did not have scanner, so typed every words from the voucher.

Savings worth 77.50$ - Joining fee 55$, annual fee 22.50$

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    Thanks for typing up all the words :)

    Free NRMA Club care — does that mean you can get the 20% off Rebel Sport in store without being a road-side assistance member?


    You can use a digital camera to take a picture of the flyer :D
    Thanks for sharing this.


    good idea, let me check of that when i go home today. thanks.


    Just spoke with them:
    - invoice next year for $22.40 for next year's membership
    - verbal confirmation I choose if I want to continue
    - agreement to receive marketing communication from other groups
    - I can let them know at any time if I change mt mind about the previous line's agreement

    *** meant for NSW and ACT persons only (can you please update the title)

    The nice lady though, got me a member number eventually, anyway, though I'm in Victoria (after maybe 13 mins of her searching for my suburb) BUT as she was reading out the number, I was disconnected ! :(

    Not sure if it was her action or MyNetFone :( (17 min call … MyNetFone has disconnected me from calls to friends before, at about the 20 min mark )


      Oh well that was very unfortunate. I thought with NRMA people will automatically assume NSW/ACT but I think most people are not aware of the motor clubs outside their own states. I've updated the title to add "NSW/ACT only".


        Thanks :)

        I checked with her at the time, if it was available to VIC residents. I don't think she was expecting the question, 'cos it wasn't till 13 mins after searching for my suburb, which the computer could not find, that she realized what the problem was :P


    Finally I can get my own NRMA card :) .. as the cheapskate, I always borrow friend's card to buy discounted tickets (ie, movieworld etc).

    ups.. err…

    Is it for over the phone signup or web? coz I tried the web one and it still says $22.50 fee


    Can anyone tell me if this means that after 12 months you can switch to roadside service plan, and since you are a member you wont have to pay any joining fee??


      yes, no need to pay joining fee . Even if you want to upgrade to roadside assitance plan next week/month, you will get pro-rated discount of 22.50$ ( club-care annual fee) as well.


    Finally got reply from the SMS I sent this morning.. it said that the registration package will be mailed..

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