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[VIC] Metro Trains Compensation - Free Daily Ticket (If Used > 10 Days in March & Active >28 Days)


Metro trains missed their punctuality targets for March 2019 so anyone with a Myki pass of >= 28 days and used it for at least 10 days in March 2019 can apply for compensation by filling in their online form.


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  • +29 votes

    Need this for Sydney..

    • and New York

    • If it was here, we'd get free travel every single day.

    • was going to say the same thing, Sydney train will go bust if they implement this, delay is daily phenomenon..

      • That's exactly what we need to drive better outcomes, because they don't have any baseline of providing consistent good service

    • How is this a bargain? Its compensation for bad service….. if a hair salon had a 'we will recut your hair for free if we stuff it up/not meet your expectations' then is that free haircut a deal?

      • You're right… but the standard of many (most?) other operators is you don't get any compensation for bad service i.e. it's still a relative bargain. And also this publicises it for those who qualify but aren't aware.

    • They should focus on improving the train line system instead of continually expanding the network.

      • they do neither of these really. still largely same network as last century and still same rubbish severice, but hidden behind station hopping/loop skipping and switching train to be a different service.

    • Yet they keep charging higher fare with poor service

      Hopeless really. Sydney will never change

      Both Northwest link and light rail will screw up and deliver late and no compensation will be given

      Same like stupid NBN which is also a waste of taxpayers money, reusing existing infrastructure on coaxial and just rebadge it as NBN meanwhile lying about backbone haul which is slower than your existing cable for downloads.

      You also pay more for less

      I have TPG sent me a pre-order flyer on NBN it's worth a laugh

    • this will be every single day….

    • Sydney trains: "What punctuality targets?" 🤣

  • Doesn't work for myki money :(

    • No sorry mate. Unfortunately Metrotrains decided this only applies to those with a monthly Myki pass and has travelled in March.

      • This is a relatively new thing to prevent people from being able to claim compensation. My wife travels 4 days a week into the city but because she doesn't use Myki pass, ineligible.

        • nah, it's been in place for years.

          I'm the same - I have to drive in once a week so I use myki money, and i'm never eligible for compensation as a result.

        • mmmmmmmmmm, thought it was well known that myki pass is better value even if you miss a few days compared to myki money.
          Lets take your case as an example - need to use only 4 days a week.
          Best value myki pass is 33 days (start Monday and end Friday) x $5.30 (pass daily rate) = $174.90
          Compared to money $8.80 (daily rate) x 20 days (= 5 weeks @ 4 days a week) = $176.00

          A small saving but you are ahead with myki pass, and you could've claimed compensation many times.

          Compensation has been for myki pass only from the beginning.

  • Does this apply to Vline?

  • Pretty sure our train miss punctuality targets every month…

    • Unless the targets are as shit as punctuality itself.

    • Punctuality is defined as under 5 minutes so if it was less than 5 minutes, they wouldn't make their targets the whole year round.

    • what you forget is peak hour tends to miss targets constantly. but come 8.15 am (apparently no longer "peak") and the services move to being 20/30 mins apart.
      Bit hard to miss your targets then. The 11.30pm service always runs on time. then there is the station hopping, cutting services short a few stations from end of line (eg belgrave line), and skipping the loop. they were re-naming a service to the next service but think that got knocked on the head. And as someone else noted, its a 5min window of lateness. In asia you would get 3 services in that 5 min window.

  • "In March, we met our reliability target – delivering 98% of scheduled services. The punctuality result of 88.4% was just below target, and we apologise for any inconvenience you experienced.

    Please accept as compensation the equivalent of one daily myki fare, which has been applied to your myki pass. Crediting your myki takes up to 10 business days to process, with the funds then available when you next touch on."

    Thanks, Instant Approval!

  • Why should customers have to reactively apply for this? They know our travel history, and they have the details of our passes - this should automatically be credited to eligible customers. Bunch of crooks…

    • The train wouldn't run late so often if metro was actually legit in the first place

    • I can't agree with you more.

      They should know who is on a 28 day pass
      They should know who touched on more than 10 times in March
      The compensation process should be seamless. The announcement should be "All eligible customers have had $8.80 applied to their Myki"

      Eligibility is another matter. Someone using Myki Money and travelling every day would be ineligible. They're really relying on laziness - laziness to claim your $8.80, not to mention the unused balances that are just lying in their coffers earning them interest forever whenever someone travels to melbourne, buys a card, loads it up, then leaves the country/state with unused value on their card.

      • The only thing with this is that I have a yearly MYKI, no use giving me an extra day when I have already paid for it. When I apply for compo I make sure that it is credited to spare card which I have for family members to use.

    • I think simply because this will be a hard data problem to solve and will cost the company 3 contractors of $1k/day each for 2 weeks at least. Then it becomes an extra $15k expense. Instead they can spend $2k for someone to build a form and $1k to manually process the entries.

  • Isn't it a joke that they are only compensating us one daily ticket worth of funds?

    • Well, the combined delay for the service in the month would ONLY be 24 hours

      Signed, some public transport rep

  • i dont even know what i'm claiming but i filled it anyway…

  • OzCompensation

  • Thanks OP. Added this to the calendar for next month based on how things have been going.

  • They gave me free sausage today for the train replacement which was nice.

  • This Metrio is shameless!! Compensating a day’s fare for making people suffer for several months. Making them lose their precious family time and throwing a penny. F*** u Metro n the Victorian Govt.

    • You do know metro is a private company right?

      • Exactly, how could a supposedly good government let this happen

      • +2 votes

        You do know metro is a private company right?

        Which reports to the Transport minister who is ultimately responsible for making sure a reliable service is provided.

        • Metro reports into PTV, who are a bunch of clueless deadheads. They let Metro hire all British deadheads from London underground, now new Irish boss hires all Irish exec board

          • @IceTooth:

            now new Irish boss hires all Irish exec board

            That would explain all the train cancellations on St. Patrick's day…

      • Yea, Metro is a private company which is looking after the public transport after being signed by the Victorian Govt so the both Metro and Victorian Govt are disgraceful!


    These 2 months Metro trains have been very unreliable….Cancelled, Delayed, No City Loop…all these happens recently

  • Only one free day is not worth the bother. I'm not paying anything for travel now anyway due to the massive disruption on major lines. I'll start paying again when they get good.

  • When will NSW state doing something like this for the good of people using sydney train weekly

  • Sydney transport is responsible for point A to B only and not time bound.

    So any hope of refund would be dream

    • Agreed. and yet so many negs on my comments. very nice.

      Simply don't even bother improving infrastructure its been the same for past 2 decades. No chance it will change

  • Don’t touch on. I haven’t for years. Not until they are on time.

    • How do I get past the gates at Flinders St then?

      • Stick your hand over the sliding door when it is open for the person in front of you…

        • Try that at Melbourne Central, 4 out of 5 working days for the loop there are authorised officers just behind the gate to get someone who is trying to evade fare by not tapping or obstructing the gate movement.

          What is also funny is they don't bother checking tickets for everyone just the birds who can't pass the gate and jump…

          BTW I concur the service standards and punctuality is beyond a joke

  • I don't know how it works and actually dont care. But I submitted my claim and said it was all good. I only get 28 day passes at a time.

    The last bit on the claim form said only yearly passes can credit the Myki that was used - didn't it? I wonder if that is so people will never actually use the credit amount?

    I buy 28 days at a time so I will actually just not buy my next pass for a day extra. But if someone is about to buy a yearly pass, I suspect they won't care about the one day credit. When you buy the pass, it doesn't deduct from the Myki money balance and then you pay the rest, does it?

    • It's a bit cheaper to buy 33 day passes, if you don't travel on weekends.
      You're right that it doesn't deduct from myki money if you have a pass, but it's still useful to have if you ever go beyond zome 2. Or do as you suggested and buy a pass one day later/less.

  • Does anyone know where I can find my myki pass number? Is that the same as my card number? I don't see a different number in the mymyki website.

  • I always buy 28 days at a time. I think my pass runs out on 27th this month so not 28 days or more on it.

    Im going to try and buy another month pass today, or does it not stack?

    When it goes through, will apply for a credit 🤔

    • I used to buy 28d at a time too. But for last 2 years, I've switched to yearly. Way more savings.
      If I go on holidays for a few weeks, I just declare the pass lost, only way to put it on hold (stupid metro)
      I guess if I switch to pass on Android, won't be able to put on hold anymore, so will stick to the old card…

  • Can I get compensation for wasting my time trying to complete the compensation form, which doesn't work properly on mobile version of the site? (Title field refuses to let me choose one)

  • I moved down to melb last year and the trains were on time and hardly a cancellation. Something went to shits late last year and this year. Not sure if there’s a timetable change or extremely unreliable. This is for the sunbury line

  • In Sydney train,

    1: extremely slow near Homebush
    2: worst mobile internet from Lidcombe till Central

    Also guards announcements are mostly absent or hardly clear in trains

  • I'd love to see the results for trains rediverted and skipping stations just to meet their punctuality targets.

  • Given they can see when you used your myki and the validity of it they should autocredit all myki accounts

    at least do yearly ones

  • Did not work for my commuter pass. Bah.

  • What if you constantly replace your myki pass, therefore despite using a yearly ticket, the usage is spread across multiple card numbers due to replacing it?

  • Just read up on Metro Trains:

    "Metro Trains Melbourne, known colloquially as simply Metro, is the franchised operator of the suburban railway network in Melbourne, Australia. Metro Trains Melbourne is a joint venture between MTR Corporation (60%), John Holland Group (20%) and UGL Rail (20%)."

    If you look up MTR Corp in Hong Kong, you'd know why Melbourne trains are (profanity). Price increase every 1-2 years, expanding lines everywhere and constant signal issues. Not to mention there was a scandal with UGL Rail and ex-chief executive of HK Leung Chun-ying a few years back.

    Under MTR Corp, the train system will only get worse.

  • I got annual pass. I travel 5 days a week. This is the reply I got.

    Please accept as compensation the equivalent of one daily myki fare, which has been applied to your myki pass. Crediting your myki takes up to 10 business days to process, with the funds then available when you next touch on.

    why one daily myki fare?

    • Yup, I got the same. Trouble is my pass runs out on the last workday this week, as I'll be on leave until after Easter. Great if it tops up the myki money, but completely useless if it adds to the pass.

      • Yep in the same boat. I purposely set my pass to expire around public holidays so this may be all useless for me in the end. Good to learn the process though

  • So for monthly purchasers, they have to actually topup their myki pass for another 1 month to be eligible?

    I only add more myki pass when it is about to expire.

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