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Free Dinner at Mosques During Ramadan


Edit - updated title to reflect advice provided by ar7ist.

Read this in the Canberra times -

It's also a month of gratitude. By abstaining from food and water during the day, the faithful are reminded of those less fortunate. Each night during Ramadan, mosques and aid organisations set up tents and tables to serve free evening meals for the poor.

I did a bit of research and it appears that this is 1) available in most mosques around the world; 2) is not widely advertised and 3) generally available to everybody.

The timing of the dinner depends on when the fast is broken which will be different each day for each state.

The time for the dinner is the second last column titled "Iftar Maghrib"

Free food and drinks every evening for everyone in most of the mosques - check for local mosque or speak to any Muslim friend, neighbour or colleague for more details.

This is a great way to explore and connect to a different culture.

Ramadan Kareem to those that celebrate Ramadan.

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  • +97 votes

    For people commenting this as a charity, please know that it is not. We have prayers right after opening/breaking our fast and in some places where Masjids/Mosques are not close to our homes, we'd rather get to the Masjid and break our fast there so we can join the prayers immediately after.
    Its not a charity because people from all different sorts of backgrounds and financial situations come together, sit together and have a meal together without any differences.
    Its not a charity because its providing convenience to people - for instance people working in the CBD, may not get home in time to break the fast. If some's working in CBD and coming in to break the fast in a suit, they're not there because they can't afford a meal, they're there because they'd rather open the fast with everyone and then pray right after.
    It is a deal because its open for everyone, regardless of their religion or race. It is a deal because it happens once a year for an entire month.
    I still plan on going there. You may meet interesting people who are breaking the fast with you.
    If you have any questions/concerns, I'm sure any Masjid would be happy to have ANYONE join them for the free dinner at sunset, and people over there would be happy to clarify any doubts :) - If you're in Melbourne, I'll be going to the one near Flagstaff Station.

    • +35 votes

      be happy to have ANYONE join

      Read the title. Read the body.

      Free Dinner for Those in Need

      aid organisations set up tents and tables to serve free evening meals for the poor.

      Salvation Army does this everyday.

      • +19 votes

        "Those in need" didn't just mean people who are not able to afford food. As the above poster said anyone can turn up. One of the "customs" of Muslim people is inviting guests to their house or place of worship for food.

        • +49 votes

          Well, here are the ones from Christians. They happen weekly and are open for all.

          Here is one from Bhuddist. Also weekly basis and all welcome.

          I'm sure another 2 minutes of Google search and this list would be a lot longer.

          Seems this custom is across the board. I wonder why the ones that happen on a weekly basis isn't posted but this one is.

          • +46 votes

            @tshow: Its good to know that you've done your research. Please know that this is not a competition of any sort. Christians and Bhuddists doing this, is awesome. I'm sure people from other religions do the same, even people who don't follow any religion.

            It's posted as a deal because this happens once a year - like most sales/deals. This is the month when we are supposed to pray more, get connected with our religion more; for which we get a greater reward, in a sense that every good deed gives us a multiplied reward in this month.
            For example, 70x more reward points if you buy this during certain periods :D

            I'm not pointing fingers at anyone here; but really, I don't comment about any other religion because I don't have enough knowledge. Getting "knowledge" from biased news channels or social media is not the way to go. I have friends from so many different religions and being a Muslim, I've even gone to some of their praying places to get know more about their traditions/cultures/practices. I still don't call myself knowledgeable enough to discuss a religion apart from my own.

            Thanks dealbot, appreciate the edit <3

            • @ar7ist:

              This is the month when we are supposed to pray more, get connected with our religion more; for which we get a greater reward, in a sense that every good deed gives us a multiplied reward in this month.

              Has anyone ever come back and reviewed the rewards?

              It'd be an awful shame if it all turned out to be a big scam and the voiceless faithful deceased had all wasted their lives and money for nothing. Don't you think?

            • @ar7ist: Deal in the name of festival/religion?

          • +1 vote

            @tshow: By looking at the votes, How divided our nation is. :(

            • @DisabledUser225214: Based on the comment mentioned, it is divided into
              1. those who can read
              2. those who cannot

            • @DisabledUser225214: Virtue Signalling has become a world wide phenomenon

              • @Danstar: That's not just a convenient excuse for your own selfish behaviour, but doubling down on it by leaning into your lack of empathy. You can be selfish, but it's wrong to believe everyone else.

                The accusation of virtue signalling is all about wanting to believe everyone else sucks as much as you, so it's no big deal if you suck as hard as you possibly can.

    • -1 vote

      Better than the Canberra Times.

    • So would you say that dealbot should edit the original post so that the title doesn't say "for those in need"?

    • So it should be a TARGETED? deal then? As you mention it's for people who are going to pray afterwards?

      • Its not targeted if its for everyone. You could literally come, have food and leave without praying. No one there is marking attendance and checking against your name if you've prayed or not :D

        • It's just you said

          they're there because they'd rather open the fast with everyone and then pray right after.


          You may meet interesting people who are breaking the fast with you.

          Sounds like it is intended for those partaking in Ramadan, so to me, it would seem like a targeted deal, even if they would be gracious enough to accept you along if you weren't partaking in Ramadan.

        • that's complete BS,You'd only do that if you were a leech

      • If by targeted you're talking about drone strikes…

    • +13 votes

      I agree. These dinners are more about community spirit and definitely not a charity.

    • MEGASERVE on 07/05/2019 - 10:41 Comment unpublished. (Trolling)
    • HoJu 0 on 07/05/2019 - 12:12 Comment unpublished. (Personal attack)
    • @ar7ist

      I am interested in this but don't want to be a dick.

      What is the protocol for this? I am interested in attending to visit part of my local community. I don't need the free food.

      Should I bring cash to make a donation? Or is that tacky?


      • That's a great idea. Where about are you located? If you're in Melbourne, I can suggest places where you can go and experience the community.
        There is no protocol per say. Just try and find out if your nearest Masjid/community centre offers free dinner. Some places do everyday for the entire month and some do on weekends only.
        All you have to do is just show up and sit anywhere you can find an empty spot and has food/dates/snacks.
        After that if you want to talk to someone and get to know more about it, just go to the person who's leading the congregation after the prayers have finished.
        No need to bring cash or make a donation. No one's going to ask you for it.

    • Sikh temples already provide free food to anyone who comes. Most provide on the weekends but some provide on weekdays too all year long.

  • i wonder if they'll have pizza

    • Some do
      Spence mosque has rice and curry. Or biriyani. But I don't think we should advertise this as a deal

      • +41 votes

        I agree.
        It would be selfish of someone to attend if they are fully capable of affording a meal.

        • Not really, the meals are intended for everyone, not just the poor or needy. They also tend to provide extremely large quantities so there's more than enough to go around.

          Edit: For those that are downvoting and don't know… The meals are provided for mosque-goers after the evening prayer when it's time to break the fast. It's available for everyone as well as feeding the less fortunate.

      • Take a plate, make a donation. It works out better for everyone than just avoiding it altogether.

        • May I suggest trying the fasting ritual and step into another's shoes for a day while you're at it.

          • @hugh: No thanks - I'm on a diet. Ramadan is the only religious 'fast' when the amount of food consumed actually INCREASES. (Welcome to islam - where fEasting qualifies as fasting.)

    • I love pizza. Cheap, quick and does the job. My favorites are ham and pineapple and meatlovers.

    • ham and pineapple. ..yum.

    • Some uni societies arrange pizza for iftar (ie breaking the fasts).

  • Bloody Muslims, they come to our country and be really nice and help those less fortunate than them. No wonder we are falling apart. Stop the boats!

    • /sarcasm

    • Muslims is not a race. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ It’s a choice of ‘way of life’

      It’s like you referring to “those Buddhists” or “those atheists”

      • So if I don’t like someone because of their religions/beliefs, it’s okay, isn’t it? It’s not racist, right?

        Hate halal, but okay with kosher? What’s the difference of that if many of us can eat everything and perhaps anything according to bible in New Testament? No restriction.

        Want to eat meat, then have to slaughter it first. Both halal and kosher do that ritual and perhaps if we read the Old Testament it’s almost identical thing with the Muslim and Jewish tradition.

        We need to read again on what we believe in.

        • Uh, no - it's not racist, because islam is not a race. Just like Christianity is not one race, wicca is not one race, and leftism is not a race (though it too is a religion).

        • So if I don’t like someone because of their religions/beliefs, it’s okay, isn’t it? It’s not racist, right?

          No, but you need to ensure your words or actions are not discrimination - which we have pretty stern laws against.

      • I came to Australia because I value the Aussie life. Period.

    • hate destroys peace in our heart!

  • Targeted or Inappropriate perhaps?

    • We all know why this has been reported as inappropriate.

      • Because it's making a joke of the generosity of others?

        Community outreach and assistance shouldn't be considered a "deal" or "bargain" imo.

      • +1 vote

        He's saying that's two reasons it shouldn't be posted.

        It's inappropriate because if just anyone shows up and eats a meal, they're taking away from the potential meal of a homeless/poor person, who are the targeted demographic.

        • Agreed. Those who are in need should take advantage of the deal. Those who are not should not.

  • Such a bargain

    • Not at all… they say if you don't pay money for a service, then YOU are the product.

      Besides, I'm already a devout Googlelo.

  • +41 votes

    My local Hari Krishna ashram in Canberra does a free vego meal every Sunday night of the year and has done for decades. Lots of soup kitchens run by a variety of faith based and community organisations also do free meals pretty much every day.
    For those that want to give back, organisations such as ozharvest do a great job of supplying excess food to homelessness services.

  • Nice gesture, hardly a bargain though!

    • Free isn't a bargain?

      • Most of the people on here aren't really the target for this sort of thing. Sure if you're an absolute cheapskate who wants to take advantage of everything you'd go for this but for the average person here you'd be kind of a terrible person to go to this if you don't really need it.

        • And if you are, that's immoral and shouldn't be encouraged.


          I'm sure lots of Ozbargainers are skint hence the need to save money.

          I bet Bill Gates doesn't come on here [/sarcasm]

      • Free is also the air you are breathing right now, is it a bargain?

  • can you lock this down mods? There's no purpose for those to discuss politics and religion here. We're going to see keyboard warriors flock to the comments section to antagonize & posion it.
    The offer is an excellent 'free' bargain that usually occurs every year. We see this from a number of religious institutions, maybe suited to forums?
    At the end of the day we're all human that have the right to practice whatever we wish in this free and wonderful society we live in. Be kind to each other folks, life is too darn short to be unpleasant.

  • Comments are competing with reports LOL

  • I agree. To prevent abuse charity assistance should not be posted as deals. They are promoted to those who need them through appropriate channels.

    • +29 votes

      Initially came in looking for the reason why this was negged. Expected it to be VERY disrespectful and immature. But your logic is sound, and you were very mature and your reason was in and of itself respectful. Upvote for you!

    • They would welcome anyone

    • -1 vote

      There's a Facebook group for poor people?

      Rich folk like me can just make a donation anyway.

    • Well said

    • It’s not abuse. In fact, the more people come, the more rewards/ blessings they (the hosts) get from God.

      • I volunteer for several food charities and through posts like these we are now sometimes getting landlords to come to our meals with containers, fill up several of them and then give that food to their full board tenants.
        50% of the time now I cannot prepare meals anymore as we need one person to supervise and ensure this doesn't happen so that the people who really need the help get it.
        The same situation with the free clothes, hygiene items etc. The most extreme example is a 94 year old millionaire landlord who tries to use his age to evoke pity - we know he does that and he has already been banned by some charities. Unfortunately these rich freeloaders have been increasing in numbers over the last 2 or so years.
        We advertise our services through the apptopriate channels to reach the right people - post like these do not help us but bind much needed resources. I really wish Ozbargain would not allow these posts - it would make my life and those of my fellow volunteers easier and really make a difference to the people who really need our services.

        • It’s not charity if you care where it goes mate. In the eyes of God, they say it’s the deed that counts.


          Yes, there are freeloaders, and these must be dealt with appropriately. In addition, one would be an idiot to leave the masses to serve themselves (or load a boatful of containers with food for takeaway) rather than have the food manned and served at the spot for eating at the hosting place.

          • @YoursTruly: That depends on how you look at it.
            The free mentality unfortunately takes over with some people - they feel no shame.
            We used to serve people but one can also view allowing people to serve themselves as not patronising them and treating them as anybody else.
            It is a case of "the few spoil it for the many" but thanks to posts like this the number of "the few" increases.

            Also, charity is not for the rich and millionaires to line their pockets. How willing do you think Woolworths, Coles etc. will be to donate if their donations are abused by the rich?
            Plus, if we have food for 30 people but 40 come and 12 of these are freeloaders and happen to be there first then some people (12) who really need the food to survive miss out and go hungry. This would still be the same if we served the food.
            To me this is stealing from the poor and vulnerable people that need help the most.
            I mean does Ozbargain really need charity posts as deals to thrive and be attractive? I really do not think so.

  • +65 votes

    Not a bargain. This is a charity.
    Posts like this will only encourage cheapskates to take advantage of the offer.
    This isn't the appropriate forum for a public service announcement for people genuinely in need.
    This is a bargain site, aimed at the general population. Let's not change that.

    • Spose it might help open some eyes/minds, though.

    • +6 votes

      And many times posts on here get featured on google news feeds and searches, so some cheapskates will use abuse this… :(

    • This is bargain for people in need.
      You are blessed with money so you look/need bargains on eBay,Amazon or other webpages. Some people in the world/Australia are even homeless. For them, food & shelter is what they need.

      If u go beyond religion and look it as someone who has no money can eat food for the rest of month for FREE…I think it's a BLOODY GOOOD BARGAIN.

      By the way, if u offer this kind of offer to someone, I will definitely like it and will not bring politics)religion in it.

      • Most people in need won’t be browsing for bargains online

        • False. I was homeless with a phone, the latter part not being unusual, you better believe I was checking OzB for free pizza deals etc on the daily.

          • @zwolf: So you used the freebie section of OzB

            Not the “buy things for cheaper than the usual price section”

            • @Danstar: No, Dude. DEALS in general. If there was free food, inevitably being upvoted to the front page, then great.

              • @zwolf: Free and bargain are different things though. :)

                • @Danstar: Some people really hate being wrong. :/
                  Free pizza being upvoted to the front of the page was the high point, but the "etc" is inclusive of being on the lookout for cheap clothing, batteries, cables, 'essentials', etc. if you truly think homeless/people in need with their wits about them aren't keeping an eye out for dirt-cheap QOL improvements, for some reason, I'm here to tell you you're mistaken - unless you have the personal experience to speak otherwise. That is all.

  • Any cashrewards?

  • Is it possible to volunteer if you're not Muslim?

    • for sure , just go to any mosque and meet any of the guys their and tell them you wana be part of this

    • I took some flowers to the local mosque with my two young daughters and the people there were so appreciative and lovely. Welcomed us back the next day for lunch etc. So yes, I’d be very surprised if they turned your offer down because you’re not Muslim!

    • Great questions…. You r more than welcome. Appreciate this.

    • A logical conclusion for a virtue signalling "bargain". Sorry, volunteer workers giving out food to the needy is not a bargain.

  • Free food and drinks every evening for everyone in most of the mosques

    Including homesexuals?