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First Month Free @ Aussie Broadband (New Customers Only)


Went to logon into my acc to check usage and found this gem. Unsure of end date so put till Monday assume Easter Weekend Sale ?

Get your 1st month of nbn™ FREE using promo code 'TV1FREE' at check-out. Applicable for plans up to $99/month

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  • How did you apply the code?

  • Good find but this offer is still ongoing and might be better for some

    • Hypedup20 also works for 6 months of their 50 plan with unlimited data.
      I'm due for hfc connection in 2 weeks, so I hope that their service lives up to their reputation.
      Does anyone have suggestions for the best way to get it installed in a different room to the current POTS/adsl service?

      • just tell the tech that comes to install which room you want the socket to be installed in.
        i've just signed up to their connection and i'm happy with it! also hfc

        • i had my hfc connected and activated yesterday afternoon. when i asked, it didn't seem like the tech would've been willing to run the cable to a new location. but thankfully the existing telstra port that he reused was where i wanted it anyway.

  • Existing/Expired deal that keeps starting. Great deal, best internet. Can't say anything bad about it/them.

  • Happy user here. Aussie has some of the best customer support

  • Currently with Optus cable getting 30Mbps/1Mbps. NBN HFC planned for April, should I bother with NBN100 plans or settle for NBN50 plans?

    • I'm on HFC 50/20 getting speeds of 46mbs during peak it's fast enough for 4k streaming and gaming so I'm happy! used to have 100/40 That was pretty good for large downloads like torrents or new game downloads but couldn't justify the extra cost.

    • 50/20 is more than enough for general use. i wouldn't bother with 100/40 unless you can really afford the luxury or need it for some specific purpose

      • What? 50/20 is so slow. I'm stuck with it because my isp couldn't handle 100. When you live in a family all consuming content and heaven forbid one is a gamer having to install ONE of the latest games say, rainbow six (that's 80gb btw) or proper hd content not compressed down bs, or needing to upload something big 20mb up is nothing. 50 down is nothing. 100mb is ok for now but not in the near future as content is getting bigger and bigger. Heck i get better down speed on cable at my other place and how old is that tech? We needed a network that had stable 100/40 with a 1000 ceiling.

        • if they don't specify a family then i'm going to assume that they're living by themselves or with a partner. going to 100/40 doesn't make a big difference if someone's maxing out the connection, which shouldn't really be a common occurrence anyway. for most people, it DOESN'T matter if they upload their icloud photos twice as fast, which is why i specified that you shouldn't bother with 100/40 UNLESS you need it for a specific purpose. yeah even 100 down still sucks in the grand scheme of things, that doesn't mean it's not a significant cost increase for the vast majority of people that's not necessary. the OP has been able to live on 30/1 cable for who knows how long, and has not had (or not expressed) any specific concerns with that speed.

  • I am gonna refer a friend who would get first month free, will I get referral credit $50? If yes, how to sign up and put both promo and referral code?

  • ABB or Tangerine NBN?

    • ABB is excellent choice if you want reliable internet with no slowdowns/dropouts. They have (from my experience) the best customer support for an ISP.

      Not sure about Tangerine NBN. Their plans are cheap (especially with the 6 month offer running atm) and have good reviews.

  • How i can apply.

    • Check out yoor plan deal and try and get a referral if that helps as well. Only have good things do far to say about them. Been with them for 9months HFC. Great CS. Some maintenance issues nbn. HFC such a dud.

  • is there any contract? can i just use one month and cancel?

    • No contract, but they have started some discount contract versions to lock users in for 12mth

  • Just wondering how long do I need to be away from ABB before I could be considered a new customer on re-sign up?

  • Is it possible to get a free month then port out and not get charged for a second month?

  • Hello guys,
    The code isnt working anymore. I tried and gave me invalid code.

  • This still works, signed up yesterday

  • FREE19 also does the same.

  • tried today doesnt work :(

  • Thanks OP! Signed up tonight and was connected in literally 20 minutes LOL. Cancelled myrepublic which was garbage. Already a massive difference! Still cant believe that turnaround time…. LOL so good… and a free month!

  • Received a flyer with SAYNOMORE for first month free, a couple of days after signing up and they agreed to apply retrospectively.

  • +2 votes

    The aussie broadband refer-a-friend is better. Well you get $50 and your friend gets $50.

    Can we setup something here mods?

  • If I am referring my parents address / home to AussieBB , can i still put myself as the main contact at that address and still get the referral credit as i have always looked after the IT / communications needs at my parents house as they arent very good with that stuff.

  • Confirming still works, signed up yesterday, rep said the code expires end of August.

    Purchased router at 3PM, called up at 4PM to sign up, internet was ready at 5PM. First time setting up internet, new property.

    FTTP 50/20 Option, speedtest results show consistently 5ms ping, 47down, 17up. TP-Link Archer C9 AC1900 (router only model).

  • I spoke to someone on the phone that suggested if you leave for 6 months or more you are considered a 'new customer' and are therefore eligible for these codes. I've been without NBN for months and now have it and was able to use this code. I might try and signup to Superloop and get a month free from them as well and then transfer back to ABB in another 6 months!

  • Has anyone signed up to an expensive plan for the first month then downgraded without incurring a fee?

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