expired 10% off Apple Mac Computers @ JB Hi-Fi


Same deal as last time,

10% off all Apple computers. Available in store and online, ends 7th April 2019.

Excludes iMac Pro MQ2Y2X/A, iPads and Apple Build To Order.

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  • +3 votes

    When will the 2019 update come?

    • +1 vote

      In 2019…

      Jokes aside usually July/August they make an announcement.


      iMacs got a refresh 2 weeks ago. Mac mini, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air only happened a few months ago so it's not a given that we'll see one this year.

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    One apple a day keeps the wealth away

  • +5 votes

    Honestly, I’ve never had a problem asking for a 10% discount on Apple computers from any Apple reseller on any day of the week. They are always very willing to make a sale.

  • +11 votes

    The current generation of MacBook laptops is probably one of the worst ever.

    The butterfly keyboard is a disaster; overheating issues and the need to lug around a dongle to use a usb port is ridiculous.

    • +1 vote

      Yes. But they wont change. That’s terrible.

    • +1 vote

      What's wrong with them? In 1.5 years of using, I've only got a bit of dust stuck in the keys once and that was solved with a can of compressed air.

      Other than that, I like the keyboard to use and the laptop has been great.

      No need to use a dongle when you're using the laptop by itself and when you're at a desk, just plug in a dongle that you always keep there.

    • +4 votes

      Butterfly keys are perfectly fine, I enjoy typing on them although it took a bit of time to adjust. Haven't had any overheating issues at all, and Apple's decision to utilise only usb-c ports is paving the way for the technology. And in a few years time, the dongle will be a thing of the past just like floppy disk and CDs.


        usb-c is coming anyway, and people buy laptops to use today. getting rid of more common ports is very pre-emptive and just makes things difficult, with almost no benefit
        floppy disks and cds were phased out by replacements BEFORE they were removed

        that said, i have a 12 inch macbook with the 1st gen butterfly and single usb-c. i actually like the keyboard, the port is occasionally annoying but not too bad. theyre just both very pointless design choices

        • +2 votes

          Not coming, it's the standard now. More things than not being sold have it right now.

          • +1 vote

            @mattythecapybara: Absolutely not. I truly wish that were the case but it’s flagship mobile phones, a few monitors, and some modern nand storage. All of them are brand new lines meaning you will have had to upgraded recently. Other than that, USB-C is extremely uncommon even now, years after the MacBooks release. Even most modern PCs and Macs (yes, recently released ones) either don’t have USB-C ports, or have very few - the recently released iMac has only 2.

            With 4 USB-A, clearly acknowledging wider use!

            To top it off, calling it a “standard” is a joke. There’s about 3 different standards that use USB-C, including USB 3.2, 4.1, “gen 1” and “gen 2”, and other standards like thunderbolt or PD aren’t universal to cords or ports.

            It’s a mess which will hinder adoption even more.

    • +1 vote

      I’m a fanboy but I agree, my 15 MacBook Pro has been repairs 3 times due to the keyboard now lol.


        I'm on my 4th butterfly keyboard, rip.

        I really hope the next ones have a new design :(

    • +1 vote

      I actually quite like the feel of the keyboard but there is definitely a serious design flaw, I've had to go in for repairs 3 times in the past 18 months or so and I know so many others with the same issues. Having to go without a laptop for a week at a time is unbelievably frustrating


      I love the butterfly kb on my MBP but yes, have issues with reliability of them. donglegate is massively overrated.


      No need to be afraid of change, Apple need to continue to be inivitive and that requires taking leaps with features/specifications on their products.


    Given that an iPad with a A12 can out-geekbench most MacBook Pros, run Office 365, and do lots of other macky things, it's a shame they're never included in these 10% sales.

    So, has anyone seen a true iPad 10% sale lately?

    OzBargain Search only comes up with telco contract plans or eBay fly-by-nights.


      The iPad can’t replace a PC until it has a proper file system. Other than that….

      • +1 vote

        I know what you mean, although iOS actually does have a proper file system: APFS, which is the same modern file system as the Mac.

        What it lacks is the user facing part, with iOS's Files app falling short of the capabilities and focus of the Mac's Finder.

        That's mostly because of Apple's sandbox mentality, which they're s-l-o-w-l-y realising doesn't cut it for productivity computing. The plumbing's all there, though.

        Hopefully iOS 13…


      I bought an iPad pro 12.9 off eBay last night. Was the same price as Apple and JBHIFI. Found a 10% off eBay code and used that.

      Does that count. ?


      school locker had 10% off a couple of months ago and I was sitting on the fence and decided not to buy.. should have in retrospect as iPads hardly ever go on sale