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Free - Spider-Man: Homecoming Movie Download @ Doritos US & Movies Anywhere


Just saw this deal on Slickdeals

Steps -
1) Click through on the link in the OP
2) Sign up using a legit email but false details.
3) Select any of the two chip options
4) Enter the following details -


If codes aren't working, try this - thanks mickeyc.

5) Wait about 10 mins or so for code to arrive (mine arrived in 5 mins though you may have to wait up to 72 hours per T&Cs).

You will need to have a Movies Anywhere account to redeem. Steps to sign up can be found here or here.

Note, you will need to VPN to the USA to be able to sign up to Movies Anywhere. You won't need a VPN to view the movie once you've signed up. The Windscribe VPN deal for free 50GB should work. Having a Microsoft or iTunes account might also make it easier to sign up.


Between May 20, 2019, 12:00:00 p.m. Central Time ("CT") and June 16, 2019, 11:59:59 p.m. CT, purchase two (2) bags of Doritos® Tortilla Chips (9.75 oz. or larger) (a "Qualifying Purchase") or any one (1) 18-count Frito-Lay Variety Pack (also a "Qualifying Purchase") at a participating Kroger or Kroger-banner store.

Save your Combined Codes from your Qualifying Purchase. A "Combined Code" consists of the 9 to 11-digit product code located below the "guaranteed fresh" statement on front of bag (outer bag for Frito-Lay Variety Packs) and UPC code on back of bag (outer bag for Frito-Lay Variety Packs) located below the bar code.

You may make multiple purchases; your Qualifying Purchase does not need to be made in a single transaction if participating by purchasing two (2) bags of Doritos® Tortilla Chips (9.75 oz. or larger). You can enter one or more Combined Code(s) each time you visit the Web Site.

Upon verification of a Qualifying Purchase, you will receive an email containing a MoviesAnywhere.com code* good towards one (1) free "Spider-Man: Homecoming" digital movie on MoviesAnywhere.com and redemption instructions. Allow up to seventy-two (72) hours for validation of your submission.

MoviesAnywhere.com code is good towards one free "Spider-Man: Homecoming" digital movie on MoviesAnywhere.com. MoviesAnywhere.com codes expire on July 31, 2019. Limit two (2) MoviesAnywhere.com codes per household; while supplies last.

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  • I've got two codes whilst I was testing this deal. Please PM me if you want one.

    Edit - taken.

  • Just realised I already have the movie in my collection, PM me if you want the code
    EDIT: Already Taken

  • Done, I didn't need a VPN btw. Just did this from my phone (Optus)

  • Just curious. How would you use Movies anywhere on an Xbox?

    • You link you MS account to MA and fims will sync and you can play via MS films and TV app. If your MS account is AU then movies will only ever port in. Any movie purchased from MS will never port out. Dont believe there is a MA app for Xbox as of yet.

  • Can't signup MA account using Windscribe or Tunnel Bear VPN - it detects that I am using VPN/Proxy (using Mobile Chrome Browser)
    Can anybody please help?
    Also how can I link my Microsoft account during sign-up - the option is to sign-up using Google/Facebook or Email


    • You dont link account during sign up. You do it after you have created account. there is a section in there that alows you to link to the various providers including Itunes, Vudu and MS. You will jsut have to try various VPN's. Its a crap shoot as to which one will work. Most are blocked though.

      • Thanks, Tried Opera Browser (with VPN) and also Freedome/F-Secure but no dice :(
        Can anybody please share tricks if they have successfully signed up with MoviesAnywhere account?

  • Works. Dont need a VPN to redeem this deal though. Thanks OP

  • Alternatively you can row row row your boat

  • +2 votes

    Says the code is invalid. Is the jigg up?

  • How was the movie?

  • Technically this is fraud since you are claiming to have bought chip packets when you did not, and while the likelihood of it being pursued is close to nil the penalties could be harsher than for copyright infringement. And all for a movie download. Morally I don't see any difference between the two. I don't understand why this is permitted on OzBargain. Now watch me get downvoted because true isn't popular.

    • I actually did buy loads of these in the past two weeks but failed to bother looking at the promo details lol. I thought they were just advertising the new movie.

    • Here it is for NSW. I'm not a lawyer but "any deception, dishonestly" seems pretty clear cut to me.


      CRIMES ACT 1900 - SECT 192E
      192E Fraud
      (1) A person who, by any deception, dishonestly:
      (a) obtains property belonging to another, or
      (b) obtains any financial advantage or causes any financial disadvantage,
      is guilty of the offence of fraud.

      • That makes me a fraudster. They were handing out free packets of chips at the station the other day. Max one per person. I grabbed one and came back 5 minutes later for another one.

        I get it, you are technically right. But look at how many Movies Anywhere accounts are being created just here on Ozbargain alone, just by reading about this deal.

        • My point is this is not a deal if you have to break the law to use it.

          Even in the case of your chip packets at the station, that's a deal, because you can take just one. Your choice as to whether to stick to the T&C. You can take advantage of it without committing fraud. OzB hasn't supplied you with fake details to give those people giving away the packets.

          And to throw it back at you, I get it, you are technically right, there are now lots more Movies Anywhere accounts, but most of those accounts are worthless because the people who created them have no intention of spending a cent on the site and probably won't change their mind any time soon. So they're just junk accounts.

          Look. Justify things any way you like. I'm not your mother. I don't have any responsibility for your actions. It's up to you to determine whether you're going to break the law and you'll be the one who suffers the consequences if there are any. I just don't think OzB should be supplying the tools to do that and calling it a bargain.


        Ah ha, the old financial advantage by deception trick!

        Note the definition of deception in s 192B is quite broad, as it includes:

        conduct by a person that causes a computer, a machine or any electronic device to make a response that the person is not authorised to cause it to make

        So that's really more about lack of authorisation, that is then deemed to be a deception. In this case that means if you haven't made a purchase, then you're not authorised to download the movie, and if you do then you're captured under the provision.

        The Phantom
        Provisionally Authorised

    • Please don't call the cops on me. I'll buy it this weekend

      • And here comes the reductio, right one cue.


          With good reason, too.

          • @DisabledUser262955: "I don't like the truth" is a good reason huh?

            Though I see you upvoted my quote of the law…so I'm confused.


              @syousef: Not sure where you're getting this "I don't like the truth" part from. What you said was absurd, and hence reductio ad absurdum was quite fitting.

              And yes, of course I upvoted the quote of the law - it highlights how (in NSW at least), this deal can't be considered fraud.

              • @DisabledUser262955: Mind blown.

                "any deception, dishonestly" Check.
                "(a) obtains property belonging to another, or(b) obtains any financial advantage" Check.

                And you think it shows how it can't be considered fraud?!? I have no idea how you're twisting that in your mind to believe what you're saying.

    • Somehow i doubt most people care. If you dont like it, move on. No one is forcing you to participate.

  • Works perfectly, thanks!

  • Is it HD or 4K?

    • HD

      • If you connect your Movies Anywhere account to a US iTunes account, you'll be able to watch it in 4K on your Apple TV.

        • No you wont. it redeems HD in MA and thats all you get. Itunes only upgrades codes redeemed in Itunes of purchased via itunes to 4k. if you want 4k from MA you have to redeem a 4k code there or redeem at Vudu in 4k and have it port to MA. it will in turn port to itunes in 4k from there.

          • @hazzad: @hazzard is right here, to get 4K in iTunes it needs to redeem as 4K in MA, OR you need a code that redeems directly to iTunes. As all Sony codes have to redeem UV or MA (soon to be MA only) you're only going to get what the code gives you, no upgrades in iTunes :(

    The first code pair is invalid

    Bargained? ;-;

  • I am in us, but still i find this only from ozb (sd is mostly spams). Ozb is always the best :-)

  • +3 votes

    Try these codes if not working:



    • Just tried and worked! Thanks so much!
      All codes mentioned above seems to be exhausted except for this one. Try it when you still can

      • Looks like these codes have expired now :(

        These work!


        I have an extra redeem code if anyone wants it. Didnt need a VPN

  • Is it a download?

    On demand stream, no?

    • on demand streaming but you may be able to download if you have accounts linked to MA such at itunes.

  • Got an error when signing up to movies anywhere saying:

    "We currently do not support registration through a proxy server or VPN, please update your connection settings and try again"

    Am I the only one with this issue? I'm using windscribe.

    • you dont need a VPN. works fine without one

    • Me too. I tried with a VPN and got that message. Without a VPN I got: "To register you must be a US resident located within the United States, its territories, or certain associated states at the time of registration."

  • -1 vote

    Yeah right, some guy claims to rock like a spider and everyone loses their shopping.

    The Phantom
    Real Superhero

  • FYI, the digital movie communities in the US are all smashing this promo too, I dare say it will be over by the day is out

  • +1 vote

    Took a few tries, but got it to work.

    first chip option,

    Use both codes,

    Change last digit to 6 on both 9 digit codes

    Thanks OP!

  • worked using Mik's trick, but I am not receiving the email from Doritos!

  • Anyone want my code? I already have the movie and someone else would benefit instead of me having 2 of the same movie.