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3 Year VPN Plan USD$107.55 ($151.56) + 56% Cashback via Shopback [New Customers only] @ NordVPN


Saw this come in and seemed like a good price factoring in cashback via shopback

Originally $107.55 USD (or $2.99/month) but with 56% shopback from Shopback comes up to $47.32 USD (~$67 AUD) or $1.31/month USD (~$1.85 AUD)

NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY. If you signed up within 30 days you could probably cancel and sign up under a different email.

See some historic prices - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/search/node/nordvpn

Edit: I'm unsure if the coupon code affects cashback in any way but since it's on the shopback site I would recommend you use it so there's no questioning it.

Edit2: Updated expiry as the NordVPN price seems unchanged. I think cashback runs till 12th

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  • As someone that has used PIA and ExpressVPN, is Nord any good? Looking for some opinions, thanks!

    • My 2 year PIA sub expires the day before GOT, so i'm also interested.

    • I have nord and im extremely impressed with the speed and quality, Lots of servers to choose from and the application is great.

    • I'm using Nord and been happy with it so far. Damn good value. Wish they include existing customers as well.

    • I tried both Nord and Express in Jan. Express is more expensive but signed up with them as I found the options for non US sites were more reliable with Express.

    • I haved used them all, Nord is good and fast. The only reason to keep ExpressVPN is it has a nice feature which no competitor offers which is the ability to only have certain apps use VPN tunnel. For example I can make ExpressVPN just VPN SecureCRT and no other apps (this makes it so I can connect to my linux server (since I whitelist only certain IPs). I don't believe any other VPN has this feature whereby you can just browse an app and select only that app to use the VPN. Most VPN providers only allow you to VPN your entire PC or have a browser plugin only — which is not good because you end up being blocked or asked for extra credentials due to the nature of VPNs (you basically share the same IPs with hackers, pedos, etc), so having the ability to use VPNs only with certain apps or being able to turn it on/off on the spot with a Chrome/firefox plugin is the best way to use VPNs (imo).

      • Docker to use it as a proxy for this exact reason on Nordvpn. Up to 6 connections is great too.

      • That's called split tunneling….and there are a few others who also have this but don't remember them all from the top of my head, one of them was the where the hacker was revealed in a court case…..there were two or three other more…….

    • I had PIA and switched to NORD. Its crap. I regret it so much. I cant stream video from overseas with Nord, its that slow. I used to stream from USA all the time with PIA.

      • Luckily I took on their free trial before deciding which to go with. Nord was slow. Very slow. Some servers have decent speeds, though still not going to get you full speed.

        I went with PIA in the end.

        • BBC iPlayer works fine for me. No need for Netflix so I haven't tried it. But iPlayer was ok.

          • @o53djz7qTPY4der: I was using it to get around MEGA's download quotas since it's IP based. Most of the servers were too slow to download anything.

            I found a few with acceptable speeds and cycled between them.

            Would never actually pay for the service.

            I use PIA which maxes out my connection. My only concern is that they're based in the US. Their defense was, don't worry about it, we don't keep logs so we can't sell you out even if we wanted to. That doesn't inspire confidence.

      • I found NORD to be very slow. With PIA I would get 80-90% of line speed. With NORD, 10-40%.

    • I've used all 3. I suggest staying with Express even though its more expensive. Nord worked fine for me for a while but then started to do stupid things, which is disconnect every couple minutes. It happens frequently enough to make me not plan on extending and going back to express. I've seen other people have this issue and there is zero fix for it. When it works its great. But if you end up with my problem then you're screwed. And I've suffered this for the remainder of my last year in contract. Even nord is oblivious to why.

    • I used to use PIA. It only used to have 2 vpn options for Australia being Sydney and Melbourne. Perth has recently been added. When I got NBN 100 the PIA VPN was horrific. I changed to Nord VPN which has like 40+ servers alone in Brisbane compared to PIA having 0 and 3 total in Aus. I find Nord VPN to be superior in speed. Nord I went from 100mbs to 95mbs. PIA I would get 30mbs via their fastest connection in Sydney.

      • I'm on NBN 100. I'm Melb based and both Melb and Sydney get me the same speed as when not connected.

        But OzBargain has banned the Melb IP from posting messages so I have to use Sydney now. You'd think OzB would have an account-specific banning system as opposed to IP-specific.

        • I'm based in Brisbane so I would presume that's why I was having the speed issues. As I had to go through Sydney or Melbourne. The speed drop was just to significant. With the Nord VPN in Brisbane I was pretty much the same speed. Sydney used to be faster for me when I used PIA but then something went haywire with the latency and melb became the faster option. When I contacted PIA about the massive change in latency this was their answer. Cockatoos lol.

          In relation to connections in Austrailia, our server teams have confirmed that there are not any performance or stability issues with the PIA servers. However, there are known infrastructure issues in your region that will unfortunately have an effect on the quality of internet access as a whole. At this time, the internet infrastructure in Australia is known to be especially unstable and is in the process of a complete overhaul, necessary to safeguard against cockatoos: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-41857761 They project this to be completed by 2021, but general stability of internet connectivity and performance is a confirmed issue related to the regional infrastructure, unrelated to the PIA VPN service.

    • Reported issues steaming Kayo via NORD while PIA works. link

  • Any good VPN providers on stack social. I’d rather use my free credits. Nord was quite good when I used it few years ago adsl2 connection.

  • Does anyone know if you can unlock US Netflix with it? I have Getflix but it never works!

    • +1 vote

      I have nordvpn, and US netflix works also Japan Netflix.

      • Do you use any specific servers for US/Japan? I've got Nord, haven't bothered with foreign Netflix for a while but would like to try again.

    • Yeap works fine, Just need to work out how to use it with Apple tv

      • Looks like more trouble than it's worth :( googled it, there's a tutorial

        • Yea need a special router, Or create a wifi network from my pc and share it which i am unable to do.

          I Didn't really find the content to much different, I have amazon prime and stan so i have most the bases covered.

    • The connection with Nord is so slow I cant stream video. Used to work fine when i used PIA before i switched to Nord.

    • If you only want access to US Netflix, check out Windscribe VPN from this deal 2 days ago. Instructions to get US Netflix for just $2 USD per month (pay by the month, no multi-year contract required!) is in the comments: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/449134

    • Thanks Guys - It didn't work on Nvidia Shield - they provided a full refund. Cheers

  • god damnit. can i cancel my $3 a month one since i bought it less than 30 days ago and buy it now?

    • Ugh same!

      It does state NEW customers, so perhaps it would work as long as you use a different Credit Card and email address?

      Now I have to decide if it is worth the hassle to change username and passwords again

      Edit: So looking in to how to cancel NordVPN. If you are within your 30 day period you'll need to contact NordVPN customer service to request your refund. As this is a manual process, it might take longer than 5pm today. So to get this deal, you'll need to create a new account first from Shopback, and risk that you might now get a refund on your other account.

      Personally I'm going to be a bad Ozbargainer and just leave it. US$3 a month is a pretty good deal, and don't have to worry about things like this for three years anyway.

      • thanks for your research mate. no point in me (profanity) around with it when it already works better and well worth it at $3 a month. i spend more money on useless shit per month so if i stop that it'll all work out.

      • I bought it a week ago and just went through the process of cancelling my account.
        Cancellation was approved within 5 minutes of talking on live chat and they said they have processed the refund.
        Now to make another account :)

      • I just bought NordVPN yesterday! lol dammit
        Requesting the refund was super easy..a little too easy I think. The CS rep said it should come back into my account within 7-10 business days.
        Hoping I don't have to chase them up for it..
        I guess I have to put a reminder on my phone to confirm.

  • Damn great price for this awesome VPN!

  • Can you stack on existing nord vpn subscription?

    Edit. Never mind it says new customers only.

  • I just want to add that it says 'New NordVPN customers only'. That means I can't get it.

  • Made some edits based on comments :)

  • What is the coupon code for? I can't see anywhere to put it.

  • If you pick Australia as your country when you check out they add GST, so will be another 10% on top of the listed price.

  • Warning: Incoming noob questions

    Where do you enter the coupon code?
    If I have created an account up before, but never purchased a subscription, am I a new customer?
    How do you pay?

    • Under "Total" but above "Name on Card" there's a little link called "Got coupon?".

      • Cool, saw it. However entering the coupon code doesn't adjust the price
        The initial deal linked to shopback, but now goes straight to NordVPN.

        What's the deal? Do they refund 56% via Shopback? Isn't that only when you click through shopback? What does the coupon code do?

  • Is that for one device or more?

  • I've bought this deal with coupon.

    Can anyone guess how long it takes Shopback to send through our cashback for this?

  • great deal, have had this vpn for more than 12 months. good speeds, customer service and works well with netflix. wish i could stack it!

  • This would only affect the Edward Snowden's out there not you law abiding citizens but whenever I see NordVPN's location in Panama rated as a plus by reviewers I am always reminded of Noriega. Well I guess it works for all the rich tax dodgers of the world like our dear departed exPM.

  • Anyone comment on Nord as far as streaming Hulu?

  • I have been using the free Thunder vpn to get around work wifi site restrictions. Didn't do a scrap of research so can't say how trustworthy or private it really is, all I know is every blocked site is available now, it has been unlimited downloads so far, and the speed has been more than acceptable for me, but might not be fast enough for some.

  • Thank you, purchased

  • I'll be cancelling my new account and signing up again using this …

  • Anyone avoid paying the GST by selecting a different country? Say New Zealand?

  • Is this basically for one device?

    • I understand that it's 6 devices. What I would like to know is do they all have to be on the same network?

      I'd like to share my account with a friend.

      • You can have 6 simultaneous connections. However, you can only connect to each server once with each connection type.

        For example, I connect to au_338 and au_339 on seperate machines simultaneously using UDP. However, I would not be able to connect to au_339 using UDP on both at the same time. Therefore, I'd use TCP or PPTP. I manually configure mine using systemd and openvpn, so not an issue for me. If using the app, I don't think you'll have any issues sharing with a friend.

  • The 3 year for $107.55 price is always there and active.

    Don't know what the deal for the coupon is and do you need it for the 56% back?

    • You need to create an account with ShopBack. Once you've logged into ShopBack, search for NordVPN and activate the Cashback to get the 56%.
      After waiting a period of time for it to appear on ShopBack, and I think you can just transfer that credit into your bank account

  • I tried applying the coupon and it accepts, but it doesn't change the price?

    • The sale price of NordVPN is already discounted.
      The additional 56% you get back is from ShopBack not NordVPN directly.

  • Has anyone been able to confirm this deal? Adding the coupon above does nothing to the price.

    • Doesn't need the coupon, you just select the $2.99. Discount appeared below. The additional savings are from shopback. Mine just shows as 107.55 no coupon required.

  • Does shopback work on mobile?

  • Can this be used on smart TVs ?

  • Is this provider really a lot better than Ivacy if I just want to use it for P2P with my NAS? I don't really need it for gaming or video streaming.
    The Ivacy deal (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/448839) for myself I believe it works out a lot better, doesn't it?

    Just trying to make sure going for the cheap option is not a mistake :)

  • Can anyone confirm if Nord works well with Netflix?

    ExpressVPN is a no go for Mexico/Brazil and PIA only works with some servers

    • nord has real issues at the moment on android - essentially for Netflix its useless..

      • Thank you.
        I am happy with PIA for all my devices but was thinking of getting this deal just for my Shield and Netflix

    • Nord works well with US and Japan Netflix. Not so much for other Asian countries. Express worked better for those.

  • Thank OP…

    But how does one get this deal?

    Do you purchase via the Nord Website and apply the code? Mine is still coming up as $107.55

    What am I missing?

    These deals are so convoluted. Maybe Im a bit thick but I cant workout how to apply this deal.


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