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Apple iPhone XS 512GB - $1879 (RRP $2199) @ JB Hi-Fi


Was looking for a 256GB iPhone XS and came across JB Hifi selling their 512GB version for the 256GB price.

There is an abundance of GOLD (in Sydney CBD) but you'll need to ring around and check store stock for SPACE GREY or SILVER. I got the SILVER in The Galeries.

Had a chat with the sales guy who said it's a first that they've discounted a phone in this fashion, I'd have to agree.

This is a price that will last for a while too, June 1st.

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    Hurry offer ends 1 June

    LOL. They really struggle to sell this at ~ above 2k price point.

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    What a bargain. Thanks OP.

  • wow wtf iphones never go on sale like that lol

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    Anyone willing to share the cost? I get Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays (from 12AM to 12PM), and you get the rest.


    • Thanks. Appears to be just over the TRS limit for two people though.

  • For a phone that is a few months old now, price is pretty crazy.

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      This isn't a cheap android device, iPhones hardly go down in price even after a year or 2

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        Dont get me wrong, it is not a bad device has great camera and screen etc but as with all technology they depreciate fast.
        I just cant see paying that much for any phone to be honest with you. Same deal will go for the new fold phones coming out, they will all lose value and in 2 years time compared to newer model be quite worthless.

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    Xs Max 512 is $320 off too.

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      do you rinse and repeat that comment everytime a iPhone comes on oz bargain, or just copy the other android trolls :)

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        Given the number of trolls there needs to be a bridge and a billy goat around here somewhere. Always the same tired comments. Methinks they might protest too much.

  • Office works price beat should save another 5%.

    • already same price

    • tried already, they practically have no stock anywhere for all 512GB models.
      better off on ebay getting for around 1700~

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    for someone who doesn't follow the iphones. why is it so expensive now? memory is getting cheaper.

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      Because there are still enough people who will pay that price for a phone.

      • Apparently, not really. Hence this unprecedented discount!

        • Let’s hope apple sees this and stops putting up their prices ever higher every year. Back in the day, iPhones were $600 and now they are almost four times that.

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      i have both sammy and iphone (Personal and work) and new models for both companies are hitting these numbers… if you ask me totally ridiculous the gains between these models and the previous sub 1k models (even they are expensive to me) are nowhere near worth the price hikes…

      • But sales are down. How else can they maintain revenue and hence executive bonuses?

        • hehehe poor things how will they eat..

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      All phones are getting expensive. Look at the huawei and Samsung flagships. Apple is just doing apple things by being more expensive than everybody else.

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    Sign up to a $65 per month plan for 24 months at JB HiFi Telstra and put $500 credit towards this phones, existing Telstra customer can sign up and obtain the $500.

    IPhone net cost : $1,379

    • Thanks for this, what's the data allowance for the $65/mth plan?

      • +1


        • Thanks, I couldn't find it on the Telstra website and thought it might be a in-store only plan.

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            @Innamura: It's a deal exclusive to JB Hifi

            • @wzk: Thanks for making us aware of it.

    • I'm keen to find out more (as an existing BYO contracted Telstra customer).

  • Looks like customers are finally pushing back on the ongoing experiment with our willingness to pay. Anyone thinks the next iteration will likely maintain last year's new phone pricing structure or if it will dip below what they were trying to charge for the xs.

  • A phone at this price has no business being on ozbargain. Sure, it might be less than RRP which apple famously enforces, but it's no bargain by any stretch of the imagination.

    • in your mind maybe not

  • The deal was on just last month.

  • Office works prices have gone back up, so 5% off price match available, save another near $100.

  • XS Max 512 listed at $2050 at JB and officeworks, and numerous small sellers, yet harvey norman won't match, as this is "below market price". lol

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      Harvey Norman always pull that excuse. Often easier to just go straight to Officeworks and get 5% off.

      • yeah you're right.. unfortunately for me I jumped the gun assuming HN would price match and bought some discounted gift vouchers to make the purchase.. Now I have to either sell them or wait for HN to drop their price :/

  • JB listing taken off from this morning

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