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Sharp 1200W Midsize Inverter Microwave Oven (White) $157 @ Harvey Norman


Last week was $197 and I was tempted to replace our failing 20 year old Sharp microwave, glad I held out!

Also $157 at The Good Guys (no doubt one is matching the other). JB Hifi are at $249!!!

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Good Guys eBay. Get 10% cashback for the next 1hr 40mins = $141.30

  • We have a similar Sharp model approx 5 years old. So noisy it sh1ts me to tears.

    • Thanks for the feedback, hopefully they have fitted a silencer in the past 5 years!

    • Ditto, mine failed last week (wouldn't turn on anymore, fried controller board) and we ended getting a Samsung (the LG had some dial control which was confusing af), we'll see how that one goes!

  • I returned 2 of these recently that I bought at JB Hifi. Went with a Panasonic instead and had no problems. Both had issues with voltage. Steer clear.

  • Don't skimp on the volume. Popcorn bags need a lot of space to rotate! I learnt this the hard way!

    Edit. Not saying this particular item is too small. I mean in general.

  • Good on others for leaving valuable feedback

  • Just got rid of our Sharp, never cooked evenly.

    Highly recommend an LG Neochef as others have posted recently. Seems to work much better.

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      If anyone is interested, I did a simple test comparing an LG NeoChef 42L to a Sharp R-330Y. The LG did heat more evenly. I should have gone for the LG myself!

    • I bought a NeoChef MS4296OBS a few days ago. No point going for the stainless steel etc models as it’s just extra trim to clean.

      Was $249 at HN with 2x Gold Class movie tickets and product care warranty thrown in. You might even be able to get it cheaper.

      Used half a dozen times now to reheat dinners and melt butter and chocolate for brownies. It’s pretty good. Bright inside, completely back when not in use (clock is optional), easy to clean, touch panel and the code values are hidden and easy to use for the basics, I think the chime is neat, it’s quieter than our previous 8 year old microwave too.

      The front panels of those other microwaves like the one here can get pretty grotty and have lots of areas to accumulate grease. The LG being a full flat panel of glass on the front is going to be way easier to deal with. I’ve read some people complain about fingerprint marks but I haven’t seen any.

      The downsides are price and keypress beeps can’t be disabled which will matter if you’re a shift worker.

  • I bought R350EW 7 months ago had issue already, will have to take it to service center.

  • Farout I'm still using my aldi microwave after 8 years..I can't believe it's still working. Cost $75!!

  • How many Litre is this microwave ?

  • Thanks for the feedback everyone. This is what ozbargain is good for, genuine feedback on less regular purchases (white-goods etc) which are often genuine investments.

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