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Virgin Australia Velocity FF Double Status Credits Offer


After seeing the Qantas DSC offer, a quick Google search revealed the landing page for the upcoming VA offer.

You MUST activate the offer once the promotion is live BEFORE booking flights or they won’t count.

Earn double Status Credits when you activate this offer and book an eligible Virgin Australia flight by 27 May 2019 for travel until 14 April 2020.


An Eligible Flight is any Virgin Australia marketed and operated flight and fare class for travel between 20 May 2019 and 14 April 2020 (inclusive) that normally earns Status Credits.

This offer is not valid on long haul international flights to or from Los Angeles or Hong Kong.

Changes to existing bookings made prior to the Promotion Period are not eligible for this offer. Status Credits cannot be earned on Velocity Reward Seat bookings.

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  • The T&Cs don't exclude Gift Vouchers (creates a shell booking with PNR) which usually qualify for these promotions if purchased during the promo window. Qantas does exclude gift vouchers from DSC, and has done for a couple of years now since many of us started exploiting them.

    Could be a good opportunity for those that know they're going to be travelling but can't lock down dates yet.

    • That's a really interesting idea, but I think Virgin treats gift vouchers quite differently - whereas Qantas issues a PNR and the flight gets "filled" into it, Virgin very much treats their vouchers as payment tender. The Virgin voucher codes do not appear to have any correlation to a PNR. I think the difference in how the two airlines treat it comes down to the backend they use (as far as I know, Virgin's is a more off the shelf solution from Sabre).


    (Chrome logged out)

    • Block-quote *To be eligible for this Virgin Australia double Status Credits offer, you must (1) activate this offer between 12.01am AEST 20 May 2019 and 11.59pm 27 May 2019 inclusive (Promotion Period)

    • Hasn’t started yet mate ;)
      Check back on the 20th.

  • Not valid for long haul… (facepalm…)

  • Damn, if only it was available on their HK flights!

    • Strange that they've excluded it this time around. I got a good points bump on a HK run in November with double status.

      • They’ve probably clued onto the fact that most major status runs for Gold or Platinum in one hit involve a leg between MEL/SYD/PER and LAX/HK.

  • I have a few freedom flights next week booked. Any ideas as to the best way to leverage this offer?

  • Thanks op for the post

  • Awesome. I have a few flights coming up in the next month.

  • Are there any platinum hacks available?

  • Does anyone know if you can book multiple upcoming flights across the year and all bookings be eligible for the double SC? Or is it just the first booking?

    • All of them booked within the period. Last time this came around I booked my work trips for the next 3 months in advance ;)

  • Thanks, just activated.

  • Must i book through virgin air or any OTA (skyscanner for example)?

  • Rate quota violation???

  • gotta hate getting a message like this;


  • I has having this issue too. I re-opened the website in Chrome Incognito then entered my VFF as normal and it worked.

    "You have successfully activated this offer, congrats! Don't forget to enter your Velocity number when you book a flight to earn double Status Credits"

    • I also did as above (incognito) and received:

      Oops, an error occurred while processing your request.

      At least that was a first time ever of legitimately using incognito mode ….

  • Remove the "channel=agent" parameter in the URL:

    Use https://experience.velocityfrequentflyer.com/offer?promo_cod...

    • Doing this plus incognito is what finally worked for me

      • Failed on 1st, 2nd attempt, worked on 3rd, failed on 4th and 5th attempts … both my account and partners.

        Are you supposed to get an email confirming successful enrollment to the promo?

        Good luck errrbodaay …

      • Neither combination worked for me. What a buggy system

        • Finally got the number input, put number in and got the error message. Ugh.

          Edit: finally got there with incog, this link and about 8 attempts

  • Does this apply for flights booked through the Business Accelerate portal? Any thoughts?

  • Rate limit quota violation. Quota limit exceeded. Identifier : jfph96MVbHpX35w91GfvvdLmewCuNezl

    Edit: worked after open in private browsing

  • "Virgin Australia marketed and operated flight" …

    I'd really like this offer to apply for a flight from SYD to SIN, but it's a codeshare with Singapore Airlines, which is unfortunately also operated by Singapore Airlines.

    Does anyone have any advice on this? The flight is eligible for "regular" status credits - so why not double? Particularly given Virgin Australia don't operate any flights on this route.


  • Does anyone know if this deal is still valid when using a discount code? Hoping to book with a 7% off discount code but want the double SC offer more.

  • Booked last night for November. Does the miles and status credits show up after the flight?

    • On the last promotion, it all showed up in my account a few days after (regular + double points), despite the t&c's suggesting up to 4 weeks.

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