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Buy a $100 eBay Gift Card, Get 2000 Bonus Rewards Points (Worth $10) @ Woolworths


Buy a $100 eBay gift Card, Get 2000 Bonus Rewards Points @ Woolworths. Enjoy :)

Edit: Some users have reported that the gift cards may not work on Car / Vehicle Parts. If you intend to purchase parts with the gift card, contact eBay before purchasing the gift card.

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          Freaking hell

          I didn't know "tightarse" is Asian.


      • Geez I didn't know there were no Asians using ebay.com.au

        Are you from the 1960s

  • Nice

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    Plenty of $100 cards left at Woolies Metro Kings Cross, NSW (Darlinghurst Rd next to the train station). You can find them in the aisle across from the milk!

    • Buy them in the morning, pay the ladies at night…..score 10% off …double the happy ending

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    Employees just can’t be bothered looking

    • Which woolies?

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        I got some out of the cabinet at Ashfield NSW yesterday. I also have had luck in the past at Leichhardt and Marrackville. I posted, not to say they have some. Just to let people know to have a look in the cabinets before they give up.

        • Thanks mate, very useful

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          can you just open the cabinets yourself?

          • @SnoozeAndLose: Yep have several times, small latch on top right or left corner, opens up like a door, if someone comes over to stop you, you just explain that if they were actually checking when you asked them, instead of having them say, “if you can’t see any on the shelf, we are sold out”.
            You wouldn’t need to open the cabinet.

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      It's simpler just to ask

      Id rather not get beaten up by a security guard double my size

  • hi anyone know if woolworths team member discounts apply when buying gift cards ?

    • it does

      • Thank you ! hoping to stack it up with this deal tomorrow morning

  • Went to my local and was told they were all out. Someone bought $9,000 worth!

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      It's ok.

      U can just buy it when u need it at a little less discount off classified.

      Classified will be flood with Ebay GC soon

  • None at Chadstone or Oakleigh VIC

  • it seems that every woolworths that had heaps of $50s a few days ago are now empty in VIC

    looks like people have caught onto $50s or are getting desperate

  • Checked stock levels for Brisbane north side all sold out

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  • Anyone ACT report please? I see nothing in Dickson Woolies for several days now

  • Ashfield NSW have a fair few left, I saw at least 40 x $50 and 10 x $100. Likely to be many more still boxed.
    Ask for a manager if your having trouble finding them and insist they look. I’m sure my local store manager won’t forget me.
    It seems employees are having trouble doing their jobs and restocking, it’s easier for them just to put other cards in their place.

  • Lots of mixed messages, is it 20 gift cards per transaction?
    I want to buy a laptop worth 3k so if i can use $2000 giftcard that would be great

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      Just try it and let us know.

    • Based on my experience and other reports the limit seems to be $1500 per transaction.

    • I just did 18 giftcards ($50s without any problem) doesn't directly answer your question,but it's more than what ebay states.

  • 30 to 40 of each left at beenleigh if you can brave the far south

  • ~30 of $50 left at Kellyville North.

  • There half a dozen $100s and heaps of $50s at Endeavour Hills

  • St Ives NSW has 120 cards ($100 each) on the shelf. I just called and new stock arrived this afternoon - but unfortunately cannot get there before work finishes. Ask for store member “Sapan” if any issues :)

    • I just arrived at the Woolworths St Ives and they are taking all the gift cards off the shelf. I asked them why and they just said the cards won’t be scanned.

  • Heaps of 100s left at woolsworth qv

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    Plenty 100 and 50 cards at Woolworths Docklands

    • What, i just left docklands 10 mins ago 😢😢😢😢

    • Yup, I went around 4pm and checked Woolworths metro at Collins square first, they had none left. Walked to Woolworths docklands and saw quite a few 50s on one side and thought that was all they had left, but they had a ton of 100s of the other side of the cabinet. Still lots available for some last minute shopping for gift cards before the promotion finishes

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    Was at Woolies Barkly Square, Brunswick, VIC and saw a stack of $100 Ebay gift cards still available for those still looking to get some in that area.

    • You sir are a legend, I totally forgot about this deal and everywhere was sold out. Managed to buy the last bunch here thanks to you!

      Still a few $50 GCs remaining

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    I assume this promo ends midnight tonight?

    • I think the promo ended at 7 pm. The store I visited on 7:05 stopped scanning eBay gift cards. They said the system wouldn’t let them go through.

      • Can anyone else confirm this:( i literally about to go do this

        • No, it still works at nearly 8pm. Unlike other giftcards, the eBay stock from Coles do not scan at Woolies(Item not found!), which is very disappointing. No wonder Coles have stock till now and nobody touched them. Just had a close look, they are slightly different. Maybe that's the stock that HDer got.

          • @Neoika: Could you please explain further? I'm not quite sure what it means by "the eBay stock from Coles do not scan at Woolies". What I visited was a Woolies and I took the cards from the gift card shelf.

            • @HDer: It can be a glitch that Woolies system did not update to recognise these batches.

              Or someone before you tried activating Coles stock of no vail and left them in the store.

              • @Neoika: Yeah. They were all yellow ones. The store I visited was Woolworths St Ives NSW. Hope everyone else in NSW will have better luck.

      • Just bought a few. Can confirm it is still working Barkley Square VIC 9:08pm

  • Bought 10 x $50 at Cherrybrook NSW - just after 9pm. Still stock left

  • Worked well for me in Brighton Vic after 11 pm.

  • Scored a few in the last few minutes, checkout lady said they were getting hammered with requests all day today haha

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    I can confirm that ebay allowed 24 x $50 cards to be used in a single purchase on top of a $200 discount via Phoenix code. My heart did stop when the Ebay system stalled for about a minute after I entered the 20th but it then allowed me to use another 4 cards, and a small credit card charge for the remainder.

    Other ozbargainers had cleared out all of the $100 cards earlier in day.

  • There was a few locations where over zealous managers guarded 10 per person not understanding 10 per transaction that lasted entire promotion LOL . They really though they were diamonds :)

  • Not anymore .

  • +3

    It's all over….
    So sad….I am getting no more unread notifications every min….

    • same, it didnt help that people in my state were all reporting heaps of stock late last night, but all a little bit too far for me!

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