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Apple AirPods (2nd Gen) with Charging Case $225 + Delivery (Free with eBay Plus) @ Mobileciti eBay


4 available a5 1:15pm Sunday 14/04/2019

Be aware it's the Standard version with a charging case (not supporting wireless charging).
RRP $249 at Apple.com.au

Last time this offer lasted for a few hours then run out of stock.

Don't forget to add https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Nillkin-Oppo-R9-Plus-Frosted-Shi...
in your cart and get $5 off (so that this Case is free).

Original PEARL 10% off Eligible Items on eBay Deal Post

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    For anyone not aware, there's two different Apple AirPods (2nd Gen):

  • +2

    nice one. But i will wait for the powerbeats pro. Release in may🙃

    • Yes

      • -2

        Username checks out

  • +6

    It’s 219.99 in Costco

    • any links?

    • +1

      Is it 2nd gen?

      • +8

        Yes it is. Just bought one in Canberra Costco. They also have wireless charge version, which is 285AUD

  • +1

    Just bought one for the mrs. Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Does apple sell one without charging case?

    • How do you charge it ?

      • +5

        The title/listing says "with Charging Case" which is odd. It's implying that there is a without charging case model.

        • Maybe because there's a different version with wireless charging case? But I agree its still stupid.

  • +1

    Get the Samsung ones, way better and less dorky

  • +5

    So stupid they released two versions. Apple makes me want to own Apple products less with every new release. Damn iMessage and green bubbles. I don’t want to be a loser green bubble, so they’ve got meZ

    • +2

      not an apple user.

      But I'm assuming the wireless one just means you can charge it wireless.. so you need a wireless charging pad/station already

      Sounds very strange to charge a big extra when its a default option on all new phones

  • Bought two, thanks OP! Note that you can still sell the (battery degraded) 1st Gen at a good price. I sold mine for $153.

    • -1

      Who the (profanity) would buy second hand earphones? That’s disgusting

      • I won’t but obviously many are willing to do so.

  • Noooooooooo! It said there was more than 10 in stock about 15ish minutes ago. I browsed through the store, came back to the AirPods and they are now sold out. :(

    Now it says it's not out of stock. :/

    Sorry for the false report mod(s).

  • costco sell it for $219.99

  • This item is out of stock:(

    • Sorry about that

      • +1

        still 5 available, hurry up!

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