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Sony Alpha A7 III Full Frame Mirrorless Camera (Body Only) $2199.20 (5% off for Email Subscriber $2089.24) @ JB Hi-Fi


Again, JBHifi is having the A7III for sale at a super good price. Be quick as last time it didn't last long before they put the price back to $2799.

To make the deal sweeter, go to the link below and then sign up for promotional email and they will send you a 5% coupon which makes the price down to $2089.24.

Whatever type of photography/video you want to do, this is the best bang for the buck at the moment and at this price.

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  • Only $2089 with the extra 5% discount code for email subscribers. Great price! Too bad the glass is so bloody expensive lol.

    • -2

      well not it isn't, 35mm f2.8 is 6XX and 55mm f1.8 is 8XX, both with GST included.

      • +3

        Those examples are very expensive! Especially for a 2.8 and 1.8.

        • +1

          Well it's not expensive for good glass, but they aren't even the lenses you really want!

          Very happy with having moved to Fuji from Canon personally, great lenses and lightweight!
          Still very tempted to pick this up with a Sigma 50mm F1.4, I miss they lens!!

        • -1

          this is literally r/choosingbeggars material right there……. you can't be serious.

    • If you want value for money go APSC. The bodies are a bit long in the tooth, but the sigma contemporary glass (16,30,56) is excellent value for money. They are wonderfully sharp even wide open and are often 20% off on EBay direct from their online store (DCExpert)

      • Well clearly someone's butthurt. Perhaps it's because they assume I'm affiliated with sigma? My recommendation is purely based on my own experience testing them.

  • +2

    Should probably add both prices in the title since it may not be possible for non-subscribers to access the extra 5% off. Requires a unique code.

  • +1

    Excellent camera for the price. especially with the new firmware update. Agree with bohdud, the glass is too expensive but i still use my canon lenses and they too are pretty sharp.

    • +4

      The mkIII sensor and ISO performance is massively improved over the mkII.

      Also the AF alone is worth the upgrade. The mkIII is a totally different animal.

      • +2

        the iso performance and AF are closer to the A9 than the MKii
        100% agree, very different animal

    • +3

      better ergonomics,better low-light,(imo, at least 1 stop better) faster shooting speed, dual SD card, [email protected] slow-mo, supersampled 4k,larger battery easily take 700 shots, in my opinion, worth every penny at this price. And you can always sell your old camera to recover something

  • Bought this thing just 1 week ago, now I am mad :(
    Might get the 24-105G on promotion tomorrow, it is a great general purpose lens

    • JB usually have 10 days price guarantee. Give it a try

      • I got refunded the difference in price(not including the 5% off). Thanks for your tips man!

        • Glad it worked, not many retailers do this

    • If you bought on a credit card, they often have a price protection. Worth looking into.

      • +1

        Probably not, it's just a standard CBA debit.
        I'll try to call then tomorrow since I have read numerous reports in whirlpool as well as ozb that they managed to get the difference between the price in forms of either gift card or a refund

    • +1

      The 24105 is a ridiculous price. Might be the cheapest to date. That said the price on the body is at the lowest.

      • +1

        Where's the 24 105 deal mentioned here?

        • It's on the website for $1600. I bought mine grey import for more…

      • Actually, I am going to get the 24-70GM, I believe the price is "more ridiculous" for what it is, since personally I feels like that extra stop of aperture will more likely to make or break a shot than that extra 30mm focal length.

        • That’s why I bought the SEL35F1.4Z

  • Excellent price!! Thanks OP.

  • Seems to revert to original price, maybe a glitch?

    • Seems the 20% off Sony Cameras and Lenses has gone from the site even so it still has on sale against the individual prices which are now, normal…

    • Show them this


  • All current Sony Camera gear Site pricing is apparently inclusive of discount. Normal JB prices I believe…
    Having said that, it's not just Sony Camera gear pricing changed from last night but also other items.
    Hopefully a Site glitch as I was hoping to buy a Sony Lens this morning…

  • 20% off on Sony Camera Gear pricing is back…

  • If you sign up for the newsletter are you likely to get the 5% code before this deal ends or they are out of stock?

    • Should get it within minutes

      • Maybe I was once subscribed but later unsubscribed using that email. Will try another.

  • Well the 1635 f/4 is quite tempting at that price. But the Tamron 17-28 f/2.8 will hopefully come out soon and blow this away.

  • +1

    Thanks OP great deal, picked up 1x
    Interested what glass people have been pairing with this.
    I’m coming from an OM-D E-m1 mk1 with the pana-Leica 25mm 1.4 prime (which is my favourite) and Oly 12-40 2.4
    Wanting great shots of the family and kids including portraits.

    The gm 24-70 2.8 gm is very tempting, but very expensive especially if it doesn’t get that creamy bokeh of a more suitable prime

    Leaning on the Sony Sonnar T* FE 55mm F1.8 to get started.

    • I'm using the 24105. Up to you if you want range vs speed. The 28mm F2 is good. But may be an odd range for some.

    • +3

      55/1.8 is awesome. Get that if you're happy with the 25/1.4.

      Tamron 28-75 2.8 is another good option if you liked the 12-40. Has close focus too (at the short end).

      • Thanks, I went with the 55 1.8, lots of great reviews on that.
        Shame about the 6 weeks delivery, both the lens and camera say 28th of may

  • this or a7r2??

    • +2

      If you do >60% landscape get a7r2, otherwise get the a7 iii

      • +1

        Even if you do predominantly landscape, I'd only recommend the a7rII if you are printing huge prints all the time. The A7iii is just so much more useful in every other scenario (focusing is better, faster fps, better video and double the battery life).

        • The battery life and better Color alone is worth it. If you don't want res go the a7iii these cameras are way better than the ii series

  • So cheap! Anyone manage to get one? Any idea what stock levels are like?

    • Got one last night. Delivery within 9 days apparently…

  • Got a a7m3 with Tamron 28-75 2.8 for $3,050 after 5% discount from chaddy.

    • Good deal. They don’t sell the lens online :(

      • Yeah they only do offline. Lucky to find one at chadstone.

  • +1

    Popped back to say thanks OP. I grabbed the Sony A7 iii $2095 delivered

    • +1

      glad you made it. You will thank me again once you start using it and realise the potential of the camera. I used to think I didn't deserve this camera LOL

  • I grabbed an a7iii for 2099 delivered bargain :)

    Anyone that ordered one with this offer receive any progress updates on order eta etc.

    Mine is sitting at in progress. When i ordered site said estimated delivery date 23rd may anyone expecting one sooner …

    Cheers jonno

  • anyone received yet?

    • mine says "Arrives on or before 29 May 2019"

      • Mine says arrives on or before 23 May 2019, I'm based in melbs

        • MINES ON THE MOVE!

          • @rhys100: SAME! WAITING to be picked up carrier :')

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