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Free Google Home Mini with Spotify Family Premium $17.99/Month


Free Google Home Mini (White or Charcoal) for anyone who signs up to Spotify Family.

For Existing and New Users. Offer is only valid for the "primary account holder" of the family.

Existing users visit https://www.spotify.com/au/googlehome/register/ to register for your free Google Home Mini.

Register "your interest" at the above link and then revisit the link and you should be able to go straight to the Google Store to purchase it right after. (That's what I managed to do)


Terms & Conditions:

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  • +1

    Was on a normal student plan, changed to family plan and claimed the google home mini, changed back just fine.

    Cheers OP

  • So I'm 1 week into the month of my premium spotify account, anyone have any idea how i can take advantage of this offer without it costing me too much? I have been waiting for this deal to come to Aus after US and UK got it previously, although didn't think it had to be family acct for them.
    Anyway, the way I see it, if I upgrade to family now I waste 3/4 of my current month, approx $9, and then by upgrading to family I am spending $6 more than I require normally, so I guess the "free" google mini would cost me $15.

    • +2

      I think it is pro rata , so you wouldn't lose that premium money, it goes towards family, and your family would be due in roughly 2 weeks, not having to pay til then , just what I read before. Pretty sure it will work fine, then change back to premium after you sign for free google mini.

    • Just pay the difference. If you can't afford $18 Max then maybe you shouldn't have Spotify anyway.

    • +1

      If you upgrade to family they won’t charge straightaway. Just upgrade, claim, downgrade. Done.

  • Thank you very much OP :D Just ordered mine too!

  • Worked flawlessly! Thanks!

  • Awesome thanks OP

  • Thank you OP!

  • -1

    No luck for the people sharing Spotify family account with other users :(

  • thanks OP

  • +17

    I have managed to score $6 for a google home mini by doing the following steps using a student account (given if you have a student email account):
    1. Create a brand new gmail account.
    2. Signup spotify using my newly created gmail account.
    3. Signup for the student premium and get charge $5.99 for it.
    4. Upgrade from the student premium to family plan, and get charge $0.01 for this.
    5. Claim the google home mini.
    6. Cancel my family subscription.
    Total cost: $5.99 + 0.01 = $6.

    • +1

      Good one mate! Worked for me.

    • Love it, thanks.

      • No worry. I think we can repeat the above steps to buy as many google home minis as we want for $6/each. I have not tried it yet though.

    • Create a brand new gmail account.

      Don't forget you can just add a full stop (.) in your Gmail address for a new address but it is ignored by Gmail.

      I love this feature. Allows me to have 4 belong mobile numbers on the one account.

      For those that care…


      • I know this feature but am not sure if google allows us to claim multiple google home minis using the same gmail account. Hence, to be safe, I have created a brand new one.

    • Where do you find the 1 cent upgrade?

      When I try change plans, it says the 17.99/month.

      • +1

        It said $17.99 but only charged $0.01 if you are already a premium student member.

        • Legend!

    • Don’t Spotify check if you’re a student?

      • +1

        Yes, I need to login through the university portal to verify my student status.

    • Thanks, I got two Mini using your trick. My uni provides students with two email so double win.

    • Why do you need the Gmail account if they are referencing your xx.edu.au email?

      • I make a new gmail account to order the google home mini which is separate from my main gmail account.

    • Thank you!

    • -1

      Tried but didn't work - got charged $17.99

  • +3

    Wow, awesome deal!

    The $11.99 trick as described above seems to work too!
    I signed up for Spotify Premium for $11.99 then upgraded to Family and charged $0.01
    That has to be the cheapest Google Home mini ever!

    • +1

      Noooooooooo, my $6 T_T

    • How do you subscribe to the 11.99 plan skipping the free trial?

      • -1

        Untested (YMMV):

        Click "Start Free Trial" or "Try Premium Free"
        Click "Change plan" (toward top right)
        Under "One-time payment" click "Select" next to "$11.99 for 1 month"
        Click "Start my Spotify Premium"

        You can be our guinea pig.

        • Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, that option can only be paid with some sort of a prepaid card called 'paysafecard'.

      • +1

        I'm not exactly sure but since I'd already had a free trial under that email address it took me straight to the paid subscription for Premium

        • Same here

  • No way what a deal!

  • +2

    signed up and payed through paypal then I ordered my mini and then went straight to paypal and canceled recurring payment

    should be Delivered by 3–9 May

    • +3

      Why would you cancel via PayPal and not directly with Spotify?

      • Because I have had problems with other company's (Stan) on which I canceled my sub and they still charged me for another 2 months

  • Thanks OP!

  • Hmmm, I already have an Amazon Alexa device. (Aside from Spotify) What are the pros to adding Google Home to the mix?

    • +13

      Both Amazon and Google can now listen in to your private conversations at home.

      • What do you talk about at home that is it such great interest?

        • +12

          Mainly whose turn it is to dominate. Nothing unusual I guess.

    • +1

      would make a good gift if you don't need it.

  • +16

    Hello ebay are you there?? this is how you should treat your customers

    • +21

      "You are not eligible to make this comment"

  • Am I still eligible for the premium free trail after signing the family plan?

    • No - the T&Cs specify you finish any existing the free trail by signing up for the Google Home.

  • Cheers OP, grabbed one

  • grabbed one too.. Thanks OP

  • +2

    Beat deal of 2019!

  • +1

    I'm hoping that Spotify and Google Store can keep this going for a few days even up to a week so that it can be a contender for the most voted spot which the current #1 is Tesla Model S and for the most part a dream come true in the case of OzBargainers that voted for that deal.

  • +3

    Here's another pointless comment, I also got one :)

    Thanks OP,

  • Cheers to the op for bringing the bargain back into ozbargain. It's been a long wait.

  • Thanks OP!

  • Thanks! signed up with student and upgraded to family. D

  • Cheers OP great find :)

  • +3

    Did the student one and got this email after it said success.

    Got an email 1 minute later..

    Your order was cancelled
    Hello NAME,
    We had to cancel your order because we were unable to validate some of your information.

    If you have any questions, you can contact us for help.

    after running through the process again, It says I can only redeem it once.

    • Was the email from Google Shop or Spotify?

    • hahaha

    • I just noticed one thing. my Gmail has a promotions tab and I never confirmed my email.

      I wonder if that's why.

      I haven't heard back from google or Spotify yet..

    • Latest Update: after emails from Google and Spotify asking me to both contact the other vendor

      • I emailed google to escalate the issue
      • I emailed Spotify to provide me a refund for the subscription as I only signed up for the purpose of getting the free google mini (was honest!) and said to forget it as they can't follow through with their own promotions and don't want to deal with an incapable business - 3 hours after this email, I received:

      "Hi there,

      Thanks for getting back to us. We're sorry that you're having issues redeeming the device.

      We’re able to provide you with a new link, but please note that we’re unable to give you any more codes after this one, even in the event that you don’t receive the device.

      With that in mind, please check that you’re logged into the correct Google account. We also strongly advise you check both your payment details and shipping information are completely accurate before completing the checkout process.

      Here's the new link for you to redeem:

      <Link removed>"

      Upon ordering, I actually had the option of 4 colours instead of the 2 from last time.

      I have now ordered and got a confirmed email! Now to see if it actually arrives haha.

      I might wait for 24hours until I cancel my auto renew..

      (the only difference from last order and this order was I clicked an email to confirm my spotify email!)

      I hope this helps you guys resolve your issues!!!

      • You're really lucky man. I went back and forward with both of them, and of course they just passed the buck to the other one. I only bought Spotify for the promotion, never used it, and they had the gall to refuse me even a refund because "we can see that you've already used your account. I cant go into anymore information". All I can do is raise a CC dispute and never give a dime to those crooks again.

        • I was very firm with them.. and was saying i would escalate it, etc. They tried to brush me off, but i kept trying!

  • +23

    Great price for a Google Home Mini but, to be honest, it isn't worth more than the eighteen bucks or so for the subscription.

    I'm not sure if it's just me, but the thing is practically useless.

    It can't do much more than set an alarm, or tell you what time it is in another part of the world.

    It can't dial a number for you (even if you have it linked to your phone).

    It can't read anything off the internet either - not even the results of Google Search !!!

    It WILL read the first sentence of a WikiPedia entry which, ironically, Google Search has relegated to the bottom of their search engine results (to give preference to more 'trustworthy' sources).

    It can (sometimes) help you convert currencies, but it's 'calculator' function is so unreliable, often giving ridiculous answers, that you can only use it as a guide.

    It can make reminders for you, but good luck getting them set for the right time (eg every day at 8am), or getting it to delete the right reminder.

    I'm guessing that if you pair it with a Google Chromecast it could become a lot more useful than it is in it's current form (too bad I don't have a Google Chromecast, so I can't be sure).

    It can help with translations (interpretations to be exact) if you're trying to send your family a voice message in another language, and you've forgotten a word (just make sure to ask for the translation in a sentence instead of a single word, to get the right context, or you may inadvertently say something you wish you hadn't).

    Oh, and, did I mention it plays music from YouTube and Spotify Premium?

    Well, it does (when it feels like it), but it does this quite well, of course the quality isn't great, but it's ok if you just want to tell it to play some relaxing music for you.

    I was really excited about Google Home, but it's left me so disappointed that I have unplugged it, and use the charger for my phone.

    To be honest, I found the charger it comes with, to be more useful than the device itself.

    • +2

      I'm glad others are enjoying this bargain, but personally I agree with you. With untold phones, megabooms, an nvida shield, smart devices/controllers etc, I'm failing to see what on Earth I'd use this for. As I said, glad for people who want it, just not for everybody I guess… Unless I'm missing something?

      • Sell it on Gumtree for $36 for 2 months of free family Spotify

    • +3

      Unplugged mine too long time ago.. I don't have any premium service so very little benefit.. plays only popular videos.. as soon as you ask something unpopular it will just either not understand or play something wrong and you keep saying next realising you could've just played from your phone and casted it… Thanks for charger tip . I realised I need a USB C.. hope it's USB C.. will check tomorrow…

    • +7

      Agree. I thought a lot but just can't justify paying even $17 for this.

      • +1

        I have already received 3 free with purchases I have would have made regardless of their inclusion, I also thought about getting another to fill out another room when I cast music everywhere but $17 still seem a bit too much!

    • +3

      What I do on a daily basis:

      'Good Morning' - tells you the weather and news from your selected sources, time to get to work
      'Goodnight' - turns off all smart lights in the house
      Control lights - 'turn on the living room lights'
      Ask to play music from Play Music or Spotify
      Bluetooth to the device from mobile podcast apps

      It's not perfect, though definitely worth purchasing for $18. More worthwhile if you have smart lights and smart plugs.

    • +1

      lol try the trivia game or what does a pig sound like? or add milk to shopping list

    • You can also use it to find your phone, when you are unsure where it is.

    • I get less features because I use an iPhone but otherwise, it controls a lamp, smart plugs (home theatre in my lounge, 2 x electric blankets), robot vacuum cleaner, and of course the usual routines.

      It's great if you have a smart home but not so great if you have a dumb home.

    • +1

      I used to use Google Home to control my lights up until I discovered it sends all the commands to the cloud and back down. Alexa doesn't do this, it stores the commands locally. There's a clear difference in speed in favour of Alexa.

  • +3

    Paid $12. Sign up to premium $11.99, upgrade to family $0.01, got free mini email, clicked "Get it now", order free mini, order confirmation received, cancel family, then cancel premium :). Cheers, OP!

    • how to upgrade to family just for $0.01?

  • +4

    Already had Spotify premium, So i upgraded to Family plan it charged me $0.01 so the Google home mini cost me $0.01 i'd call that a bargain

  • +10

    I actually don’t want one, even for free. Google can get stuffed.

  • Wow that is a lot of Google home being sent out. I wonder if Google will honour the deal…

    • +2

      I'm guessing it's a two way agreement between Spotify and Google so I don't see why not.

    • +1

      And apparently this has occurred in the US and UK too. It’s why you can buy codes for Google Hone Mini on eBay.

  • Order confirmed using an existing Spotify account with an expired trial for $11.99. Premium expires on 12/05/2019, so you don’t get a full month of premium but don’t need to part with the full $17.99.

  • +1

    It’s not you, it’s us. We’re working on fixing the problem. Check back soon.

    Error code: PBRE

  • Annnnnnnnnnnnnd it's gone.

    It’s not you, it’s us. We’re working on fixing the problem. Check back soon.
    Error code: PBRE

    Grats to those who were successful. Genius idea to get people to pay for family up front when you can reject the code after the purchase.

  • Thanks OP

  • Looks like i'm in - thanks for this great deal.

    "You’ve reserved your Google Home Mini
    Demand has been very high, so it might take a few days for your device to become available!"

    Am I the only one that is reminded of the free masks in Halloween ?

  • -3

    Hi guys. I joined family premium. So when do we get a our Google mini?
    Cheers Jack

    • +2

      Did you reserve then redeem your offer. They don't just send it to you.

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