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[PC] Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Ultimate Edition $89.97 (50% off) @ Ubisoft


Enjoy the complete experience with Tom Clancy's The Division® 2 - Ultimate Edition.

This edition includes:
The Year 1 Pass that includes a 7-day Early Access to all Year 1 Episodes, exclusive customisation items, additional activities and more to be shared soon.

The exclusive Elite Agent Pack: fight with “Ruthless” a devastating legendary AK-47 which comes with its end-game blueprint. This pack also includes Additional stash space for your journey and a unique skill visual to show your domination on the battlefield.
The Battleworn Secret Service Pack: don't get caught, be sneaky and collect information to defeat DC's enemies with your secret service outfit, an exotic M4A1 weapon skin and a rare emote.

The First Responder Pack: be the first to answer your allies' call and fight without restraint to rescue the citizens of Washington, D.C. with a rare weapon skin for your shotgun and your brand new firefighter outfit.

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  • No big discount on the standard edition?


      it's 30% off which is the biggest discount you'll find + you can add the 100 Club points to get an extra 20% off, cheers

      • @mtubi It's listed as 80.95 - that's an 11% discount, not 30%. If it were 30% it'd be $62.95.

        Can you check if there's a mistake in the listing price? I'd be keen to buy if it's actually 30% off.

        Also does the 20% discount with the uplay credits stack on the original price or discounted price?

        • Yeah I just double checked to see where the 30% came from and its only for the console version.
          I also believe I saw a comment below saying the uplay credit discount will stack.
          Is the PC version going to be 30%?

          • @luannyboyz: I swear when I first checked the deal for the PC version it was 30%. I even sent a message to a friend who I want to play with. Came back a few hours later and the PC version deal has dropped to 10%. Something changed?

  • Good time to start the game, I purchased day 1 and recently there was a rework of talents that made me pretty much start from scratch again…

  • 50% off, so this is normally $180??

  • Decent deal. Would be nice to see a deal for upgrades to the ultimate edition from standard/gold.

  • This game is currently in a horrible condition. Devs r playing all high n mighty telling ppl to 'how to play the game'. Game gets more bugs with every patch/maintenance. With the new raid the game has gone back to bullet sponge enemies and AI that one-shot any build. In fact there is almost no option in term of builds. None of the gearsets are worth grinding for. Skills r useless. All u can do is add fire power n 'damage to elites' on everything & hope enemy engineer don't get gliched behind a wall n keep spamming drones. They cut content & features to make the game stable for launch. Got good reviews & sales in. Now they've started to ignore feedback, have started going back on promises & started introducing their crap into the game, breaking it with every patch.
    So, if anyone is looking to spend money on this game, I suggest go to a friend's place or borrow a friend's account and spend a few days before pulling the trigger.
    I can offer my account till the weekend if anyone wants to give it a go. If I can help you make an informed decision it will be my pleasure but please don't promote such practices by Ubisoft and massive.

  • does the 20% discount with 100 uplay points stack?

    • +1 vote

      yes it does

      • The 20% discount terms states it's not usable with other promotions, can you confirm that's not the case here? Don't want to convert the points to find out as I'm pretty sure the voucher has a time limit.


          That's generally the case but we have set this up so that it can be used for this promotion, so take advantage of the offer while it lasts, cheers

  • Warning; raid is hard af. I’m on PS4, 8 ppl raid 5 nights can’t kill boss 1. We are good team doing flawless in TD1 easily and now depressed

  • Any plans for a discount on the Xbox store?


      Not as part of click frenzy, but probably down the track there will be deals to come on the Xbox Store.

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