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Gigabyte RTX 2080ti Windforce 11GB $1580.07 + Delivery (Free with eBay Plus) @ Computer Alliance eBay


Fantastic price on Gigabyte Windforce 2080ti 11GB OC

Computer Alliance eBay price $1699:
Less 7% using eBay code "PRESS" = $1580.07
Less 10% cashback via Shopback = $1422.06!

I can't imagine these lasting long at this price.

Original PRESS 7% off Eligible Items on eBay Deal Post

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  • Can this generation finally run GTA IV at above 60?

    • +10 votes

      1060 can do it.

      • It’s all well and good paying these prices for graphics cards and I’m all for a bit of PC building as a hobby, but you got to admit that developers really don’t put as much effort into optimising for the pc compared to how much effort they put into a console game running on much older and much cheaper hardware. Unless you have the raw horsepower in your PC, sorry buddy! It’s a shame, but I suppose they can’t push too far ahead either and what’s the point when the gaming user base is minuscule in comparison. But hey, it’s a hobby and it’s part of what you sign up for. 8K res but drops to 57 FPS, bin it!

    • Can it run crisis on max settings?

  • +32 votes

    Still a ridiculous price to pay for a videocard ! and this comes from someone that built his first PC which was a 286 8Mhz with 1MB of RAM.

    • -32 votes

      Welcome to inflation and progress of technology grandpa, can't be unhappy that we have such advanced tech available for a price, you can always get many cheaper alternatives

      • Always been this way when your talking about the top tier specially when it comes to video cards… I also started when 286 came out and PC's with 8mhz n 1mb ram could easily cost double this video card lollll

        • Geforce 2 Ultra from 2000, US$500, with inflation US$827.91 today, converts to AUD$1,155

          And we talking about a card with no competition these days, back then we had 3 major companies competing

          I think the price these days is pretty reasonable given the above points

          • @marchi: Don't forget to add the 10% GST bringing it to $1,270.5

          • @marchi: Yep, the pricing is pretty much inline with history. The 2080ti is a bit of an exception and has an extra margin tho. Hopefully we will see AMD's RX 3060, RX 3070, and RX 3080 within a few months. It is probably wishful thinking, but you never know, and at least one of their high end cards might turn up at the same time.

        • Wrong. It has NOT "always been this way". This only starts with last year's new RTX BS.

          Fyi 1080 ti msrp was 699 USD and you could often find deals well below 1k AUD.

    • … and as usual your $1400 video card will be worth $400 in the blink of an eye.
      An old grandpa here also… have seen endless amazing ultimate video cards come on the market for must haves…

      • Gtx 1080 release price was around 800aud. Second hand still goes for 450 to 500ish. Id say a blink of an eye is a subjective timeframe ;)

        • What about the snap of the fingers?

        • Got my MSI GTX 1080 on 5th Oct 2016 for $860 using an eBay futu_online coupon to save a bunch (full price on the transaction was $1075 aud). Hopefully we see deals like this on the 2080 after the new AMD cards release.

      • That has not happened with the previous generation. Though with better pricing from AMD forcing competition on nVidia you probably can't expect the same value to be held.

      • I sold my 1060 for what I paid a year and a half later and I bet I haven't lost much value from what i purchased my 1080ti for.

      • My Voodoo2 still holds most of its original value, salesman said it’s an investment for life and he wasn’t wrong.

        • memories… if you wanted to be a PC gamer in the mid to late 90's, a 3dfx card was the shizz. Worth noting they went broke trying to produce Voodoo cards when the market went in a different direction.

          But that's an example of previous post of necessary vs. unnecessary tech. If you wanted to do 3D rendering then you needed a 3D card for design work/high end gaming. Standard 2D video card didn't cut it and those apps simply didn't initiate. Now you can pretty much do it all on a 2070 or a range of AMD cards. 2080ti is purely [email protected] factor at this point.

          By the time this GPU power is actually required, most likely features require by games and apps will have changed too.

          • @buffalo bill: I used to prefer software rendering, high resolution always looked wrong to me as a kid, and it made everything too small. I know better now but as a kid I’d always set everything to a really low resolution to make things bigger.

            • @AustriaBargain: As a kid we had a Voodoo2 and then a TNT2 in our PC but I always played Quake1 in Software render as OpenGL was too dark for me to see things I thought it was worse haha

    • 1mb??? But 640kb should be enough for any body.

    • Especially when AMD is aiming to release the Navi20 Special Edition(225W), offering 20% faster performance than the RTX2080, in the next 6 months, for USD $430. Or the Navi 10 version(180W) with better performance than Radeon vii for USD$330.

      If AMD enable Crossfire in the early drivers, dual cards are going to be tempting.

      • Source?

      • Yeah I'll believe it when I see it. People made a lot of good rumors about the radeon 7 too and look how that turned out.

        • What do you mean? The pre-release info was what was released. There was a rumour that there would be limited stock, which was quickly shown to have no basis.

          • @Major Mess: I'm talking about way back when shitty YouTubers made clickbait titles of a GPU that will end Nvidia yadayada…and when it actually came out and turned out to be meh they just went back to 'NaVi will be awesome'. Nvidia also made claims that their card was this amount faster than the AMD alternative but as people soon found out, that was deceiving and untrue in most scenarios. I'll believe it when I see confirmation with my own eyes.

    • Pork rolls use to be cost $2.50

      Now its $6.50

      Id say the price increase is in line with most items.

    • I don't see that as correct. Older tech was far more expensive relative to income/housing than it is today. People would spend a few grand on a build when a decent house and land could be had for 50/60k. Relative to avg. housing, it's be like spending $30-40k on a machine in 2019.

      The thing was that back then components made the difference whether your PC ran certain applications and was fit for purpose, so you'd spend that money to get your PC to do what you wanted/needed as the alternative was an error screen with a euphemism for "you're too poor" or an application that barely functioned, possibly even on brand new machine.

      Now when we're talking about spending the extra between a 2070 and a 2080ti, it's something not really necessary at this point but overall people weigh up their purchases a lot better than they did in the 80's - 90's.

    • Premium products are always at the higher price scale. and this comes from someone that punched cards.

    • who here has played prince of persia on the ms-dos.
      wow what a great era.

    • I know but at least SSD's are so much cheaper now!

  • Shopback doesnt count as a deal

    • I'll pounce on one of these when it gets closer to 13-1400 without shopback discounts. The discounts take a long time to come back and don't always work.

      • I have never had one fail to be recorded. How many have you had to chase up? or is it just something you have heard? Cashrewards does seem to have more issues, but that too may be a fallacy.

        • Used shopback twice, 1 transaction tracked, second one didn't, shows in my click history but it's been over a week and no shop recorded.

          Same store CR tracks and emails within 30 minutes every time. Shopback had a slightly better rate but I'd rather guaranteed than maybe.

    • Exactly… I was thinking “damn this could get to 1290-1300 with cashback” but nope

    • To be fair, if you check the title revisions I didn't put this up as purely a shopback deal. $1699 is a 14% discount (according to the eBay page) on their regular price. Just so happens that it coincides with two other stackable deals. At the end of the day it's a bloody good price of which someone else may be able to take advantage.

  • Is there any chance to cashback doesn't work when you buy it?

  • What's the difference between this one that computer alliance also sells? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Gigabyte-RTX2080Ti-11GB-Gaming-OC-PCIe-Video-Card-PN-GV-N208TGAMING-OC-11GC/173727330826?hash=item2872f4b20a:g:ayAAAOSw8X9cuGdU:sc:AU_StandardDeliveryRegisted!3109!AU!-1&frcectupt=true

    • Bigger cooler, slightly higher clocks

    • "A" binned GPU vs not. It still has standard power delivery though. You need to jump up to the Aorus range to get a custom PCB. With less than $90 difference, it is a hard choice.

  • I'm thinking of buying this graphics card and if someone could please link all the parts that are compatible with it. Or is there any quality good builds on ebay atm?

    • Really depends on your budget, the application of your PC and what you currently have/dont have.
      As in assume that it would be gaming rig or video editing or youtube for the kids….

      Check out https://whirlpool.net.au/wiki/rmp_sg_whirlpoolpcs_gaming_con... with the 2080 or 2080 TI builds.

      Generally these are compatible with most modern/current mobos with PCIe slots, but its whether theres bottlenecks in the rest of the parts which will effectively render this underutilised and a waste of money.

  • Are there any known issues to this specific card?, coming from a Strix which I’ve had no issues with.

  • these cards should only be worth $900-1000…

    • Its worth what people are willing to pay. And nvidia determined that to be 1400-1700 range.

      Also dont get confused with what you can afford and what something is worth.

      Your username checks out :P

      • we in oz are gouged by government policy, cartels and tax.

      • -1 vote

        I thought your comments are a bit strong, then I remembered school holidays…..

        I can afford 2, maybe even more…. but for 10fps more then a 1080ti I don't want to throw money away. We are on ozbargain anyway not 4chan

  • That thing will depreciate quicker than a new car

    • not in 2019. maybe the same tiered card in 1999 where competition was fierce.

      • Well, the rego is $700+. You add decent insurance on top of that, the combined cost is already close to this graphics card.

        If I can get free rego + insurance for 1 year, I would be able to buy one of these. Also, one thing is for sure, once you drive a brand new car out from the car dealer, you definitely lose more than $1600 right away. Sure, you can play around with maths and trick your brain by calculating it in percentage.

    • ppl said the same thing about 1080ti

  • "I can't imagine these lasting long at this price."

    I can. The cash haemorrhaging needed for the few extra frames per second not worth it. But go ahead if you have nothing else to spend money on!

  • I'd want a whole PC for that money

  • So I'm looking at building a PC in the next 5-6 months (when the next lot of Ryzens come out). Would it be worth snapping this up at this price or will they come down lower over that period (and I'd be better off waiting)?

    • I would wait as there is a high probability prices will come down. Not to mention that your warranty starts from the date of purchase so any wasted time in the box before its used will eat into your warranty period and subsequently if it fails, you might be even more out of luck with warranty claims.

  • I could get a laptop with 2060 in this price

  • -3 votes

    ….and the Battle Rages on meanwhile ill just keep my 1080 Ti Sli setup… LOVING IT!!! btw

  • How much do second hand 2080's sell for? Got one and not sure if it is worth it selling that and buying this..?

  • That's worth more than my whole computer,, but hey..

  • How long does it generally take for purchases to appear on Shopback?

    4 hours and nothing yet… getting worried

  • I use to have this itch, the itch was needing to set all setting to 'Ultra' in every game I played… a few years ago I purchased a 980Ti which set me back about $ 1k
    Now that card only performs like a 1660Ti which can be had for $400~

    Top Tier gpu prices just go up and up, the last 4 years the price has doubled, 980Ti around 1k now 2080Ti is around 2.2k

    I instead now just play games on medium or low settings to keep fps up, usually happy with 100fps on my high refresh rate monitor.

    Honestly speaking most people even enthusiast gamers have trouble seeing the difference between medium and ultra settings in-game… unless you compare a screen-shot side-by-side or look at a specific part of a map etc… in most senario when playing the game moving around you don't notice the difference at all.

    The only settings IMO that can't be lowered without notice is Anti Alasing and Textures.

    This is a good deal given the price of 2080Ti , but this isn't a good deal for PC gamers in general.

  • How to get 10% cashback via Shopback? It displays only 1% for ebay USA for me.

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