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Ozito Power X Change 18V Lithium Cordless 6 Piece Kit $199 @ Bunnings (Selected Stores)


6 piece ozito power exchange kit with 2, 4 ah batteries $199 ballina store


18V 13mm Drill Driver
18V Impact Driver
18V 115mm Angle Grinder
18V Reciprocating Saw
18V 165mm Circular Saw
18V LED Torch
2 x 4.0Ah Batteries
1 x Fast Charger

(This deal was first spotted at Ballina but user reports that this may be available at other Bunnings stores. Stock will be limited)

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  • Looks a little more useful than Aldi's offering, bigger batteries too…

    • Looks more like a clearance of an old promotion pack, than a response top ALDI.

      Good luck finding it in stock elsewhere. Let us know if you do, please.

      • There's been an open bag one on clearance at a store (don't remember which one) but they had it for $350 from memory. No surprise that one has been sitting there a while at that price.

        Maybe I'll check again soon to see if they've budged on it.

  • looks like good deal, would other bunnings match this price?

    • Bunning doesn’t usually price match other Bunnings

    • Very very rarely.

      Some have had success. But overwhelmingly most people’s experience is no price matching.

      • I have nerves been knocked back at any vic bunnings for price match all r happy to match price as long as I have copy of a reciept from another bunnings or clearance picture from another store

  • this product is all over the ACT,
    seems to be the replacement for the one I bought (less items)which I bought when it hit 199.
    plus the new pack contains the 165 circular saw which has the extraction port, not the 150 which doesnt.
    this is an excellent pack for the money & the items it has. 2 x 4ah plus 165 circular saw (not 150) and the Reciprocating Saw
    Mine only had 1x4ah and 1x2ah and the 150 circular saw,
    I have since bought an additional 4ah on sale and also the Reciprocating Saw
    I would prefer if the removed the torch and put in the duel battery charger instead..
    interestingly, there are no longer any packs like this on the website. seems to be recently removed

    • As in the ACT stores have stock and it's priced cheap?

      • sorry, no.. was at $349. at Belconnen store.
        I was at Gungahlin and I didnt see any there..

        so no longer 'all over act'.. but has seen it previously at Tuggeranong a few weeks ago.

        sorry should have provided clearer and better detail

  • $398 on that receipt?

  • Great kit and good to see they're including the 165mm Circular Saw because the old 150mm model was really a piece of junk. Went through 3 of them and they all had sloppy bearings after only very light use. The 165mm is far superior although I did take my first one back due to 'something' happening that caused the blade the stop dead during a cut and the safety guard spring mech ending up mashed in the teeth of the blade. Whether is was due to foreign matter being introduced during a 3m rip of a reclaimed VJ board isn't the point ;) No Brushless tools in the kit… but 'meh', Brushless Smushless for a great little kit at this price.

    • Unfair to compare to trade quality tools but:
      Was checking that 165 Circular out in the store and at least display model had ugly give in the blade/bearings. Good enough to cut 2x4 but on hardwood decking or expensive ply it wouldn't leave a pretty edge.
      Depth adjustment is also quite cumbersome. Still tempted to buy for those dirty jobs.

  • That's a good deal.. id buy it even though i got most tye tools already

  • In terms of quality of product in comparison to Aldi's Xfinity range, which one is better?

    • This.. because bunnings is great to deal with if something stops working

      • This.. because you can but a new battery or tool from the "X change" range at any time at Bunnings - dont have to wait for ALDI sales cycles

        in terms fo quality I've used both brands drills and didn't pick up any major difference doing weekend home work (so I'm hardly an expert)

        • Just bought one from the local Bunnings. I was told, this is a monthly special and very limited stock is available statewide(QLD). 2 available (after my purchase) at Toowoomba (QLD) North, none at Toowoomba south.

          • @Sphynx: You've done very very well I reckon

            My ALDI drill was going strong after nearly 4 years but battery charger broke a couple months ago!! Needed to do some urgent repair work and it left me with no option but to buy the Ozito bundle with drill and impact driver for $169 with only 2x 2ah batteries. I'm dying seeing this deal though probably not available in VIC anyway

            I'd put more faith in Ozito X Change being around in 5 years than I would the ALDI brand also

    • About the same or not enough difference to worry about… but as 'hippyhippy' says above and as I know from personal experience if you ever have a problem with an Ozito PXC product Bunnings are more than happy to assist and simply replace it over-the-counter without hesitation if required. Just brilliant!

  • Hope this is going to be the nationwide Bunnings response to the Aldi offering!

  • Thanks for posting this OP, I have the Power X hedge trimmer and was looking at getting a drill, recip saw and an extra battery, this deal was a great addition, there were 3 left at approx 9am at Bunnings Kotara NSW (after my purchase), no others left in Belmont NSW and Boolaroo NSW.

    Was having a look and the 2 x 4.0Ah batteries and fast charger come to $158 alone (bought separately), pretty good deal for an extra $41.

    Thanks again OP.

  • Six available at Edwardstown SA store as I type.

  • There were 4 available on display at Balgowlah NSW Bunnings this morning (3 left after I bought 1) - $199

  • just checked with bunnings springvale vic 3170, the price is $399

  • Plenty of stock ticketed at this price Bunnings Joondalup (WA).

    Display is stacked on floor about 20m to the left as you come in main entrance.

    • Any other discounted ozitos you've seen there? Looking for pole pruners

    • +3 votes

      Thanks, I was able to call Joondalup and get them to mail it to me (remote north WA) through Australia Post for $46. Came to $245 total for the kit. Worth it.

      I've had difficulty finding a Bunnings that will ship here. I'm glad that Joondalup came through. I'll doubtless use them again in future.

      If you want it posted: Having the Ozito item number helps the purchase process. PX6PAK-006 (they need the dash). You'll need to talk to the Special Orders desk for the purchase.

    • WA: None in Willeton, None in O'connor

  • Just got one at Castle Hill. Was a decent stack of them left.

  • Seems to be scum bags buying them and listing them for $500 on ebay…

  • One left at Wagga now.

    One of the staff said "that cant be right", when I was chatting to him.

    No issues though.

  • Just at Bunnings harrisdale Perth and they are $250, bugger.

  • Thanks Op, 4 left at Chatswood at around 2pm
    They had a Yellow Clearance sticker saying $299 and an orange sign saying $199 - it scanned at $199.

  • Got the last one at Northmead.

  • 3 at Rocklea (QLD), easy to call up and quote I/N 0098551 to know if stock is available

  • Thanks OP, picked one up at Ellenbrook WA. 3 left from what I could see. Interestingly the 5 piece kit was marked at $199 and the 6 piece kit was marked at $349. However when scanned the 6 piece kit came up at $199 Happy Days

  • Anyone see this special in VIC?

  • Perth

    Armadale had none that I could find

    harrisdale they were $250

    Maddington they were $349, I did not get them scanned…

  • Sent my old man into Bunnings Ballina this afternoon for me, he got the last one.

  • 5 at Cannon Hill priced at $199

  • Thanks OP! Got the last one at Springvale just then for $199

  • $199 in nsw at tuggerah

  • Stock in Mentone, VIC ! 2 left, was 5 left 30 mins ago .. hurry up Ozbargainers !

  • $199 at Bunnings Bayswater WA… 3 left by the looks of it…

  • $199 at Bunnings Wollongong 2 left

    None left in Bellambi

  • Got one. The drivers and the grinder seem to be good. The saws are pretty crap but may be fine for gardening. No comment for the torch light, I would prefer cable ties instead.

    • The torch obviously isn't as valuable as a power tool, but as far as torches go, it's fine. Bright, adjustable head and a folding wire to hang it up on. My demands on a torch are low, but this one meets all of them.

    • Personally, I love the saws and have done a lot of serious resto work with them on our timber workers cottage cutting through 115 year old hardwood with reasonable ease. I've also used the recip saw in the garden and found it to be invaluable. Love the torch too… sure it wont compete from a beam or brightness perspective with fancier torches but it's just such a handy 'go-to' torch you know is always there & ready to go plus with the battery as its base and its swivel head it's just so versatile as it can stand by itself and be angled exactly where required.

  • Someone shpuld update the title of this post, it seems like more often than not the proce is available across Australia, but still aays Ballina NSW and it threw me off for a while.

    I dont need this, as my old non power xchange Ozito gear ia still going strong after 5 or 6 years, but it would be handy just for the angle grinder ans circular saw which i dont have, and for the price even just for those ira a no brainer

  • Yesterday, there were three left at Castle Hill and six left at Dural (NSW).

  • Thanks OP. I picked up the last one at Cranbourne North (VIC) yesterday. Same price

  • Got the last one at Hawthorn. None at Eltham, Northland, Coburg or Fairfield. My tools got stolen the other week so perfect timing.

    • Bugger was going to northland this arvo.

      Any other store in the north that might have them?


      • Didn't check out Thomastown so that might be an option. The Fairfield store looked up which stores locally had them which is why l knew there was one at Hawthorn. Try calling the tools desk and get them to put it aside if they have one.
        Another option I did see at Northland and Eltham is the 4 piece kit for $149 (reduced from $249) https://ozito.com.au/products/18v-4-piece-starter-kit/. It has 2 2Ah batteries, same drills, reciprocating saw and grinder. There were 4 left at northland and eltham this morning. I would have got this if l couldn't find the 6 piece kit.

        • aaargh you're killing me - thats a good deal too

          I waited weeks when my ALDI charger broke hoping for a deal at Bunnings. I had to buy and paid full price for ozito drill and impact driver @ $169 about a month ago…..

          But it's the 4ah batteries from the $199 deal that are killing me most - longer life and you need them to get the absolute top strength out of the drills

        • checked out thomo, they had the 149 deal. they checked nearby stores, nothing…

          Anyone know how often these deals come up?


  • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/6-PIECE-OZITO-18V-POWER-X-CHANGE...

    Seller information: holdn4lyf

    What an ass
    Someone find this user and ban them from the ozb.

    • Interesting to see if it sells.

      Free enterprise at work.I have no issue with this.

    • At that kind of price, they will just get neg-bombed to oblivion if that was posted as a deal.

      • Well, let's hope people do their homework.

        That's why ozbargin rules.

        BTW its not the only ozito item that is more expensive than bunnings on ebay.


    • Are you mad because an eBay seller, whose feedback suggests has been selling AEG, DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee, Ryobi tool combo kits and accessories for at least the last couple of years, isn't matching Bunnings' price?
      Or did you rush to judge someone you thought rushed to Bunnings and bought up more than 10 Ozito combo kits to sell for mad profit?

    • This is for the impulsive shoppers who don't do any research… or have more money than sense.
      Good luck to them.

  • One now left at Springfield 4300.

  • 3 units left in WA Maddington Bunnings @$199 each too.

    2 after I buy one.

  • 2 left at Underwood, QLD.

  • Bought at Thornleigh

  • Thanks OP picked 2 at Caloundra in Qld. Bro should be pleased :) 3 more left an hour ago.

  • None at Villawood nsw

  • None at Bonnyrigg nsw

  • There are 4 or 5 at Vermont Vic after i grabbed one. Sorry i just checked i bought the 5 pieces set fir 199. Less value but the 6 pieces set is hard to find.


  • None at Nunawading VIC.

    Spoke to the guy there and he said the promo is on till 28th May but there is no stock anywhere nearby. It is showing up at $199 in the system though.

    Perhaps stock hasn't arrived yet and he suggest checking again on Wednesday

  • 1 left at Bunnings Southport Gold Coast, none at Robina, Burleigh Waters

  • Bayswater has one!

  • Manly West, Qld, had four units left tonight. The box states 5 year warranty. Great value deal.

  • I got mine this evening. Just give a call in bunnings near check availability. If it is sill there lucky you. If not ask if theres a stock some where. I call bunnings nunawading in the morning. No stock. But refer me to bunnings bayswater and croydon. Good luck

  • For anyone in WA. There are still 5 in the Mindarie store. They had the tag price Of $349 but scanned at $199. I think they will fix the tag now so won't last long.

  • 5 left in Bunnings Balcatta WA. Scans for 199 despite label being 349.

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