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[PC] Assassin's Creed: Unity - Free @ Ubisoft


In light of the devastating fire at the Notre Dame de Paris, Ubisoft wants to give all gamers the chance to experience the majesty and beauty of the cathedral through Assassins Creed Unity on PC.

From April 18th at 12:00 am to April 25th at 05:00 pm (your local time). you can download Assassins Creed Unity on PC for free here, and you’ll own it forever in your Uplay games library.

We encourage all of you who want to help with the restoration and reconstruction of the Cathedral to join Ubisoft in donating.

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  • Really happy with Ubisoft's free giveaways.

    • Yea they gave for honor away on PS4 in Feb. So good still playing it now. Anyone else on for honor?

      • I never tried that because I assumed the playerbase would be small on PC. So far I have collected five AC games (if you include this), Watch_Dogs and For Honor on PC, so I'm very happy with Ubisoft's giveaways.

        • Nah still many players easy to find a game in the dominion and breach game modes.

          • @Bryanalves: I never tried multiplayer because I’m terrible at strategies and reaction times 🤗. I played a bit of the campaign and played a similar game, Absolver, but they just weren’t my type of games.

    • This my third Assassin's Creed freebie. I better try one of them considering I have only ever played the original game.

  • That is nice of Ubisoft, what a stand up company.

    The fire was a horrible tragedy that makes me sad.

    At the moment I am unemployed and down and out, but if I was not I would donate something substantial, it is the right thing to do.

  • +12 votes

    This could set a dangerous but satisfying trend. Hmmmm, how to get The Division 2 for free..(looks up airfares)

  • that's amazing for ubisoft to do such a thing :)

    • They're also donating half a mil for reconstruction too. This thing is gonna have a GOLD roof in a few years :)

  • Ah shucks, I bought it yesterday to explore the Notre Dame :(

  • +19 votes

    I wonder what is more stable? The burned Notre-Dame or AC Unity?

  • UPlay getting hammered…

  • Time to see Notre Dame in game since I wouldn't be able to see it in real life until they rebuild it.

    • yeah but i don't think it will be the same after they rebuild it. A lot of relics got burnt and old painting centuries old. All priceless

  • My guess is this will finish up with at least 500 likes. Assassin's Creed games are very beautifully created. The last one I got free was the Black Flag, love the seawater, so realistic.

  • Great game. Just wondering which will accomplish earlier, rebuild of Notre Dame or Sydney railway…

  • This is great from Ubisoft. Perhaps the best thing they have ever done.

  • +2 votes

    Like all AC titles they’re pretty worlds but mediocre games. Lousy fighting, busted stories, awful stealth. But as far as they go, Unity was one of the better ones. Two thumbs up to Ubisoft.

    • Yep, I got to the outskirts of Damascus in the original game and went, wow. A couple of hours later the repetition ended the experience.


      Unity was one of the better ones

      Unity was one of the worst for PC, but hey it's free :)

  • Building burns down = give away a game for publicity? And people are rabbiting on about hurt feelings and sensitivity? Really? You don't see the fact that a game company is cynically using the cathedral burning down to promote a game as offensive but oh no someone made a joke about the hunchback or the fire protection system and that hurts my precious widdle feelings? Are you serious, or has outrage just become a sport? The cathedral and the bizzare!!!

    • +15 votes

      It's just a harmless giveaway to raise awareness of the disaster and to allow people to enjoy seeing the building, calm down.

      • I really don't care what they do and I'm happy to grab a free game. It's all the people acting as if making a joke was as bad as strangling babies on live TV that I find irritating. Especially when people can swallow such insincere self promotion from a corporation but then abuse someone for making a joke they don't like.

      • From the comments above you'd expect that a massacre occurred

    • What an absolutely ridiculous response. Stop being so cynical.

      • Oh my response is over the top. But it's okay for people on a FB group to report and threaten and harass admins via inbox for allowing the meme with the GOT dragon breathing fire on the cathedral to be posted? That's what's sensible and reasonable? GTFO.

      • DUPLICATE. Double submit on one click. Please remove admins.

        • What’s Facebook got to do with Ozbargains? And Ubisoft doing a fundraising promo? Pretty sure the “Stop being so cynical” comment was about Ubisoft giving away a free game and then redirecting people to donate money. Except for PR value I don’t see how Ubisoft is doing something offensive?

          Annnndd, pretty sure I replied to the wrong comment.

          • @SlappersOnly: Facebook and Ozbargain are both part of the same "outrage" about jokes about a historical building burning down. No one was killed in the blaze yet people are still crying about hurt feelings and rich people and companies are all falling over themselves to donate millions of dollars to fix the building as if that building matters more than the lives of people being killed, injured or starving to death every day.

            It's perverse. "Too soon" is something you say about an off colour joke about someone dying, not about a building burning down. People who've never given that building a second thought are all lining up to cry "my feelings are hurt". This is part of a wider hysteria that has built up over the last 5 years or so.

            • @syousef: The jokes don’t bother me as Notre Dame doesn’t have much significant to me a part from being a nice bit of heritage and a tourist attraction. However that’s how jokes work, if you plan on making a joke like that then you need to be prepared for potential backlash. You need to know your audience, I could make similar jokes or memes to my friends and would probably get a chuckle from someone but i’m not gonna do the same in a forum full of mix opinions.

              It makes it worse when the person then starts getting angry and abusing people because someone found their joke in poor taste

              • @SlappersOnly: The logical conclusion of what you said is that no one should ever make a joke on the Internet because you don't who your audience is so you'll never know who'll be offended. That's nutty. (Have you considered a job in HR?) Even moreso because people then get upset when others point out the cynical fundraising. I'd much prefer we weren't as uptight as we have become and people didn't feel so entitled to their outrage. Sanity has gone out the window at this point.

                • @syousef: No? I just said that don’t be so offended when people take offence to your joke. It works both ways.

                  This post about AC unity is a pretty good example. AustriaBargains made a joke and some people were offended (though I think some of those downvotes were also because of comment about it being a cheap game) and AustriaBargains then made an offended reply which isn’t going to help. He’s got a mixture of downvotes and upvotes but the negs are winning so far.

                  Magpye made a joke about get other free games. It was positive, then negative then had become positive again. He didn’t make any upset replies and it’s eventually evened out.

                  MagicOZ made a joke. It’s been completely positive. No “entitled outrage”.

                  I didn’t say don’t make jokes. I just mean If people don’t find your joke funny then don’t start blaming them and saying that they are the ones in the wrong.

                  • @SlappersOnly: Did you read what I wrote? It wasn't my joke. It was an admin of a group I'm part of that had to post about people flooding him with PMs, abusing him and carrying on like muppets.

                    Don't get me started on the OzBargain voting system. Any negative voting system that is anonymous is very much open to abuse. I'm just waiting for the admins to step in and start pasting references to mental health sites as that seems to be their typical response.

                    My point is that the fake outrage and virtue signaling nonsense is out of hand. If you're not part of a majority opinion, you're stuffed, even if it makes no sense.

                    • @syousef: Yeah I read your part about the Facebook group. That sounds terrible and I completely get it, being an admin or moderator is a shit job. People suck and you wish you can just ban and silence everyone that’s an idiot. I’m just not sure why you keep using the Facebook topic here.

                    • @syousef: I’m not really having a dig at you, but do you not see anything contradictory about you expressing your own outrage at what you call “outrage culture”?

                      In other words, why are you so outraged by the outrage?

                  • @SlappersOnly: Lol I'm the most negged and I'm not even the one who made the joke

                    • @kille745: yeah i see that. i agree there's more worthwhile things to donate to but it's probably because you started name calling and telling people what to do. Can't remember the last time i ever downvoted someone but i'm pretty sure it was a comment of someone just outright abusing everyone and calling them idiots for ever buying a seagate hard drive because its a known fact that they are garbage and WD is better.

                      • @SlappersOnly: Well I asked why he would choose to donate, and told someone to grow up, if that constitutes name calling then the outrage brigade is in full force

                        • @kille745: meh, it didn't exactly come across as a friendly "why would you choose to donate?" and just blaming it all on the outrage brigade probably doesn't help

  • Just checking out is enough I take it? Or do you actually need to download as well? Noticed this wording before with them when I redeemed far cry.

    • Checking it out should be good enough. When doing it via the website, it said that it's been added to my library, which is good enough.

  • Does anyone know how to check which games you own from ubisoft by chance?

  • Was this ever given out for free? Workplace has blocked uplay so cant check if i have it already