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Up to 30% off Dell Monitors (Dell 27" S2719DGF 1440p 155hz 1ms $573.30, Dell 24" Gaming 144hz 1080p S2419HGF $321.30) @ Dell


There are quite a few on sale, I've been eyeing the S2719DGF ($573.30 Reduced from $819) which is a 27", 1440p, 144Hz Freesync panel.

Trying to be good and not spend my money at the moment, so thought I'd post it so maybe I can live vicariously through someone else lol.

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    It’s worthwhile mentioning there are 3x Ultrasharp UP2516D (25” 1440p, Wide Colour Gamut) for $409 in the Dell Outlet (was $799).

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      1 year warranty always makes me nervous.

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        Honest question, what you going to break in a monitor over a year?

        Never had a monitor die that wasn't over 6 years old

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          Dead pixels, brightness can dim and look dark, stuck pixels, lines thru display

          • @asa79: Dell also has fantastic warranty unless you get a refurb, i got one screen i had to replace 3 times cause the light bleed was so bad, they would never do that with a outlet screen. You get what you get.

            • @garetz: These are probably refurb if only 1 yr warranty

              • @asa79: The items are listed with "As New" not "Refurbished". They are likely cancelled commercial orders or similar.

          • @asa79: Most of those issues would rear their head pretty quickly in a bad panel. Not really a "13 month later" kinda problem without some serious damage done to the display in one way or another.

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          Doesn't matter what the product is, to me at least.

          A warranty is a reflection of confidence from the manufacturer.

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        Australian consumer law entitles you to more than that.

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    S2719DGF often goes down to $527 in dell 20% codes

    • do you mean on their Ebay store? I thought I'd seen it for that price before, but wasn't sure

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      pls look into your crystal ball and tell me date of next Dell 20% sale

      • You can look at the history of the sales here on ozbargain. Looks like every month or two.

    • I'm going to wait for this price but at the moment their ebay store doesn't show the S2719DGF at all =/

  • great monitor

  • Purchased S2719DGF in last sale for 527. Has been a great monitor and is GSYNC compatible with the new nvidia drivers. It should be noted though that it doesn’t come with a display port adapter (required for gsync). Dell sells one on their website though.

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      Is that only if you want to use hdmi?

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      what do you mean? can you not just plug in a normal Displayport cable?

      Also, how do you find the viewing angles?

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        Sorry lads, adapter is not the right word. I meant display port CABLE

        I just bought this startech one from the Dell site

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      It is not "Gsync compatible". It is freesync, which NVIDIA has chosen to support.

  • TN?

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      the S2719DGF is TN, yes. It's apparently pretty good quality for a TN panel, though.

      • Regardless TN panel is sh*t, good for fast fps gaming due to it high refresh rate, but crapy for everything else.

        • Yeah I heard all the TN stories poor colors bad viewing angles

          I bought the S2419HGF last year, honestly I can't see the issues it's a good monitor, granted I'm not i to photo editing , it's used mainly for gaming.

          • @Bradjm: Unless your a super pro gamer IMHO I could never get a TN panel,

            I was thinking of having a TN and an IPS due to the colour issues with TN but iv been using the U2713HM for the last 8 years and they have been amazing and are 8s GtG so anything now is an upgrade (however i'm thinking of the Asus swift series mainly due to the looks)

            Dell has done me well for almost 10 years to their credit :)

            • @brent3000: Yeah I got one of each, TN panel for Online shooters. IPS for movies, Photo editing and single player games. Does the job nicely without having to fork out for two IPs screens.

        • IPS technology isn't the holy grail you claim it to be; and putting cheap $100 TN panels in the same league as the $400 ones is quite unfair.

  • Should I get the 2719dgf or Acer predator 271HUA for about a $100 more? Both are tn. Acer is 144hz Gsync 1440p

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      neither get IPS

      • Tempted. Might hold out for the predator IPS XB271HU

      • Same price range?

  • DGF?

    Dont Give a Fk?

  • Wonder if this will work with Cashrewards - they currently have 8.4% cashback from Dell…

    • This worked for me, but u would have to do it manually.

  • Is the S2716DG not there?

    • Haven't seen that monitor since months ago. I think they no longer sell that one.

      • I bought one when it was posted on ozbargain last month. Just looking to claim back a better deal on price protection :)

        • Got the same one a yr ago, pretty good for gaming imo.

  • Hi, looking at the Dell Premier Slim Backpack 14


    Anybody have one and care to offer a review.


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    Imagine buying a TN panel

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      Do you have a point?

      • LOL.
        That's a no.

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    Could I suggest that we add the 10% shopback to this? :)

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