expired Panasonic 65" FZ950U OLED UHD Smart TV $2699 | 55" FZ950U $1690 | Hisense 65PX OLED TV $2170 + Delivery @ Appliance Central eBay


Surprised to see that no one has posted these yet!

Lowest price on record for these models.

  • Panasonic 55" FZ950 $1690

Panasonic FZ950 Series is on par with the LG C8 series and the Sony A1/A8F series. In terms of value, the 65" B8 has been sold around this price mark, which makes this price extremely good for this tv!

  • Hisense 65" X Series 65PX OLED TV $2170

65" OLED TV's from Panasonic, LG, Sony or Hisense have never come down this low!

  • Hisense 65P9 4K LED LCD TV $2350

Delivery varies between $25 to $40 for me in QLD.

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    screen reflection is a bummer on this one:

    comon put LG B8 on sale for $2.2k i'll drop my mullah now :P


    I'd buy this right now if it had Dolby Vision. Too early for HDR10+ to be viable on a 2018 TV (maybe one day). There's next to no content for it, compared to plethora of DV content.

    Also, 120Hz panels exist now. So maybe now's not the time to buy an OLED until prices of those come down a little bit.


      Wondering if Panasonic are ever going to get around to firmware upgrading DV in. Supposedly there was talk of them doing it.

      So close to new OLEDs coming to market. Apparently the LG comes out this month in Australia. I know it'll be hideously expensive, but there will be discounts 3 months after launch.

      I'm not sure how the online streaming services deal with DV. I understand it is on Netflix, so I assume Stan, Amazon Prime and the rest probably do that over HDR10+. So I guess a DV compatible TV is important for serious TV/Movie watchers. Saying that though, most punters wouldn't be able to tell the difference between HDR10 static metadata and DV dynamic metadata if you played them a movie back to back with one on then the other.


        Are you talking about the new LG C9 range? That's just released and is now available to buy

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        New Panasonic OLEDs will have Dolby Vision and HDR10+. First TV to have both. They haven't said if they'll update older models but I doubt it. I've compared Dolby Vision with Blu-Rays and Netflix sometimes it's a bit better sometimes it's no difference. I wouldn't say it's worth it at the moment until we get 12bit panels. You really only see a difference with high brightness nits content. Occasionally the colours are a little tighter and more pronounced but you really have to look for it.


        Saw a video with a Panasonic rep who said the Dolby Vision implementation is hardware based so only available in the 2019+ models. HDR10+ is however going to be put into the older Panasonic OLEDs as it is software based.

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      I have the FZ950 and a mate has the c8, and I can honestly say Netflix in HDR10 (on the Panasonic) and in DV (on the LG) is such a minute difference it's not worth getting excited about. If you're planning on buying a bunch of DV blu-rays this may be more of an issue as the difference was a little more distinct.

      All of that being said, I still prefer the picture quality on the Pana. But that may be me just trying to convince myself that I did the right thing. To be honest the HDR10 is less than HDR10+ is less than DV is a stupid spec war, and HDR10 is so far ahead of any older TV picture reproduction that unless you're upgrading from a HDR10 capable TV you're going to be happy with or without DV.


        This is a very naive question - but if you use one of the expensive Panasonic 4k BR players that are DV-capable, does that make any difference connecting to a non-DV panel like the 2018 Panasonic?


        i have to agree .. all these HDR specs are just marketing gimmicks ..


        I have a HDR10 TV already that I bought 3 years ago, so the next TV I have has to have DV or the upgrade isn't worth it, in my opinion.

        Just for some background, I colour calibrate my screens with a calibrator device. I know what looks 'right' and what doesn't.

        My parents have a DV TV that I also colour calibrated and I can tell the difference between 10 and DV without them even being side by side. DV is richer, and more dynamic. Dynamic metadata will always be better than static. DV is mastered scene by scene. HDR10 is mastered as a whole. Even if you couldn't 'see' the difference; wouldn't you rather better tech? I know I would.

        HDR10+ could take over DV over the years, so it's nice this TV has that, but currently; there's only a handful of titles that support it. I buy a TV for the 'now' of it; not the future, as I replace TVs (and all tech) with something newer faster than most.

        Also, I run an A/V receiver that supports DV and HDR10; but doesn't support HDR10+; so even if I was watching 10+ titles; I'd only be getting HDR10.

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    Sensational buy. I got the Panny for $1722 late last year. Fantastic TV.


      Damn, the cost of that Hisense OLED is getting better and better.

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        Prob cause no one is buying them


          ^ that.

          Although I have no doubt the hisense will drop below $2K and start to gain a lot of interest. Already had people at work talking about them when they dropped under 2.5 a couple of weeks back.


    Awesome price. I ended up with the LG B8 55inch (~$1550 from memory), would have got the Panny if any deals running at that point.


    The 55" FZ950 is available for $1495 as a manufacturer refurbished item from Grays Online, unsure if the risk is worthwhile given the potential for burn in..


    I think there will be coupon without the $300 max discount soon. That will make Hisense 65" OLED under 2k.

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    Can vouch for the 55" FZ950. Amazing pic quality out of the box using the presets.

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      Got this tv from videopro. Have to agree picture quality is excellent out of the box.

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    65” is not big enough.


    The price on the Hisense 65” X is now incorrect.
    It is now $2390 plus postage.

    (Ie. the price went up on the new listing).