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[PC] The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt $11.99, GOTY $20.88 @ Humble Bundle


Historic low price for Wild Hunt - cheaper than the Steam deal.

GOTY is also close to its historical low price according to ITAD.

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  • Gotta go goty.
    Heart of stone is out of this world.
    Blood & wine is really good too.

    • One of the best narrative driven games I have ever played. Both expansion packs are 100% worth it too, as they are pretty much full games on their own. Some really nice mods out there too for PC players with powerful hardware; such as massive graphic overhauls. But there's also a lot of mods for gameplay changes/improvements, and tweaks.

  • +12 votes

    Just so others know before they find out like I did the key is for GOG and not Steam as I had hoped for.

    Minor gripe I mean GOG is the better platform overall imho but some might find it a bit annoying especially if they wanted it in their Steam account.

    • Wanted it on steam for achievements, and the desire to have one game launcher

    • I actually prefer GOG version for any games. I can keep a local copy though most of the time, I play games from GOG launcher. If Humber Bundle starts selling more GOG version of games, I may probably spend more money than those $1 bundles.

  • i was gonna get it on ps4 so i can play in my room, but i do have a steam link up there. anyone got any idea about the latency in this game? would a slight (maybe ~100ms?) latency be an issue for the combat parts?


    • When I played it on my PC and I got a lower latency monitor, my timing to parry attacks did improve noticably. It was only the parry that was suffering though.

  • yeah but it's on GOG though…

  • Not that I'm complaining - but the base game is showing as -70% AU$11.99 for me?

  • Got it on ps4 but havent got the time to play it. Should i get it on PC?

    • So that you have two platforms on which to avoid playing?

    • I pirated it on PC and didn't play it before buying it on PS4 and not playing it. Can confirm its just as enjoyable trying to get into it on another platform again and again and again. White Orchard is a beautiful game area to get stuck on.

    • Depends is it a high end PC? If so I would imagine it looks much better than on PS4 and the visuals in this game are outstanding.

  • One of the greatest games of this generation!
    Along with GoW IMO

  • I've been seeing this game everywhere lately and everyone mentions it's a brilliant game. Do I need to play the first 2 in order to be able to enjoy this one? Or can I just jump straight in?

    • Jump straight in

    • 3 distinct stories. However the results of how events occured, your choices, in previous ones are shown. You will not feel at a loss though, without playing them.

      • How does it know what you choices you made in previous games does it link them up somehow?

        • Yeah, pretty sure it just asked if I wanted to load my save game during the first act.

        • Yeah, it uses your save from the previous game. It affects the next game minimally, more like a few dialogue differences. You can make some big decisions in Witcher 1 and 2 as to how the game ends, but they make little to no difference in Witcher 3.

    • Nah they made it easy to jump into.
      While I would recommend playing the first two if you have the time, it's not necessary at all.

  • GOG > Steam

    • How so? Genuinely curious as I don't have GOG

      • Better dedicated support teams.
        DRM Free always for offline play.
        They make sure all the vintage games they offer run on new systems.
        Better regional pricing (steam is still new at this)
        Investing in future development.
        Competition is good and drives prices down.

        Steam is more of a Distributor than a publisher now with no titles on the horizon after the massive flop that was Artifact shudder. To contrast this, CD Projekt the makers of the Witcher 3 and the owners of GOG are funding more and more startups and collecting talent like it's running out of style. The much anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 is likely to be another huge success. Smaller titles like Gwent and Thronebreaker (while still inside their own IP) have been quite clever.

        Steam still has the edge when it comes to what games are available and superb features like the marketplace and steam workshop as a mod platform but with EPIC now dumping boatloads of cash on all these AAA exclusive titles the future is uncertain.

        • Awesome reply. Thanks!

          Do I need to install the GOG launcher in order to play?

          • @dajackal: You don't need GOG launcher to play any games bought from GOG, but the launcher gives you a similar feeling like Steam launcher. The games installed inside the GOG launcher keeps updated and you can unlock achievements on some games (like XCOM), but not all, for example, I bought Stellaris from GOG and you need to sign into Paradox and play Ironman to unlock achievements, but still those achievements are not displayed in GOG launcher.

          • @dajackal: You don't need it running to play any of the games.

  • I'm 9 hours in. Hated the movement and combat at first. Now its a bit better but still don't really like it. Its kinda like dark souls but doesn't feel as good. Been doing mostly side stuff so I havn't progressed the story much. Best parts probably the amount of side quests to do. So far I wouldn't say best game ever like some claim. But plenty of time left to change my mind.

    • Combat and movement were bad in the first two games too. I really hope they improved it with Cyberpunk 2077. Another story heavy RPG I had tons of fun with was Kingdom Come : Deliverance. Check it out once you're done playing W3.

    • I didn't much enjoy it for the first couple of hours either, but by the end of the main game and expansions; I was thinking it's one of the best ever.

      Not many games have me itching to jump back in after a break, but this one did.

    • Wait till you get to seeing Yennnifer and her unicorn again

  • Thanks OP. Purchased.

  • Worth it for Gwent.

  • Sweet deal. Got Witcher 1 & 2 at $1.49 and $2.99 too.