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$2 Bonus Cashback with Any Purchase* for All Users (Activation Required) + $11 Bonus for New Sign Ups at ShopBack


Hi guys,

With Click Frenzy Mayhem starting soon, here's a repeat treat from our 1st birthday for everyone :)

We're offering all OzBargainers an exclusive $2 cashback bonus (strictly limited to one bonus per customer) when you make a purchase at any store (*except Woolworths Gift Cards) from now until 24th May. You'll need to activate this offer first, by clicking on a special link on our OzBargain special page. If you're not a ShopBack member yet, we're also offering an $11 welcome bonus when you sign up through this particular page.

The $2 cashback bonus will be credited into your ShopBack account by 3rd June.

$2 Bonus Offer Terms and Conditions:

  • Limited to one bonus per customer.
  • You must activate the offer prior to purchase. Following activation, you must make a purchase at any store (excluding Woolworths Gift Cards) between Monday 20th May 12.00AM and Friday 24th May 11.59PM (AEST). To check if you've activated your offer, you will see a click through to "OzBargain Exclusives" in your Click History.
  • The $2 bonus will be credited into your ShopBack account by 3rd June 2019 11.59PM AEST.
  • Excludes purchases from Woolworths Gift Cards.
  • Returns/exchanges/cancellations of orders will void your eligibility for the bonus.
  • ShopBack reserves the right to dishonour bonuses for members who have participated in this offer in a fraudulent manner (ie. using multiple accounts). Such members may be banned and any cashback on their accounts forfeited.

Any questions or issues? Reach out through a private message or send an email to [email protected] and we'll help sort it out.

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  • Seems easy enough….

  • So a coffee with Hey You would be valid

  • you guys are killing it

  • Activated, thanks heaps

  • Wow literally created an account two hours ago. Might have to create a new one with different email to take advantage of the $11 sign up bonus.

    • Be careful.

      • ShopBack reserves the right to dishonour bonuses for members who have participated in this offer in a fraudulent manner (ie. using multiple accounts). Such members may be banned and any cashback on their accounts forfeited.

      • Can my partner create an account? Will be from the same ip, so is there a chance it will get banned?

        • I don't know as I am not associated with ShopBack. I was simply pointing out this often overlooked condition. I vaguely recall some members were suspended when multiple accounts were detected. Was that Cashrewards or ShopBack or some other cashback site?

  • Is there a min spend?

  • shame only joined last week

  • Got myself a $1 mini USB cable from Aliexpress.

    Thanks OP.

  • Does it work on a store with 0% cashback?

  • Is there a 'forgot password' option, OP? It says Im existing customer, but when I look into my email there no record of shopback XD

    • If you've entered an email address that's in our system already a Forgot Password option would appear.

      • It want me to 'Complete Your Profile' there is no forgot password option. When I completed the name and phone no. this appears 'An account with this phone number already exists.' What did I do wrong ?

        • +4 votes

          Sounds like the email address doesn't match with what is in the system and you're essentially in the process of creating a new account. Could you please PM me your phone number plus the email address you're trying to sign into? I'll have a look into it.

  • Can anyone recommend a decentish quality Aux cable from Aliexpress?

  • How long does an Amazon purchase usually take to track? All of my Aliexpress ordered tracked within an hour or two (and have approved almost a month before their estimate), but an Amazon.com.au purchase from yesterday evening still isn't showing.

    • From experience usually after the item has shipped/your cc is charged, my guess is that this is when Amazon sends their confirmation to ShopBack.

  • Are we meant to see the $2 cashback within a few days of the purchase?

    I have made several purchases (Woolworth Gift Card and Amazon AU) last week, and although I am getting the usual cashback for the purchases, I am yet to see the $2 cashback on those purchases?

    • It said something like by June 3 when I activated it (you did activate yours right?)

      Edit: Now I realise it's mentioned multiple times in the OP 🤦

  • Love shopback, have been using it heaps recently. The only thing I think is a bit bogus is taking 60 days to credit a coffee or lunch cashback. Under what circumstances am I going to get my coffee returned/refunded within 60 days???? It should be 7 days

    • True

      Shopback is way ahead then CR. Hope they process refund for Coffee or lunch in 7 to 10 days.

    • Definitely understand where you're coming from - but some stores only validate orders once every fixed period or so. It can be a very manual process for some stores to do validation to ensure any T&Cs aren't broken (cancelled order, unapproved codes) so this is why it takes a while at times.

  • Anyone able to tell me what ShopBack is like when it comes to using with coupons? For example like the Aliexpress coupon here, will they still honor cashbacks?


    I got burnt with Cashrewards on a big purchase who conveniently pulled 'your coupon code was not advertised on Cashrewards therefore your purchase is ineligible' card. This despite using coupons on a number of smaller purchases without any issues. Would obviously like to avoid this happening if the future, thanks.

    Hopefully ShopBack is a lot more honest than their sneaky competitor! :D

    • I wouldn't go so far as accusing Cashrewards of being sneaky and dishonest.

      If anyone's being sneaky it's you, trying to get cashback when using a discount code. Cashrewards clearly states that using a discount code not advertised on their site may make your claim ineligible.

      You can't blame them for wanting to stick to their terms and conditions.

      • So why was I able to use Aliexpress select coupons and store coupons (often stacked) which weren't advertised on their website on a number of purchases below $100 US without issues, then when I finally make a big purchase ($250+ US) they pull the ineligible card?

    • Terms and conditions regarding coupons are the same across all cashback sites. Whether your transaction is approved or rejected, this is dictated by AliExpress themselves. You'll find in rare cases stores might decide to approve your cashback even if you've used unapproved codes.

  • Looks like this is going towards my coffee tomorrow :)

  • Wound be handy if shopback put the purchase amount on the tracking/pending.
    Cash rewards does this

  • Hey gotyourback, can you advise whether cashback will be paid for this item.


    Its an item that won't ship until September, but the credit card is charged now.

  • Is this an actual $2, or is it $2 when I have earned $x?

    I have a balance from promos and they all say:
    Pending: Redeem your bonus
    Congrats! You've qualified for your bonus and it has been added to your Pending Earnings. It will move to your Available Balance 5 days after you:
    Earn $10 confirmed cashback from purchases

    • $2 when you've earned $10.
      Although you can order a Vaya 30GB (?) SIM for $44 and get $55 cashback
      And you get $11 for joining.

      $24 of free money + a free 30GB SIM

  • Forgot to check out details and signed up without the link :(

  • are there anything that I can buy under $2?

  • Damn it, just ordered something off Amazon, then remembered this. NOOOOOOO

  • @gotyourback, does this stack with the the $10 bonus cashback offer I got via email?

  • Great deal - thank you OP

  • Hi Rep, is shopback website down? Couldn't login for past 45 minutes. Looks like can't handle the heavy traffic.

  • How long it will take to have the $2 show up?

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