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Tokyo, Japan on Japan Airlines from Melbourne $645 / Sydney $667 Return (Late April to November) @ BeatThatFlight


5-Star (Skytrax ratings) Japan Airlines joins the deals game with direct, full service (bags and food) flights to Tokyo. I've flown this (from SYD) and can vouch for them - the onboard plum wine was amazing, and the flight was comfy. Even down the back!

To: Tokyo, Japan
When: June to September
Alliance: Oneworld

**From Melbourne - heaps of dates **

$645 Return - 26 April to 2 Aug - https://bookings.beatthatflight.com.au/flights/mel2604tyo020...
$645 Return - 26 April to 24 June - https://bookings.beatthatflight.com.au/flights/mel2604tyo240...
$645 Return - 30 May to 17 June - https://bookings.beatthatflight.com.au/flights/mel3005tyo170...
$645 Return - 02 June to 20 June - https://bookings.beatthatflight.com.au/flights/mel0206tyo200...
$645 Return - 02 June to 22 June - https://bookings.beatthatflight.com.au/flights/mel0206tyo220...
$645 Return - 03 Jun to 28 June - https://bookings.beatthatflight.com.au/flights/mel0306tyo280...
$645 Return - 04 June to 22 June - https://bookings.beatthatflight.com.au/flights/mel0406tyo220...
$645 Return - 5 June to 23 June - https://bookings.beatthatflight.com.au/flights/mel0506tyo230...
$645 Return - 26 July to 02 Aug - https://bookings.beatthatflight.com.au/flights/mel2607tyo020...
$645 Return - 3 Sep to 12 Sep - https://bookings.beatthatflight.com.au/flights/mel0309tyo120...
$645 Return - 29 Oct to 14 Nov - https://bookings.beatthatflight.com.au/flights/mel0309tyo120...

and many more - just experiment with the dates you want

From Sydney - not as many, more earlier in the summer eg Apr to Jul

$667 Return - 3 Jun to 28 Jun - https://bookings.beatthatflight.com.au/flights/syd0306tyo280...
$671 Return - 27 Apr to 9 Jul - https://bookings.beatthatflight.com.au/flights/syd2704tyo090...
$671 Return - 6 June to 1 Jul - https://bookings.beatthatflight.com.au/flights/syd0606tyo010...
$679 Return - 7 June to 02 Jul - https://bookings.beatthatflight.com.au/flights/syd0706tyo020...

and more

Beat That Flight

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  • I'm so jealous… Wish JAL flew out of Brisbane too.
    Hopefully there will be a sale on Japan flights from Brisbane sometime soon.

  • Any deal for Singapore op?

  • Love their bento box and tasty, flew with JAL once,i never felt so hungry.

  • +1 vote

    QF are 1 Star when compared to this mob.

  • Hey OP - been watching JAL flights for a while. Seems no joy on my dates (22 Nov - 3rd Dec). Usually I can be flexible but my travel companion is stuck with those dates.

    Should I keep waiting or just bite the bullet?

    MEL to Narita.

    • +1 vote

      It does seem like JAL has deals closer to release dates, but it's a risky move. Your other bet is to go connections with Philippines Airlines or Royal Brunei, but it's a longer flight. You could consider flying a different date and meeting that person there?

      Also look at flights to Osaka or Haneda, sometimes you get a better deal and can easily train up to Tokyo.

  • Maybe next time for me…already booked Qantas flights. Never tried JAL but seems like it's a really good airline.

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  • Link takes you to their partner site which is "smartfares", extremely negative reviews and very sketchy website, has anyone got any experiences with this site or good reviews?

    • I used it through this deal and will share my experience with you.

      After ordering the tickets through their site (tries to throw a bunch of additional cost features at you but what travel site doesn't) they provided me with a reservation with details only applicable to their site, mentioning a second email coming in the next 24 hours with ticket numbers.

      I then received an email the next day with the airline confirmation number field blank, as well as ticket numbers provided but with no actual documents (just a random string of numbers that I could apply nowhere). It was at this point when I finally looked the company up and, like you have mentioned, began to fear for the worst. I tried to get in contact with them through their live chat but after waiting for close to two hours I decided to just give them a call through their international 24/7 access number provided. This was a very quick process, I gave them the flight reservation code from their site and after proving my identity was provided with the airline confirmation code which I then could access my tickets on through Japan Airlines site. At this point no further dealings with SmartFares whatsoever is required, and I am quite happy.

      tl;dr if I was to book these flights again, I would probably directly book them through Japan airlines with the dates and prices estimated beforehand using beatthatflight. I believe the prices should be pretty similar, and if so I wouldn't bother going through SmartFares again.

      While it was a bit of a pain, I did not have any mention whatsoever of increased prices required to obtain the tickets or anything along those lines as I saw frequently mentioned online, but I may have just been an exception.

      Hope this is of some help to you.

      • +1 vote

        Thanks for the comments! We try to find the best flights, and some of these OTAs (eg Smartfares) can be a pain, but if they're cheaper, they're sometimes worth it. However as you noted, sometimes the airline itself is similar and can be worth checking beforehand. But in the end, yeah, you get a booking ref/PNR from the airline and you're good to go.

        Hope you enjoy your trip! Japan is amazing!

  • literally cant see any of these prices

  • I can't see this price from Melb as quoted :$645 Return - 26 July to 02 Aug - https://bookings.beatthatflight.com.au/flights/mel2607tyo020...

  • No deals between the 5 July to the 22 July?