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Linksys SE2500 5 Port Gigabit Switch $9 + Delivery (or Free Pickup on Backorder) @ Umart


Limit 2 Units per Customer

Free Pick up within 1-7 days of ordering

Postage around $13 (NSW Metro)

Linksys SE2500 5 Port Gigabit 5 Switch

Add up to five entertainment and office devices to your home network at Gigabit speeds.

• 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports

• Gigabit Ethernet 10x faster than Fast Ethernet

• Compact design conserves desktop space

• Power-saving features for optimal efficiency

• Plug and play

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  • $13 delivery to Melbourne, kills the deal :(

    • There are no branches in Vic. The Mt Waverley store seems to be closed down too.

    • -1 vote

      C'mon, Guys… Give us a break on Shipping!

      If it's under 1 Kg & its box fits,
      stick it in a AusPost Parcel Post satchel: $5.50 to AU-wide AusPost desto's
      when purchased in "bulk" (Qty 10)…

      [Maybe cheaper in Qty 100…?]

      $5.50 even includes Tracking #

      • Auspost 500g satchels are not $5.50, not even close, even when purchased in bulk.

        $8.13 per satchel 10 pack
        $7.49 per satchel 100 pack

      • May I add that these retailers have to pay someone, in a first world country, Australian wages/salary to:
        - Order goods
        - Warehouse Goods
        - Manage, Maintain and Host a system that will perform the process seamlessly across hundred or thousands of orders per week
        - Goods Receipt from the supplier and discrepancy management
        - Pick and Pack
        - Maintain and Manage a thermal/laser printer to print a label
        - Attach said labels to the correct goods
        - Arrange for a courier to collect all goods
        - Insure the delivery (in some cases)
        - Provide appropriate customer service to track, trace, follow up or liaise with the courier on behalf of the customer and deal with the customer in exceptional circumstances; and then
        - Pay the freight company your "$5.50" to move the goods

        Give them a break. You either work these costs into a total cost of goods model (in which you pay higher prices but no delivery) or they perform cost recovery in the form of charging people for the warehousing, freight and other processes.

      • That's just the price of a parcel container. Oh and also those businesses don't get those satchels sent to their business for free so they have to factor in the cost of that too.

        But you are not even factoring in the cost of the handling either which no business ever does for free. It's Postage & Handling fee. They have to pay for an employees time to create, print and place the label on the satchel and then organise for it to be shipped off, that doesn't come free.

    • -1 vote

      Join my #Ship_for_5_50 Campaign:

      • Push AU Vendors to ship [small, light]
        orders in a $5.50 Parcel Post satchel
        (includes Tracking #)

        ($5.50 if purchased in Qty 10;
        maybe even Cheaper in Qty 100;
        ask AusPost or see their 'site)

      Disclaimer: I don't work for AusPost ;~)

      • It's not $5.50….
        See rokufan's reply
        Disclaimer: I do work for AusPost

        • If you work for AusPost then you might know that a handling fee may also be factored in which is called the Postage & Handling fee. A satchel itself for say $8 but a handling fee for $3 would make the total shipping price as $11. That's just an example. These some silly people think that they are just going to pay for price of the sathel itself and that's it from a business seller and not pay a fee for it to be shipped, no that doesn't happen in the real world.

  • Is this worth $22?

  • Surely a five port switch would only let you connect four extra devices to a network?

    • yes, you need an uplink which is one port, there's possible ways around this but that's beyond the scope of this ted talk

      i would always suggest at least an 8 port which i believe is as little as $20

      5 port switches are pretty useless but then its only $9

  • +1 vote

    Reminder this is Belkin and not baby-Cisco.

  • $16 delivery to Perth CBD. Waste of time.
    I can't stand stores who offer Australia Post as a delivery method yet charge more depending on where you live and we should be calling them out on it more often. Australia Post charges a flat rate Australia wide. It costs me the same to send a parcel to the next suburb in Perth as it does to send something to far north Queensland.

    Sendle is even cheaper. For a $9 item I don't care if they use Couriers Please or Fastway (which Umart also offer)

    They're purely gouging on shipping.

    • Auspost don't charge a flat rate Aus wide, they only do that for their parcel service which is not always useful. While they should explore cheaper shipping options I doubt they're gouging on shipping.

  • Thanks OP, just ordered 2 for pickup at my local Umart.

  • Very tempted to "Bundle Up and Save!" If I add a 13" mac book pro, instead of paying the Original Price of $2708.0, I can pay the Bundle Price of only $2999.0!