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Free Leisure Experience Pass with Any 2x Mentos Products Purchased @ Woolworths


Spotted this deal when I was browsing the Woolies lolly aisle. Best Melbourne venue on offer IMO is Legoland Discovery Centre in Chadstone, VIC – tickets are usually $26-$32.50. There are some other very good options as zhanggg mentioned here.

Update: Many venues have had their allocation exhausted, so please check before purchasing Mentos (and redeem quickly!).

Woolies has Mentos rolls on special 10/4 - 16/4 for $1, so it makes for a great deal. I uploaded a mobile scan of my receipt, and received the unique code email within a minute.

List of venues available

Relevant FAQs

What is this promotion about?

Mentos is rewarding their customers who purchase 2 packs of Mentos in Woolworths stores during the promotional period (3rd April 2019 to 30th April 2019) with a free experience. There are over 100 + free experiences all over Australia, including surfing, paintball and laser skirmish, kayaking, Escape rooms and many more.

How do I qualify?

Purchase any two packs of Mentos at any Woolworths Store from 3/4/2019 to 30/4/2019 and retain the purchase receipt. Jump on to www.mentoswin.com.au, Register your details and Upload your Proof of Purchase (receipt) You will receive a unique code to your registered email address within two business days with instructions on how to choose your experience.

How long is my unique code valid for?

You must use your unique code by 28/5/19. The last possible date to claim a venue e-Voucher is 28/5/19.

How long is my e-Voucher valid for?

Your e-Voucher is valid for 3 months from date of issue or by 28/8/19 whichever date is first. Last possible date to present and redeem an eVoucher at a participating venue is 28/08/2019.

I'm going to the venue with a bunch of my friends who all have e-Vouchers, can we all use our e-Vouchers at the same time?

No, I’m afraid not. Only one (1) eVoucher may be used per venue per group. Participating venues will not allow multiple members of a group to redeem their eVouchers at the same time. Please contact the venue in advance of redemption to avoid disappointment.

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  • That last condition is a bit of a bummer (only one voucher redeemable per group), but not a big deal if you are going to Legoland alone :)

    For those in VIC, you can also get entry to Eureka Skydeck (normally $23), entry to Melbourne Aquariuim (normally $42), a couple of different river cruises and a tour of the Carlton Brewhouse (normally $32).

    • Keep in mind you can't go to Legoland alone, need a kiddo with you. Except on special nights.

      • Ah ha – didn't know about their requirements:

        Please note adults must be accompanied by a child (under 18 years), and children must be accompanied by an adult (18+ years) to visit LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre, during standard opening hours. Children under 3 visit for free.

        We want you to have the best time, so during busy peak periods, we are limiting the total number of guests in the centre. During these times guests can enjoy up to 3 hours of bricktastic fun! In off-peak times, guests can spend as long as they like in the centre.

        • +6 votes

          I guess only 18 year olds can go in alone.

          • @MrRe: No if you are 18 you are adult so need child… noone can go alone.

            Can we get multiple vouchers on 1 email address?

            • @Bryanalves: Actually not true… when we went in last time which was ~1.5 years ago (5 adults, 4 kids from 6yo to 13yo) we were worried about this adult/child policy. Asking at counter the lady said "technically 13+ can go in by themselves, 16+ counts as "adults" if they want to bring younger siblings along and it's fine for all of you to go in together")

              If I had to guess, I'd say the policy is more to "make it for families" (which is a bit silly IMHO.) I heard they do "adult nights" for those without ankle biters to get in on their own… but no flip side to that (can't drop your kid off there like "child care" while you shop) ;)

    • A single free ticket is also handy for those who have a Companion/Carer Card (such as me) – means both people can get in for free.

      I guess one could also enter the venue separately, and then just reunite later on (if the group members are old enough etc).

  • Melbourne Aquarium tickets are good value too, $42 full price (haha no).

    It's a nice relaxed experience, just not worth more than $15 imo.

  • Luna Park twilight pass is pretty good for Sydney

    • Anyone knows if there would be issues if two people on the Luna Park rides “individually” rather than as a “group”

  • +2 votes

    Where can you see the list of "experiences" please?

    ah - https://mentoswin.com.au/select-experience/

  • +11 votes

    why isn't one of the experiences dumping a wheel barrow of mentos into a bath tub of coke?

  • Perth has a twilight cruise worth $35, not bad!

    I wonder how they could enforce the ticket rules, if 2 people book separately…

  • Is two people considered a "group"?

  • Is it any two products or only mentos packs? Mentos website says packs

  • A Group is a number of people or things that are located, gathered, or classed together.

    2 a group unfortunately .

    Book separately .

    Great deal OP .

  • Only one (1) eVoucher may be used per venue per group

    Bit of a bummer but if you go in a pair then it's still 50% off.

  • Any restrictions on dates or weekday/weekend usage?

  • Anyone else having trouble 'viewing the experiences'? It's just a blank white square with a modify search button, lol.

    • Same here. Had to turn off my ad blocker for it to work

      • Thought it might be that too, so turned it off but it's still the same unfortunately.

        • Some of the drop-down-choice options (eg NSW - Wildlife) do not work for me, but others do (eg Vic - Wildlife).
          I think it's a glitch with their system.

  • I have family of 5. Interested in luna park twilight. Could I send each kid up to kiosk. One kid is 2 years old.

  • Bit confusing- can I buy multiple two packs of Mentos and get Multiple different experiences? Can't see where it says one entry pp

  • Would anyone please be able to list the NSW experiences? I can't seem to view them :(

    • far too many to list.

      • Paste Bin?

        • great thanks. didnt know something like pastebin existed. here is the link and sorry about the formatting(thats how it got copied over)


          • +1 vote

            @Frankenbeanie: Thanks guys, much appreciated!

          • @Frankenbeanie: If you remove Zumba, grasshopper soccer, and Ceroc Modern Jive Dancing, then for NSW there's basically:
            * surfing lessons - Central Coast Surf School @ 3 central coast locations.
            * 4WD Tours R Us @ Anna Bay
            * Paintball @ Newcastle or Baldivis
            * Escape room @ Escape Hunt Sydney [min 2 players]
            * Basketball class @ Hoops Never Sleep in Sydney city
            * Escape room @ Virtual Room Sydney [min 2 players]
            * Illawarra Fly Treetop Walk, towards Kiama
            * SOLD OUT: One free entry @ Luna Park Sydney
            * Free entry to Irukandji Shark and Ray Encounters @ Newcastle
            * One free entry ticket to Australian Maritime National Museum

            • @nickj:

              • Escape room @ Escape Hunt Sydney [min 2 players]
              • Escape room @ Virtual Room Sydney [min 2 players]

              Now I understand why they only allow 1 voucher per group

  • So if a couple buys 4 of mentos, 2 each on individual receipts and plans to visit the ballarat zoo and enter alone as an individual how are these guys ever going to figure out!!??

    • My thoughts exactly. I doff my cap to you sir.

    • You will be unable to speak to your partner for the entire experience. Staff will be watching

      • If they have got staff to check who is talking to whom after patrons have entered,then it's more money lost hiring that staff and enforcing the terms than couples who would try and get 2 vouchers for entering the Zoo (or any other attraction)

  • If i buy more lets say four mentos rolls, can i then book two different experiences? Or is it just one experience per person ?

    • Customers can use the unique code on the Promotional Website to claim an experience eVoucher. Limit of one (1) eVoucher per person, per venue, per day.

  • I am organising a mid season outing with my sons junior rugby club. I'll take them to lunar park. I'll have to buy 48 Mentos. How likely do you think staff will enforce the no group policy if each kid fronts the counter in 90 second increments given they will be wearing their club colours?

  • Luna Park not available any more.

  • The wheel of brisbane is decent. Normally $22 a ticket and can go alone.

  • Otway Fly a great deal.

  • Virtual Room in sydney sounds interesting. but shame min 2 people and can only redeem 1 … booo!
    anyone has experience with this venue?

  • Has anyone received their experience voucher yet ?

  • Adelaide Zoo disappeared from list 😕

  • Booooo, Eureka Skydeck and the Aquarium (both VIC) are already gone!

    • Yep I bought the mentos early this morning but didn't have a chance to redeem during my lunch break. Was happy for do either eureka skydeck, aquarium, or lego land. None of those are now available along with phillip island and a few others.

    • Update; the list is getting slimmer by the hour for VIC. Here's what's now available.

      • Otway Fly Treetop Walk
      • Delta Force Paintball- Melbourne
      • Echuca Laser Tag
      • Echuca (Splat Attack) Paintball
      • Escape Hunt Melbourne
      • Kryal Castle
      • The Comics Lounge
      • And a heap of Grasshopper Soccer places all over.

      Unless they restock the better venues, there's no point buying more Mentos rolls for this promo.

      • Even less options now, mainly Soccer, 1 Escape room and Kryal Castle left

        • Yep there is literally nothing now other than soccer for kids and escape room which requires 2 people. Booked the moonlit sanctuary which was like my 6th choice.

  • For those wondering, the page will throw you back to the main website in lieu of a "Selection Successful"-type of page (after inputting the code and selecting the venue). Instead, they'll email you saying you'll get the voucher within 3 days.

  • just bought 6 packs to find Adelaide Zoo no longer on the list :( good thing they are only $1

    • I don't know why people are negging your comment. It was a good deal for me and many others, but it was also a bad deal for those who didn't get in quick enough to snap up the scarce vouchers.

      • Probably because of this:

        Inappropriate uses of negative vote:

        • Expired/Out of Stock.
        • If you come along late in the piece, sure. But this deal has't been great for many because of the seemingly tiny stock of good vouchers, like the old days of Flight Centre advertising a bargain airfare, when they only had one such fare to sell.

          • @JohnHowardsEyebrows: On the other hand, there's been a lot of clicks and thus redemptions – people shouldn't expect stock to be endless, just like with any physical product. It'd be like me negging a deal because I bought a 5% off gift card for a deal, but the store ran out of stock before I could use it. Due diligence is always needed to check for stock before a purchase contingent on it is made.

            Or maybe that's just me.

  • Seems like lets say on a national campaign they had like 100 tickets for each attraction ( no where near enough for the major attractions demand) . Mentos I think never stated how many tickets and the happenings now is people buying them on the false illusion of getting a major attraction that's gone and basically crap nobody wants is all that remains .

    The people buying now have every right to neg in my opinion with the false illusion of a free major attraction ticket .

    • Before I purchased the Mentos, I checked the attractions while I was still in Woolies to make sure I'd be happy with them. Looking at the in-store advertising and brochure, I can see Mentos don't make any claims about the type of attractions offered. The deal was up for 9 hours (and on the front page for around 8) before the first report of a venue being out of stock. I'd venture a good number of people were able to redeem their preferred venue. I've seen many front page OzBargain deals that have run out of stock within minutes meaning I often miss out, but that's par for the course on here.

      • I think because there was a half page add was in the woolies catalog this week that more people saw it and claimed
        Ozbargainers had plenty of time to get it

  • I think Mentos did a HN . Major attractions fell in less than 24 hrs . So no where near decent ticket levels .

    Not you fault OP , blame is with Mentos .

    Worst is all the poor people buying Mentos up till 28 th May where the promotion ends .

    Really is a slimy act .

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