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4L Kombucha Brewing Kit for $34 (+$15 Shipping) at Karl Kombucha


I just got this kit (I paid $55) and it came with a 15% off code. Came to post the code as a deal and noticed there is already a sale on the kits bringing them down to $40. Add the 15% and it gets you down to $34!

The kit seems to be decent quality, it's brewing at the moment so will know if it tastes good in 5 days. More products including an 8L kit here: https://karlkombucha.com.au/collections/all

I did a bunch of research on Aussie kombucha suppliers and this mob seemed to be one of the better value ones. Their main page has heaps of photos of happy customers taking photos of their brews, seems legit.

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  • $40 minus 15% …..$34????

  • I'm keen. Is it really that good for you?

    • Everything in moderation and I try and focus on gut health. I eat greek yogurt and kimchi regularly, no processed carbs or sugar. Figured kombucha is a healthy drink as long as I can control the sugar content (let the yeast eat it) and put in flavours like fresh ginger and lemon. Or it might be a fad and I'm a sucker spreading the word.

      • What are the ongoing costs?

        • Water, tea and sugar. You reuse 10% of the previous batch, top up with water and just feed the yeast more sugar. Add tea and whatever else you want for flavour. Seems to be pretty cheap after buying the gear.

          I'm going to try and put it through a SodaKing and get it bubbly as well.

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          Water, tea, fruit, sugar, time.

          I'm going to try and put it through a SodaKing and get it bubbly as well.

          My friends experience with this was not good.

  • I did it ages ago by buying a jar from target for $10 and a Scoby from gumtree for $5.
    Looks like it's exactly the same jar that I bought.

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    Should I drink it?

    Kombucha may be touted as 'an immortal health elixir' – a 'living superfood' that's 'rich in antioxidants and acids'. And while the potential for beneficial health properties is evident, there's no guarantee that these features directly translate into actual health benefits, or even that drinking it will 'make you feel great'. And a claim that 'it harmonises your body, mind and spirit' is clearly puffery.


  • What percentage alcohol can I expect and how long does it take to be ready?

  • So is kombucha the Scoby by itself? Or do you need the tea and the sugar? I assume you need the sugar to grow it, but do you need the tea leaves as well? Just figuring if I should buy the Scoby byitself or in the pack with the tea.

    • You only need one Scoby. Just grab one off eBay, get a glass jar and use a cloth to cover it. As for tea you can use regular black tea bags. I make 2L batches using 3 black tea bags and 3 green tea bags, 1/2 cup brown sugar and 1 scoby. The mother scoby will constantly grow another, known as the child. You can choose to keep it (in a separate jar, also known as a Scoby Hotel) and it'll just keep producing more, provided that you keep feeding it with sugar/tea. It'll take a few days before it's ready to be bottled, which you can then do a second fermentation with your choice of fruit for flavour. If it's your first time you can buy pH testers, but I found that it's unnecessary as you should just keep tasting every day until you don't taste the tea flavour anymore.

    • The kombucha is the SCOBY itself. What is commonly call the scoby is the pellicule at the surface, but the liquid is the most important bit. And you really need this starter juice as it is quite acidic and will help that your first batch doesn't get contaminated by mould and so on by dropping its pH straight away.

      What many people don't know is that you don't need to buy a "scoby" at all… Buy organic kombucha from your local shop, put 100mL in a glass jar, add some sugary tea to it (cooled down before you add it, room temperature! 1/4 cup white sugar with 500mL black tea (1-2 tea bags for this starter) to get it started well), cover with a paper coffee filter (it needs to breathe but keep bad things out).

      You'll get a pellicule (what people usually call the "scoby") within about a week depending on temperature. Much cheaper that buying a scoby online. I've had better result with some brands than others, but always ended up with a good usable starting batch. After the initial batch, 2 bags of tea and 1/4 cup white sugar per liter for ongoing kombucha.

      My favorite second fermentation is ginger/strawberry, gets really fizzy and delicious.


    I'm gonna neg this. It's easy to get scoby for around $12 or less from eBay (I did!) Then go to Big W and buy a 5 litre glass dispenser with stand and tap for 9-15 dollars.
    A way better set up and alot cheaper

    • Can you link to the one you bought? Just had a quick look and there are plenty.

    • Scoby can occasionally be found for free on gumtree.

    • Or you grow it from organic kombucha bought from your local shop and it is even cheaper 😉

    • So you paid like $27 for the scoby and jar ($12 + $15)… So for $7 more this deal is giving you sugar, tea, PH tester strips, Thermometer strip, instructions and personalized help. Seems like a pretty good deal for first time brewers who don't have those things around the house. Does that really deserve a neg?

  • If you just want a cheap scoby, check gumtree lots of people sell them for $5-$10

  • Cheers OP but it looks like this exact kit can be had via eBay for $45.04 inc. Shipping (to BNE) using the PORCUPINE code.

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    I bought from art-of-living-wellness on Ebay, but vendor was just a random pick.

    The scoby arrived well sealed, with some starter pack. I got a smaller scoby but it soon grows

    I bought the glass dispenser from Big W..they have this one on special at the moment https://www.bigw.com.au/product/house-home-drink-dispenser-o... … i bought the 5.5L one

    But really all you need is green tea and sugar and some large recycled jars.

    After you first batch you can make awesome kombucha ginger beer.

    Fill half of bottle with brewed kombucha
    Fill half bottle with cooled green tea and sugar
    grate some ginger
    squeeze in some lemon
    zest some lemon
    screen on lid
    place on top of water heater for one week (not to hot)
    One it is fizzing put in frdige….enjoy

    ….it fizzes quite nicely in the sodastream if you cant wait for the natural brewing process.

    I have tried adding some other herbal teas and that was interesting too!

  • mmmm not worth it.

    You can get these glass jars from Target for around $10.

    The rest of the items are cheap and easy to get online.

  • BigW - $15 for 8L with a stand (https://www.bigw.com.au/product/house-home-drink-dispenser-o...) on clearance and in-store only. Struggle to find one as not many has it.

    Target - $10 for 3.4L (https://www.target.com.au/p/3-4-litre-glass-drink-dispenser/...)

  • I guess this deal helps the few of us that have no idea how to get started. Yes much cheaper to diy and source everything yourself and find your own instructions.

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