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iPhone XR 64GB for $69 Per Month with 100GB Data on Optus Leasing Plan


Was looking for iPhone XR 64GB plan offers and came across Optus Promo leasing plan for $69 per month on 24 month leasing contract with 100GB data and unlimited standard/national calls and texts. However this plan does not include international calls. You could change your handset after 12 months by paying $99 and returning the handset in good working condition.

If you like to own the handset then pay $79 per month on 24 month contract.

New and recontracts only.
Offer ends earlier of 30/06/19 or while stocks last.

If you are looking to purchase this outright from apple the RRP is $1,229. Based on apple RRP monthly for 24 months you are looking at $51 for the handset only. So if you look at the leasing plan you only pay $18 for the plan and $28 to own the handset plan. And the handset will come with 24 month warranty if you are with Optus for 24 months on contract.

So $18 or $28 per month for 100GB of data and unlimited standard/national calls with sms is pretty good.

See link for inclusions and terms and conditions.

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    EX Optus Here. Whatever you DO NOT choose the lease(flex plan) option. If you choose the lease option it works out $240 cheaper over the 2 year, but the downsides are you have to give the phone back in near perfect condition. Any crack, or main feature not working the fee is $499 and you still give the phone back. If you decide to keep your phone the fee is $499. Also if you decide to change plans or leave anytime in the contract you have to pay the contract out and give back the phone (lol). If you choose the buy option out of pocket $240 extra over 2 years, but phone is yours to keep, damage it all you want, after 2 years iPhones are still worth around $500 resale value, leave contract any time, Optus will workout the remaining outright cost handset payments and ask you to pay that only. Yeah so that's the difference between lease and buy. Optus staff will push for lease, we were told too, when I was working there.

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      Moral of the story don't bother leasing


      Wow thanks for the insight I didn't realise it was that bad.

      If you are an ex-employee then would you mind if I could PM you to get some advice from you about my Optus mobile situation? Just a quick question if you don't mind.


      Also make sure you test optus signal at your home, work etc before signing up. Even in major metropolitan area in Brisbane we got minimal signal and returned under the satisfaction guarantee. Then you have to send it back and hope they think its “as new” before they cancel the contract.

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      Yeah I am stuck on a shitty lease because I changed from a Samsung S7 plan which let me keep and upgraded to this one. I only realized after a few months that the phone wasn't buy to own. So I pretty much have the phone in one of the most heavy duty cases on the planet so I can return the bugger.

      Really pissed off about it and going to use another carrier when I am done as it was pretty sneaky of them to tell me its the same plan as before just with a newer phone. Normally I read this shit carefully but never heard of these lease deals. Anyway only a few months to go.

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    It's been this price since January AFAIK.
    Paying $70 a month to borrow a phone is not a deal.

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    This is basically the same deal as this one https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/452616, but with HN you got $200 eftpos card. Not sure if they are still offering this.

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    Optus running specials tomo

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    Pay all that money, then hand the phone back…why would you.

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    70 bucks to borrows a phone and return in good condition not a deal sorry but its a sucks OPTUS!


    Mediocre phone for price, same display pixel density as the iPhone 4S, not OLED and a single rear camera.
    With the pressure of triple cameras and inbuilt fingerprint sensors built into the display by Huawei and Samsung. Apple will hopefully bring out a significant upgrade around September this year to compete. Unless you NEED a new Iphone now I would wait, and fingers crossed get something significantly better for the price.

    In addition Harvey Norman were recently providing a $200 eftpos gift card with this Optus deal, which made the $79 option of owning after the 24 months not far off the $69 of leasing, which made it a lot more tempting. They may do again soon.

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    big nono

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    Based on apple RRP

    Why wouldn't you use the price people paid on OzB for the phone though?

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    For those who is complaining of "borrowing" a phone for $70, didn't you forget that you also get 100G of data?

    Say under normal plan pricing, the plan is worth $55 (Vodafone is $60). So you pay $14 a month to use a phone that will cost you almost 1K to buy. How is that not a deal?

    Agree leasing is not for everyone. Of course if your phone is damaged they will charge you. If you rent a car and you damage the windscreen, you will have to pay for it right? If you are the type of person who take out phone insurance, then you are already protected. Leasing does give you the option to upgrade every year and take away the trouble of selling your phone on EBay or GT.

    Optus signal does have its problem but lately Telstra isn't that much better. In certain situation I get way better speed on Optus compare to Telstra.

    What Optus actually lack behinds is customer services, the call center is absolutely garbage and so as their store. The store manage in the George street flag ship store told me in my face "we can only sell you the stuff and unable to assist you on after sake services…" I so want to punch him in the face!!

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      Well, according to your comment the only thing it’s got going for it is the data.

      Sometimes that ain’t enough.


      You're adding the extra cost of phone insurance.

      The only good thing about leasing is if you are a high earner, want to change phones every year and can claim this 100% for business purposes for tax. Basically they "lend" you the phone for the price of a data plan then. Other than this scenario, there is almost no point to it.

      Iphones hold their value quite well because they train up young sheep to buy them in the second hand market. Getting it outright or on plan will easily get the same difference or more back compared to lease.


        Currently Ebay going price for used 64Gb XR is $750. Good luck getting the difference back in two years.

        BTW I am not a high earner and cannot claim this 100% for business purposes for tax, I do want a new phone every year though.

        So leasing takes away the trouble for me having to having to selling the phone on line and bargain with moorons on GT, or Scammers try to con me… AS long as the price you pay during the twelve month is reasonable.

        Also the insurance from Optus also protect you from lost and stolen internationally.

        Like I said in my original comment, leasing is not for everyone. I do think $14 amoth for handset leasing for a 1K phone is reasonable. If you don't want to take out insurance get a Otterbox defender case.


          lol. iPhone XR is @$1100 new through the deals. Your plan is $1896 over 24 months. You are paying @$800 for a 100GB plan and NOT get a phone at the end of it. Unless you "NEED" a 100GB a month, then it's not even comparable.


            @bchliu: I used almost my whole 150G for two months back to back. I don't need ADSL/NBN and I don't need unlimited data. I do have is my data follows me around and I don't have to look for WIFI.

            You are looking a a lease plan from the wrong way. If you plan to keep your phone for 24 months then you should not go on a lease plan. From I first comment I keep saying 12 months upgrade right?

            BTW for a 24 month buy plan, again price the plan at $55 and you pay $79, Its like Optus selling the XR 64G at half price. Not bad


    My 2 cents. With the amount of phones with broken screen i see on my daily commute. These mobile phone companies would be rubbing their hands with glee when it comes to on lease phones.


    This deal is now $74/mo


    This offer has been extended.

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