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Save $100 on Giro Empire SLX Cycling Shoes $299 + $15 Shipping @ Bike Force Docklands


Giro Empire SLX in white. Normally $399, now on sale for $299 plus $15 shipping Australia while.

Great lightweight road cycling shoes.

At just 175 grams (size 42.5), the Empire™ SLX sets a new standard for lightweight cycling footwear. Yet it doesn’t compromise the structure or stiffness needed to put full power to the pedals thanks to a combination of exceptional fit, a new Evofiber™ SL one-piece upper, & the Easton® EC90 SLX2 high-modulus outsole. & with replaceable heel pads, full titanium hardware & our adjustable SuperNatural Fit Kit, these are full-featured shoes built to win, & built to last.

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Bike Force Docklands
Bike Force Docklands

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    • Guy clearly doesn't have a GF. $300 bike shoes are supremely comfortable and with a rock solid sole, vastly reduces the effort required in pedalling. Makes an enourmous difference in a 4 hour ride or in a race.
      Unlike chicks' $300 shoes which generally prevent walking.

    • Wait till you find out that good quality bikes don’t even come with peddles.

      • Man I found this out the hard way on friday. I wouldnt say i bought an amazing bike, it's was around $1500. I go to pick it up, and the thing has no pedals I'm like wtf.. the store rep said that, "it's just the way they do it now". What a (profanity) joke.

        The store guy gave me some dirty old plastic pedals for my new bike which I was appreciative although grateful might be a stretch. They look filthy not in a good way

        Anyway, $400 for bike shoes because they are lighter.. man I'm getting old because I just think what kind of idiot buys into that

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          I wouldnt say i bought an amazing bike, it's was around $1500.

          That should be a pretty good bike I think, I reckon good bikes start around there.

          the store rep said that, "it's just the way they do it now".

          Hmm, pretty sure higher-end bikes never come with pedals, because the people who buy higher-end bikes would have their own preference as to which pedal system they use.

          Cheap bikes would usually come with pedals because the people who buy them won't be using clipless pedals.

        • People that buy high end bnormally have a preference for different types of pedals. I ride with 'Speedplay' pedals and my expensive bike shoes have special 'Speedplay' cleats screwed onto their soles. If I bought a bike and it came with flat or Look/Keo/Shimano/SPD or any other type of pedals I would not be able to ride with them. i would immediately take the pedals off the bike and fit my own Speedplay pedals onto the bike. in this scenario it is easier for the bike manufacturers to sell me the bike for $200 less and let me choose my own pedals. Some of the lower end bikes come with flat pedals but in my case they would be going straight in the bin if I bought that bike.

          • @2ndeffort: Fair enough it was that developed. But I still think it's a cop out by manufacturer not including a basic pedal to allow normal use.

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              Fair enough it was that developed. But I still think it's a cop out by manufacturer not including a basic pedal to allow normal use.

              You're missing the point here… for people who buy higher-end bikes, "normal use" means using a clipless pedal. :)

              • @eug: It's just manufacturer holding out for their own benefit. They are not passing on savingsz just boosting profits.

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                  @BusMan247: I don't think you understand how cyclists use their high-end bikes. People who buy high-end bikes do not use basic pedals. The manufacturer will be throwing money in the bin if they provided basic pedals with every high-end bike they sell.

                  The tiny fraction of cyclists buying high-end bikes who might want a basic pedal would probably have a pair from their old bike already. It makes no sense for a manufacturer to supply one with every single high-end bike they sell.

                • @BusMan247: How. I have bought several bikes each worth several thousand K. On each one the reflectors, the bell and the 'Dork Disc' (not sure what its real name is, the clear plastic disc that sits behind the cassette on the rear wheel) have all gone into the bin before I left the shop. One bike shop told me that by law they had to include these on the bike when they sold it to me so I asked to borrow a hex key, took them all off myself and tossed them in the bin. If flat pedals were on the bike they would have also gone into the bin. My bike shoes cost $400 ish and the Speedplay pedals and cleats i use cost another $200 or so. I never ride my high end road bike to the shops, to the station etc and I never leave it unattended. I never ride it wearing any other shoes. I would prefer the bike companies kept the cost down by not including any of these things that I am going to pay for then toss in a bin. For a cheaper bike aimed at less serious riders, sure include flat pedals. For people that will just throw them in the bin, better to save the comoney and sell the bike a bit cheaper.

  • These sometimes pop up at Merlin in the UK for $260-280.

    I haven't used the SLX but I've been pretty happy with the ACC and VR90 versions.

  • What I really miss is the garishness of 1990 bicycle shoes by Look.