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[VIC, NSW] Good Food & Wine Show Melbourne & Sydney $10 Tickets


Our friends at the Good Food & Wine Show have again chosen the Maggie Beer Foundation as their charity partner for 2019 and as part of that support, we are thrilled to offer a limited number of $10 tickets. Maggie will be on stage at both Melbourne and Sydney shows.
Melbourne May 31st-June 2nd: https://bit.ly/2J3Nu0s Expired
Sydney June 21-23rd: https://bit.ly/2J2DJQd
The promo code to access the tickets is MAGGIEBEER10

It gets worse/smaller every year. Might go if there's something else on if I can get free tix personally, but last year wasn't worth it - unless you drink.

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  • Prices are coming down a bit! Thinking if I should wait and try for a freebie - $5 ticket or jump the gun and get this one

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    Freebie or bust

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    overcrowded, expensive to buy anything at the show, and almost all the good demonstrations are now behind the real world equivalent of a paywall. If the tickets to get in were free it would still be questionable value. You get a better chance of sampling and discovering new things at a farmers market - hell, even Costco gives you a better chance of trying things.

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      I hear you. They should remove the food part from the title. I went a few years back expecting good food - and I was willing to pay like at the taste food festival. It's just a wine market.

    • Sovereign Hill is gone, Dipping Dots too, and great workshops: coffee art (once off), barilla pasta (many years).

  • Code doesn't work?

  • I’m waiting for free tickets, which I haven’t been able to get for past two years. Either i’m too slow, or they don’t offer them as often as they used to.

    • Same here for the past 2 years. I think we were too slow.

  • Must have reached their 'limited number', code no longer works.

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    Would love it if there was an adults only session after like 4pm. Every year it gets harder and harder to maneuver around prams and little kids being dragged around by their parents.

    • That would be amazing, we always went on the Friday and bought a trolley to contribute XD

  • Looks like they are all gone, says Invalid code.

    • If you copy and paste from above, remove the space at the start of the code after you paste the code. Just bought 2 tickets.

  • Says code expired (for Melbourne)

  • Please mark as expired, just tried.

    "I'm sorry, that coupon 'MAGGIEBEER10' has expired."

    If anyone managed to score some free tickets for tomorrow and can't go, please let me know.

  • Yes I am interested for free/discounted tickets too if anyone with tickets can't make it.

  • Code gets accepted, but doesn't discount tickets for Sydney anymore.

  • Contacted MB and the code works again.

    • How did you contact them? The code expired again.

      • MB's Facebook page - they have a few posts about this deal.

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