expired Asus - VivoBook Flip 14 - i5/1.6GHz - 8GB - 256GB SSD - 14" FHD - Blue $796.80 @ Bing Lee eBay



Not sure if its a duplicate of this one, as the specs seem the same but different model number and not sold out

Awesome price for the specs,
I have one of these and love it to bits, tempted to buy another

Original PLUGS 20% off Bing Lee on eBay Deal Post

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    Not sure if its a duplicate of this one

    No, it's not. They're 2 separate models.

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    it is a good option if you are ok with the following:
    - the body is not that sturdy
    - the screen is only 240nit snd covers 50% of sRGB (image may look not that vivid)
    - keyboard is rather soft

    otherwise it's a good enough machine for this price.

    detailed review:


      The review said that the screen is dim and glossy so hard to use it outdoors. Is this your experience as well?


        every glossy screen is a suspect, and from my experience around 400nit is a minimum for outdoor readability.

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    Looks like this model you can upgrade the ram up to 12GB by replacing one 4GB stick with a 8GB if you think that's needed later.

    Anyone know if this has USB C charging as I see the othe Asus that sold out did not.


      Review states that it has a proprietary AC adapter


        That does not guarantee it can't charge via USB C as well, as my Lenovo Thinkpad 11e ( latest 5th edition with intel i5 cpu ) has a proprietary AC adapter/socket and CAN also charge via USB C input.


      so can i swap out 8gb x 2 to get 16gb ram?


        No. There is 4gb soldered on the board, and one ram slot with currently a 4gb stick in it. You can upgrade the 4gb stick and swap it for a 8gb , which totals a max of 12 gb.