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Harvey Norman - 20% off Almost Everything Electrical and Most of Store


Harvey Norman are having a 20% off sale for almost everything in the electrical department and also have 20% off non-electricals not listed in their current catalogue.

Whether this is a good sale or not for you depends on whether your local Harvey Norman are a rip-off (Gordon NSW) or price competitively (North Ryde NSW).

Tonight I picked up the following:
* Fisher and Paykel E442BRX 442 litre fridge for $1197.60 + delivery cost
* Bosch WAE2026AU 6.5kg washing machine $599.20 + delivery cost + free 6kg of OMO

Delivery was a flat $65 and would have been the same if I had bought 1 or 10 items.

These prices are VERY competitive.

Contrast that with Gordon NSW store who have the same fridge marked at $1991 less 20% - so that's $1592.80 after the discount - more than the $1497 pre-discount price at North Ryde.

If you shop at the Gordon NSW store you are most definitely paying TOO MUCH.

A few other bargains worth mentioning:
* XBOX Arcades for $148 less 20%
* Electrolux EWF10831 8kg front load washing machine $727 less 20% + delivery cost
* PSP 3000 handhelds for $148 less 20% (Gordon)
* 16gb Toshiba USB sticks $25 less 20% (North Ryde) or more expensive at Gordon…
* Samsung UA46C7000 46" LED TV - around $1450 after the 20% discount (again at Ryde)
* 55" LED TV - ChongHing brand or something like that - $795 after the 20% discount (Gordon)…
* Tivo 320gb $469 less 20%
* Whirlpool WRID41TN 410 litre fridge $899 less 20% + free $100 gift voucher + delivery cost
* Pretty much everything electrical, including the current Harvey Norman catalogue, reduced by 20%
* 20% off all computers
* 20% off still cameras and video cameras
* 20% off vacuums
* 20% off games and gaming consoles
* 20% off non-electricals not in current catalogues (if your local Harvey Norman sells non-electricals)

The sale is "while stocks last" but your store may or may not let you order in

Some brands are excluded - Miele, Apple, Asko, Falcon, Gaggenau, Neff

I am thinking of buying a full HD video camera - there were some decent looking Canons for less than $400 after the discount…

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  • Can't see Xbox Arcade anywhere on the website. Instore only?

    • Web site blows. Your local store might have a lot or none. They had 20+ at North Ryde yesterday.

    • There were Xbox Arcades in store (at the North Ryde store) this morning.
      It was $148 i believe

      Saw a dude walk out with an Xbox 4Gb as we were walking into the store and i wondered if he was an OzBargainer…

      • Is that after discount?

        edit nevermind, just re-read OP

      • I walked out with an xbox 250gb this morning? =D

        $439 couldn't resist

        • I couldn't find the xbox 250 GB.. they only had a stack of 4gb with some crappy promo with HDMI cable etc fo $500+

        • yeah it was a pile, and the 250's were the bottom row of that pile kinda blending in even though the sign said 4gb bundle.
          i asked for one and they got me one from the back anyway

  • What about Topfield/Toppro PVRs?

    • Yes, Included.

      I just picked up the TiVo 320 this morning for $375.

  • Why the hell is the Denon AVR391 $350-$399 everywhere else but at Harvey Norman it is $499


    What an absolute load of rubbish sale. It is a joke.

    • "What an absolute load of rubbish sale. It is a joke."

      Stop being an absolute idiot and read the thread- You would then know that most, if not ALL Harvey Norman stores will have a better ticketed price.

      • -3

        Thanks, no doubt you are a Harvey Norman/Social PR person. Good try.

      • +3

        lol, I am sure you can take Harvey Norman Chadstone off your "most if not All" list.


        They had this ticketed at $149.95, and took 5 minutes of explaining how they have advertised it as 127 on the site, and how it is illegal to jack prices up etc. Before the sales guy relented and took 20% off the 127.

        I have had easier time getting Office Works to price match against a online stores than getting HN to honour their own prices.

  • Went to Morayfield HB, most prices were back up to harvey normal rrp. So 20% off brings the prices down to what you might pay at JB or Good Guys.

    • That is disappointing - sounds like Morayfield is one of the "bad" stores…

      • Sure is. Terrible staff too no sense talking to them all they know is what they read of the damn sheet.

  • i've been wanting to get a Nikon D5100 so bad
    sucks that my local Harvey Norman in Westfield Southland relocated =[
    now have to go to Chadstone
    thanks for the post though! even with 20% off their RRP, it would still be cheaper than what JB could quote me for it.

  • also excludes Vaio, would have liked to check out the SB series, but now might be a good time to buy the samsung series 9 laptop, can be had for $2000 after discount

    • It is not supposed to exclude Vaio - I am pretty sure they were reduced at North Ryde last night…

      • they must have just included it then, its been updated on their website to exclude Vaio now as well.

        im kicking myself for not buying during the 30% off all computers sale, this might be the next best thing before i leave for overseas next week

  • Anyone know how much The D7000 + 18-105 kit is at HN?

    • I believe they are around $2500 at HN.

      • You're kidding right? They have the D7000 + 18-55 + 55-300 for 2048

  • So all of the xbox arcades at north ryde this morning were december 2009.
    anyone find jtag-able ones at their local stores? =D

  • just picked up a Canon 60D single lens kit for $1101 hahahhaha plus 50% off for the 2 year warranty (rrp $299)
    so total up 1101+149

    • Which lens? I am going to see if I can get body only.

      • the 18-55mm but still cheap, nah i tried to get the body only but it costs more as its not on sale. The single lens kit is on special if you check the HN website.
        so after the 20% applies, single lens kit is 1101 and body only is around 1250 lol

        • Not bad, close to grey import, only if Jerry offered this kind of pricing all the time we will end up buying all our gear from HN:)

      • you sure it is a close to? body only grey import is around950~980 plus shipping plus maybe end up paying GST. This one is single lens kit (lens prbly $100)
        so i would say this one is way cheaper :)

    • where did you get it from Will? which store is it in nsw?

      • No store in Melb has the single lens so far. Lucky for Nsw buyer.

        • That is correct, and HN Chadstone have the body only but for $1599. You can't explain to them that the single lens kit is for $1378 so the body only should be cheaper but no.

          I have given up so next time. I will save my money for now.

        • yea, definitely, missed heat/bulls match 5 to get this bad boy :D

      • Sry guys, forgot to mention that I got it in Perth

        • thx For the info, u definitely lucky yo get it at this price.

        • did you have to argue to get 20% off the website price ?
          As I even called Albury store, and they said it's from retail price $ 1759, which after 20% off is still more expensive than website price. It does said though on the website regarding the promotion, that the "20% off from normal ticketed price", normal = retail ? Just wish Melbourne has stock, then I might get it for $ 1100

  • Just picked up

    Xbox 360 250 GB + Kinect Bundle + 2 year warranty + Kinect Adventures + Dance Central for $477

  • +2

    bought the acer iconia tab a500 16g for $420+… with the AMEX rebate it will hence cost only $370…

    • yer, hasn't anyone else noticed this? read some reviews and it seems to be a good Honeycomb tablet, gonna see if DSE can match HN price (with 20% off) then I can get it and get the everyday rewards points and the 14 day return thingy

      • People are stating that Officeworks is beating the HN 20% off price by a further 5% making it a $400 tablet. I bought mine 4 weeks ago - its a great piece of tech for the price at $400.

        • if you are not taking advantage of the amex $50 cashback promotion then yes OW is a possibility making it at a price of $400.52, which is seriously cheap enough!

        • Anyone got receipt of the acer discounted price…. My local ow refuse to match….

        • I got mine from HN Bundall for $394. Got a quote from OW Burleigh Heads for $395. HN beat them by $1 only.

        • Tried OW to beat the price, got turned down because that was an 'insane' price… lol
          OW at Chadstone, Victoria

        • wippy, if you got a smartphone you can show them the HN website showing 20% storewide discount. that is what i did and they gave me a quote for $395 from the counter.

  • Any one bought PS3?

  • +1


    Been hunting around for a while

    The best PS3 deal buying from Jerry is the Play TV + 320GB model = 546.00

    The 20% gave me a new price of 436.00
    The sales guy gave me two years extra warranty for 40.00

    Then I applied the amex thing which makes it less 50.00

    A total of 426.00 (With 3 yrs warranty all up)

    If I could only sell the Play TV for 60.00, then I can get the price down to 366.00

    If you guys don't care bout warranty, it would work out to be even cheaper!

    • I'll take it off you if you will post to melb. send me an email.

  • Xbox arcades were down to just 2 (N Ryde) at lunchtime today. I got the 2nd last one to replace my RROD'd one. Thanks for the tip!

  • wanted to pick up a cheap pocket hdd. but apparently at my harvey norman (warrawong) is only 20% off their rrp. =(

  • So exactly how much are the ps3's?
    And what price would they be after the discount?

  • +6

    I love the people who've grabbed bargains but still dont give it a positive vote!

    • Well I have it a positive vote and haven't even bothered looking at the HN website or going to a HN Store.

    • because a competitive price does not constitute a bargain

  • I went to HN on Thursday to check a toshiba laptop. It was $ 1785 (RRP 1799).
    Asked sales person if there is any discount soon for laptop like they did a couple weeks
    ago. The answer is no.

    Then I checked again the price from HN website for this lappy. Guess what.
    They marked up the price to $ 2,798. It is increased by aprrox. $1000.
    How can they increase the price above official RRP from Toshiba.
    I found that is amazing and misleading…..later they will have 50% off.

    While at office this lappy is for only $ 1492 and i am sure ow can do better than
    $ 1492…

    HN you've done it again

    • unfortunately this does happen at some dodgy stores, i've seen it happen at other stores as well (JB hifi, and Good Guys) so its not just HN that does this.

      i also went in on wednesday to ask if they would do a better deal on the samsung series 9 and i was willing to buy it then and there for $2k (RRP is $2500). The guy says no and that no sales are coming up, two days later 20% off all electricals and i've changed my mind about that laptop now. So no business for HN

  • +2

    While not strictly part of the sale, finding StarCraft 2 in the bargain bin for $20 @ Bundaberg HN = win.

    • $20 less 20% ?

      That is a sweet deal either way…

  • +1

    just bought bissell carpet washer for $159.as typical Harvey Norman practice they put the price up to $224 but on catalogue the price is $199.so i have to argued with the salesperson to get 20% from catalogue price of $199 not a new ticketed price $224.life is too short to argue about a few dollars but hey they should be honest with you in the first place.a good bargain if you need one for your home.

  • The Nikon D7000 body only was $1,799 at my local Harvey Norman.
    Discount would take it to $1,440.

    The Nikon D7000 with the single lens kit 18-105 was $2,099.
    Discount would take it to $1,680.

    Pretty ordinary.

    • +1

      Go to HN Bundall.
      Body only 1368
      with single lens around 1680
      double lens kit 2099
      - less 20%

      • Wow, that's pretty good value! Trouble is I'm in central west NSW! Still, goes to show how much prices can vary store-to-store. Thanks for that info!

  • +2

    Bought some white good
    Samsung 8.5kg Washing Machine with Bubble Wash technology WF0854W8E ticket price $998 — 20% off that is $798.40 with extended warranty to 4 years for $90
    Ariston Dishwasher Stainless Steel LBF51X ticket price $687 — 20% that is $549.60

    I consider that pretty good deal… agree?
    By the way I bought the last one for the washing machine… HN Chadstone, Victoria

  • Avoid HN Carindale… they jacked up the price of their PS3's… 320GB was $599, not $550 as per website… and discount is not applicable to bundles

    Anyone know which HN in brisbane has cheaper PS3's?

    • +1

      The discount is not applicable to bundles - since when ?

      They are f…ing robbing you…

      I got a bundled PSP no problems…

  • Thanks for the post.
    Just bought a cloth dryer (Electrolux Dryer EDV605) from HN for $420, plus $50 off from AMEX rebate make it $370.
    Awesome deal :)

    • +2

      It's obviously awesome for you, however I don't see a + vote next to your name confirming it. As GreatWhiteHunter mentioned earlier "I love the people who've grabbed bargains but still dont give it a positive vote!"

    • That is a sweet deal - the whitegoods in stores that already price below RRP are very good deals…

  • I've bought a PSP3002($141.60)+2yr extend warranty($28) + Breville Burr Coffee Grinder($136). with $50 rebate from AMEX I think that's pretty good deal

  • +1

    Picked up an Onkyo TX-SR309 for $440 (20% off sticker price of $549) at Harvey Norman/Domayne Auburn, the one across the road from McDonalds. Best price I could find online was $499 excluding delivery.
    I checked the price at both the North Ryde and Auburn Megastore, they could only do $480 after the 20%.

  • I got a Delonghi Magnifica Semi-automatic Coffee Machine - Sticker RRP was $999.

    Ticketed for $747 less 20% = $597.60. http://www.delonghi.com.au/products/product_details.asp?Mode...


  • did anyone in melbourne picked up an extra xbox arcade? don't mind one but i guess its too late now zzz

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