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Kogan 27" Curved QHD 144hz FreeSync Gaming Monitor (2560x1440) $379 (Was $429) + Shipping @ Kogan


This monitor has been $429 for a while and has now finally received a price drop to $379. I believe this Freesync monitor works on Nvidia graphics cards as found here, so an option for those of you that don’t want to pay a premium for G-Sync monitors. Enjoy!
From Website:
Hit the resolution sweet-spot with this next-level 27” QHD FreeSync gaming monitor that eliminates tearing, delivers deliciously smooth gameplay and doesn’t compromise on colour for speed.
Dive into the 27” curved display with QHD 2560 × 1440 resolution
Samsung Panel with rapid 144Hz refresh rates
99% SRGB for uncompromising colour
Crystal-clear images with lightning-fast 5ms response times
Stay on target with FreeSync and eliminate tearing and stuttering
VESA compatible mount
Maximise your competitive edge with the Kogan 27” Curved QHD 144Hz FreeSync Gaming Monitor (2560 × 1440).

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  • Any review on this kogan monitor? I came across some kogan products and some of review is really worrying.

    • Other than the Kogan website reviews, I found this thread on reddit if you’re interested. I recommend reading the reviews from people who have actually bought the product for a more comprehensive understanding of its quality.

    • More reviews here from people on ozbargain

    • I own this particular monitor, it's nice but the bezel is much larger than the pictures would suggest.
      I can't vouch for quality control though, mine has a stuck pixel near the bottom, only one so it doesn't bother me but your mileage may vary.
      The freesync seems to work well with my rtx2070. Most games seem to work great with it though on some the framerate can wind up really choppy with it on.
      Ultimately for the price I'm happy with it.

      • wouldnt they cover that under warranty?

        • Nah you need more than a certain number of dead pixels across the whole screen to RMA under Aus law. It's bullshit.

          • @scrambledeggs: I couldnt find their dead pixel policy, If they hide such a policy i would say it doesnt apply

            • @asa79: It's common practice under Australian Consumer Law, 1 dead pixel doesn't warrant a replacement or repair, irrespective of manufacturer.

              • @scrambledeggs: the above posted said they had issues returning, not me, i would of kept hassling till it was replaced

    • I have one of these. It does have some drawbacks but nothing over the top (you don't get a monitor for this price anywhere else). I'm about to buy my second one so I have the same at work if that's enough to go off.

  • +4

    nice 144hz VA , not TN

  • Panel is made by Samsung so OK, its their electronics though.

  • Is this really worth the sub par quality and atrocious support if something goes wrong?

    • either this or korean ebay or pay double/triple ?

      • +1

        Proper monitors aren't a huge extra in price, especially over the lifetime of the product.

        32" example for only $80 more: https://www.umart.com.au/Viewsonic-31-5in-WQHD-Curved-Monito...

        • If only they had 27" at that price point 😔

        • I've tried a Viewsonic 27" 2k in this price range. Picture quality was horrid, dark scenes in games were impossible to view on corners of screen, all just appeared black.
          Returned monitor for a replacement, same issue.
          All the reviews of just watched on the Viotek GN27D (which is what the Kogan unit is apparently), the screen has excellent colours and picture quality. I'm seriously considering one.

          • @dheywood: Oh that's very interesting…
            Have to suss them out

  • Is the display finish Matte or Gloss?

  • I got this from the pre-sale. Don't have any issues. Freesync works well with my RX580.

  • G-sync works well with new nvidia update as well, I was very surprised

  • Any cheap moniter stand for this screen. The one it comes with us garbage.

  • Copy-paste of my review from last time this screen was on sale….

    • Postage was quite fast to Qld regional address and well packaged.
    • Panel is sharp and bright, colours are decent - zero complaints there.
    • Mixed feelings about the curve - good for a single user, but bad for sharing a video with others.
    • Integrated speakers are very quiet and virtually useless.
    • Limited ports - just 2 HDMIs and a DP. No headphone port for sound output.
    • Metal stand is very basic but quite sturdy - VESA mount is viable
    • Menu system is okay to navigate, but limited options and buttons feel very cheap and clunky
    • Provided with decent quality cables etc, well packaged.
    • I've experienced a couple of flickers, but only in one particular game - fine in everything else. Could easily be the game itself.
    • Refresh rate of 100+ Hz via 1070 in BF5 is great, very smooth motion and a significant upgrade over 60Hz.
    • Connection ports are recessed a long way into the underside of the screen and rather difficult to plug cables into. Not sure if this is a cable-management system I don't understand, or dumb design.

    Overall, I'm pretty happy with it - excellent value in my opinion. Can also confirm that FreeSync capability works perfectly with my GTX 1070.

    • Appreciate the copy and paste. Don't really NEED it, but I think I WANT this monitor. Seems like great value for money.

    • Do i need anything additional to vesa mount? I already have a vesa mount monitor stand

      • The screen has a standard 100x100 VESA mounting point on the back. So your stand should bolt straight on, and the factory stand removed.

      • This is one of those monitors where the stand is bolted on using the VESA point; taking that off with give you a 75 x 75 mount: https://viotek.com/wp-content/uploads/GN27DB-02.jpg

      • thank you both!

  • Has anyone got the Kogan 27" QHD IPS 75Hz LED Monitor (2560 x 1440) from them? How does it compare? It is $349 and has an IPS Panel.

  • Received mine the other day; no dead/stuck pixels in sight!

    • Just setup mine, no dead pixels and super impressed with the quality/performance. Massive upgrade from 60hz, thinking about getting another one now :S

  • Ordered thanks.

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