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Nintendo Switch Console (Neon or Grey) $379 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Just checked Amazon and its $388 is the lowest without discount I've seen, which on top of the 12% Shopback offer today the console's gives it a great price today ($345.67). Mod: Edited price after cashback as it excludes GST.

Also please note if you guys are planning to buy extra games/ controllers on top of this purchase the Shopback offer has a $50 cap (per Shopback account) which the Switch is taking $46.56 of, so you should probably get your friends/family with their own Shopback accounts to make these extra purchases for you.

Original Shopback offer

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Please don't put the after cashback price in the title as per the guidelines.

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      Titles should NOT include:-

      Standard cashback rates. Cashback rates should not be mentioned in the title unless it is a special rate or new cashback offer.

      The rate is a special and new rate though

      • That's only for cashback specific deals (E.G Amazon 12% currently vs 6% usually). Cashback isn't a 100% confirmed discount, so it shouldn't be put in the title for product deals as to not be misleading.

        • I see, but is it not allowed to include the with cashback price after including the non cashback price in the title?

          • @frankfurtman:

            Price. May include discount or saving (e.g. “$2 off” or “half price) if space allows. However, the price should NOT include any referral discounts or cashback (commission refunds) - include that in the deal description instead.

            It shouldn't include any after-cashback price, regardless of the rate.

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    Standard price really. Wouldn't class it is a bargain.

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      It's pretty good with the 12% shopback discount on top of it isnt it?

      • +1

        Yeha it's good with the discount.

        It has been $315 once with Amazon but that seemed to be a one off.

        • yeah
          was 359 during Christmas
          319 black Friday sales
          and 379 last week to price match someone
          not the cheapest but higher cashback this week

        • +1

          I managed to get that, was very happy. Had to enable one click purchasing though cause it sold out in less than a minute.

      • Was cheaper back with MarioKart from Harvey norman.

      • This is the only thing that makes it worth considering as a bargain. Almost day 1 there were price close to mid-350s

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    Pretty good price - great console. Be aware a new revised Switch is coming very soon.

    • +3


    • Yep will wait for price drop :)

  • Any estimates cyrax of when ?

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      Rumours at the moment, may release this year or next. In the meantime, take all rumours with a grain of salt.

    • Maybe announced at E3 potentially (June) for release towards Nov for Christmas and new Pokemon game launch? The rumor mill has been ramping up recently

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    Bigw has it for $399

    Use e-gift and the Woolworths x10 points and it gets down to $360 ish and no need to wait the cash backs

    • But no credit card extended warranty? That’s always something I grapple with…

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        Majority of hardware failures happen within the first year anyway.

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          And you’re well within your rights under Australian Consumer Law to demand a warranty repair on electronics items within the first two years anyway.

          • @DisabledUser77742: How many years for a sofa does anyone know? This furniture shop sold me a 1.6k sofa said it would last 5-10 years and after 1.5 years the leather started ripping at the seams…they gave all kinds of reasons not to help, even with repair…sigh…

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              @donamique: Formal complaint then Lodge dispute

              • @DisabledUser18175: I paid with a CBA credit card that’s already closed off…lesson learnt

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                  @donamique: No, don't dispute it with your credit card company. Dispute it using your rights under Australian Consumer Law:

                  Most likely, you'll go via your state's consumer protection agency, and will get a prompt resolution:

                  Worst case, it ends up in small claims court. But usually it doesn't get that far, and even if it does, the whole process is far less painful than you would expect.

                  The companies assume you won't know your legal rights and will be too scared to pursue legal avenues. But the system is genuinely there to help you if you choose to actually exercise your rights, and do so sensibly, calmly and with a detail-oriented mindset.

                  • @DisabledUser77742: Thanks for the advice, it’s really useful. I felt a little scared and alone at first just going up against this chain that’s got 10 stores.

                    But I got to take leave and stuff to attend hearings?

                    • +1

                      @donamique: Just contact your state’s Fair Trading agency first. In 90% of cases it won’t go as far as small claim’s court anyway.

                      • @DisabledUser77742: I have and they haven't done anything…

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                          @donamique: In what way? If the state Far Trading department literally ignored you, contact your local state MP. That’s what they’re there for. Mine has a super-responsive office.

                          If you’ve done all that and everyone has ignored you or been unhelpful, then that’s abnormal. But in that case, I guess it’s time for small claims court. The process will differ depending on where you live, but just do a bit of reading and you’ll be set.

                          • @DisabledUser77742: I’m in NSW. Fair Trading basically passed on message for repair replace or refund and the shop offered me “a discount on my next purchase” that was unspecified…I called Fair Trading and they didn’t even let me talk to the case manager, just told me that is the reply from the shop and they didn’t address repair replace or refund request, and that next steps have nothing to do with them…

                            • +2

                              @donamique: I’ve never seen any response that lazy from a Consumer Afffairs agency. Contact the office of your state MP, and tell them that Fair Trading is refusing to help you with an obvious case where the seller is depriving you of your rights under Australian Consumer Law. CC In your contact at Fair Trading. You should get some help.

                              Of course, this all depends on you having evidence of a manufacturing defect. If they can make a case that the issue is due to “excessive wear and tear”, then it all gets much more difficult. All cases I’ve dealt with have been electronics failures, so it’s much more clear-cut there than with furniture.

                              • @DisabledUser77742: Yea the shop then came back with multiple reasons that are attributable to me such as direct sunlight, extreme heat or cold, etc. but I can provide heating bills, floor plan which shows size of rooms and tv orientation having to be out of the sun, and only single/occasional dual occupancy, and our weight which shows we are small framed, then they just stopped replying. We even checked with other furniture shops using photos of the tear and they say it’s a defect or poor quality.

                                Might use your MP suggestion to see how it works.

                            • +1

                              @donamique: Go for a refund and never deal with that mob again.

                              Your gonna have to be very pushy to get your way

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    Just wait for the Nintendo Switch 2 should be comming our few months latest end of year.

    • +4

      I don’t really get this way of thinking. Why would you wait until the end of the year? It’s only April. Any new release is still going to play Switch games so updates will be incremental.

      • +6

        Exactly you get 6 months worth of use, people don't take into account the value of having it sooner

        • +3

          Better off waiting another 3 years, the Nintendo Switch 3 will be out with additional graphics processing. No point getting this.

          I honestly don't get that thinking. Technology dates so fast, if you wait for the next model, another model or console (competitor or same brand) will be out that's better. If you were following this way of thinking religiously you'd never get a console or computer hardware as there's always something better around the corner. There comes a time when you just have to jump in buy, obviously if there's an update or new piece of tech coming in a few weeks or a month then it makes sense.

          • +1

            @sghetti: Exactly, and now we’re even buying 25 year old consoles in the form of the Minis. I even liked the original PS3 the best out of all the revisions.
            I’ve seen this “wait til (whenever)” comment on here so often. Buy now if you can and enjoy the games. It’s common sense.

          • @sghetti: That's a bit of an exaggeration IMO and it really depends on the person and how long they're willing to wait.

            I was flirting with the idea of buying a Switch earlier this year, but honestly the only games that intrigue me are BoTW and Dark Souls (I've already played it on PC but mobile Dark Souls would be cool). For those reasons I can't justify spending >$300 to play two games, and the fact there's a newer model coming out later this year means I can just wait. Personally for me it's a bit of a delayed gratification sort of thing.

    • +3

      I normally recommend people wait for an imminent upgrade to a device but in this case, so long as a reasonable price can be had (for me, that would be sub-$380 after any cashbacks/gift cards/whatever) I think the Switch is still a great investment now.

      Nintendo is planning on releasing a Switch Mini and a Switch Pro. The Switch Pro will have a bigger screen, but will likely still be 720p, and will likely have a larger battery and a higher-clocked processor too.

      The Mini on the other hand is widely rumoured to be a device that has controls inbuilt (rather than detachable joycons) and may omit the ability to play on the TV (at 1080p) altogether.

      I would be surprised if the Mini is less than $300 or so in Australia after launch. The Pro could easily cost $500. The standard Switch will probably remain available for between $350 and $400.

      I find it very hard to get excited about any proposed Switch Pro, noting that the physical body of the Switch Pro cannot really be larger than the current Switch as it would break compatibility with the Joycons. That suggests that the screen on a Switch Pro won't be much larger anyway (and I think the current Switch screen is plenty big enough).

      TL;DR: The Switch is an awesome console, under $400 it's a good deal, even if it may not be "cheapest ever" (and therefore may not warrant a place on the OzB home page).

      • I'm excited about the prospect of a Switch Pro. I would get one on the first day :)

        Edit - if it has a larger 1080p screen and better battery. I mostly don't feel too bothered by loading times but I guess a better processor wouldn't kill me.

        • +1

          No way it will be a 1080p screen - the system can't handle that kind of power draw in portable mode (that is why it switches to 1080p only when docked). If the Switch Pro is overclocked then that'll make that case even worse.

          • @xyron: 1080p portable screens are very old technology now though. Given Nintendo's way of sticking with mostly proven (old) technology, I think it's still a possibility.

            • +1

              @freakatronic: If the switch is still only pushing 720p to the panel then having a 1080p panel will be superfluous (although would be nice for watching netflix etc on the switch, if that was something you were into).

              • @xyron: So what you mean is that there's no way the switch can display portable 1080p, regardless of the panel it has?

                • +1

                  @freakatronic: Currently, no. Of course a Switch Pro might change that but I do recall reading one of the specific reasons why Nintendo used a 720p panel is that it was too taxing on the hardware to push 1080p mode without being connected to an external power source (perhaps a combination of the battery not being able to provide enough power to push 1080p mode in hand, or the consequent battery drain being unacceptable).

                  That being said, mobile CPUs and GPUs are a lot more advanced now than they were 2 years ago, so I could be horribly wrong. I just don't think that waiting for the Switch Pro is something worth doing if you can get a Switch for sub-$400. It's such an incredible system (and I am a much bigger fan of Sony and Microsoft's consoles - including the PSVita).

                  • @xyron: Right I see! I really hope Nintendo will exploit the progress of technology this time. I love my Switch but I would love it even more without that massive bezel.

      • They were just rumours. Not happening. Had a feeling people were just spreading stuff before anything had been confirmed. Well, it's been confirmed that nothing new will be released this year.

  • +1

    I'm going to Japan in 3 weeks so I can claim a tax refund on this plus a game right?
    Is it fine to just bring the portable device or do they want to see the whole contents of the box..?

    • Depends on what the invoice says, and how anal is the TRS officer (most are). My partner was ask to show the shoe box with the shoe name to match the invoice.

    • Yea it really does depend on the TRS officer last month I just brought my Macbook no box they just checked the serial number

    • +1

      We took all our 4 switches last year to the states sans boxes. TRS were fine.

  • Suggested 'best' games for the Switch? Something suitable for a 9yo & 6yo.

    And who generally has the best prices, I assume it varies and you just need to look out for one-off deals.

    • +1

      I'd imagine they would like Mario kart 8D, Super Mario Oddesey, Overcooked 2, Splatoon 2 (Feel free to correct me or add more games)

      Switch games are rarely on sale but there's a great official eshop sale which has good prices for digital copies of most of these games ending a week from now:

      Usually Amazon has the best physical game prices besides one off sales at other retailers otherwise though

      • +2

        Odyssey might be a bit much for a 6 year old (but then again maybe not, children these days treat technology like its a third limb!)

        • +2

          They will be able to play the guided mode at least. It’s specifically designed for young kids.

          The rest of the game, they’ll need help with.

          • @DisabledUser77742: Great, thanks for the suggestions all.

            • +1

              @Tex Texan: Also Yoshi’s Crafted World is worth a look. It’s deceptively challenging to find the collectibles, but kids should manage to complete the levels.

              And it’s a gorgeous game.

    • +2

      Check out the new Yoshi's Crafted World. I tried it and it felt like I was watching Play School, but for young ones like yours it's probably perfect.

      New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe - classic side scrolling Mario that everyone understands. Also fun for big people :p

      Have a look at the E-Store too. I tried Blaster Master Zero and really liked it. It's made to look like an old NES game but better controls and lots of action.

      What else do little kids like…hmm. Fortnite is free.

      • +1

        I’m in my 40s, and hate twee kids shows, but I find the aesthetic of Yoshi among the best I’ve ever seen. It’s like they handcrafted every element.

        • +1

          Yeah it's really cute. I couldn't see myself going past the first level on it when I played. There's a free demo on the E-Store that you can grab though. Get a feel for it to decide whether it's worth actual money.

    • +1

      Super smash bros is a must. Guaranteed even you'd have fun playing the kids.

  • OK, next question, if I'm hooking this up to a TV and mainly playing it docked on the big screen, what accessories do we need off the bat? I'm assuming there are steering wheels etc that the Switch controllers click in to, similar to the Wii

  • Can these be modified to play ROMS off of the SD card?

    • +1

      From what I've heard, it's possible to Homebrew older consoles by shorting specific, joycon pins. Nvidia patched it reasonably quickly, so the chances of a new one doing so is very small.

    • Possibly soon. Just don't update the firmware.

    • If you're looking for an emulation device that's portable, you're much better off with a new 3ds xl

  • +1

    Strange that there were discounts at this level basically at release and this is still the discount market rate 2 years on.

  • +1

    Dropped to $379 to match JBHifi deal

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