This was posted 2 years 8 months 21 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[NSW] Ultrasonic Cleaner - 5 Programs, 600ml Capacity $15 (50% off) @ ALDI Umina


Saw this today at Umina Aldi. Not sure if discount is Australia wide. They had many in stock.
Every home should have one of these; great for cleaning rings, glasses, watches etc.

Full-wave operation
Suitable for CDs, jewellery and glasses
Ultrasonic frequency 46kHz
600ml tank volume
5 working cycles

If anyone can find a link, please post it, and I'll update.

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    I’d be on this if there were any realistic prospect it’s nation wide. These deep Aldi discounts are relative to stock and individual store policy.

    • The official discounted price is only $5 more.
      Maybe they'd price match….

  • I bought one at full price and it's working pretty well, happy with the purchase. My store doesn't have any left so if you can get any at 50% off that's pretty good

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      What do you clean in it

  • If anyone sees any in VIC I am after one.

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    Wait what does it do and what is it for exactly?

    • Ultrasonic Cleaner
      great for cleaning rings, glasses, watches etc.

      • glasses like the ones you wear or the ones you drink out of?

    • It's ultrasonic, basically a strong vibration to shake the fine dirt off.

      • Oh I just watched a video so nothing that is prone to water damage like phones can get in there.

        But this might be good for things like bbq tongs and some pans that are difficult to clean inside and get rid of grime in between the metal joints.

        Doesn't sterilise though unless you use a cleaning solutions so looks like just getting rid of physical dirt.

        Hmm I wonder if my wearing glasses will benefit from it or fall apart lol.

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          You will only fit the tiniest pans in this one

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          600ml capacity will not fit bbq tongs or pans.

    • +5

      Your an ozbargainer, right?
      Its on sale?
      So you get it, and later wonder if you'll ever use it…

      • +2

        You are right why am I questioning the bargain this is truly something I will use and need everyday in my life.. mr salesmanwomanperson I will buy ten

        • That's the spirit!

          You just put it in the cupboard with all your other bargains.

        • +1

          hahaha, upvoted for "salesmanwomanperson", but with "mr" - did you just assume lonepine's gender?

      • I had one of these (or one very similar to it) years ago. It never cleaned anything very effectively. We ended up throwing it out.

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    Good for small bike parts like chains and derailers

  • Great for scuba servicing. Works on engine parts, carby parts, etc

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    Tip: Don't ultrasonic clean watches other than the bracelets. Just don't.

  • If it good for wear glasses?

    No free cleaning in Australia.

    • It cleans my glasses really well.
      Its fun to watch all the grease and grime getting vibrated off.

      • Thanks, I assume it is safe enough to use it for glasses.

        I remember long time ago the shop are using similar thing to clear glasses.

        • Yes, optometrists shops sometimes have them.

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