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Kopparberg Mixed Cider Gift Pack & Glass $9.88 (Was $25.99) Inc 5 Ciders + Glass @ Dan Murphy's


Explore the flavours of the leading Swedish Cider brand. The Kopparberg Gift Pack is a premium offer for the cider enthusiast in your life. This selection of 5 ciders will introduce you to some unique and thirst quenching flavour profiles, just in time for the warmer weather and seasonal gift giving.

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  • My biggest concern is, do I spend $7 on postage or drive 10kms for pick up? Haha

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      Drive 10kms

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      Drive, at 66c/km (ATO rate), it equates to $6.60, saving you 40c.

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        You forgot the return trip. Losing $3.20

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          Only on OzBargain :)

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          I factored in drinking them in the carpark with a walk back

      • Does it really cost that much to drive around all things considered? That is way higher than I thought it would be.

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          Fuel not so much, ATO rate factors maintenance, tyres etc too.

          • @mattman: It would differ between cars too, the ATO rate is just an indicator. Would be interesting to see a calculator for this.

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    "Just in time for the WARMER weather"

  • Yes what warmer weather?

    • Presumably packaged for the summer just past and didn't sell all that well, hence why it's on clearance.

      For good reason too, might I add.

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    Thanks OP got 2

  • Anyone know what's the expiry of the bottles?

    • Just ring the store which cannot find the expired date.

    • It's all artificial, should last ages

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    Thanks OP! Picking one up on my way home from work

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      Can confirm the free glass is surprisingly thick, heavy and good quality. Great deal!

  • Has anyone tried this cider? Is it any good?

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      It's the best cider I've tried IMO – I even like it more than Rekorderlig

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        Rekorderling is not cider. It’s just fizzy juice with alcohol.

        • Lol fair enough – what cider do you prefer?

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            @itsfree: I actually make my own. Cheaper. Super easy and I get to experiment with flavours. BUT have a look at Henry of Harcourts or visit your local bottle shop and check out some of the small brew stuff. Look for fresh press and go from there.

      • i'll give it a go

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      Definitely on the sweet side. A great drink for people who don't usually like alcohol, and a passable one for those who do.

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        Sweet because it is questionable as to what it is actually made from. A lot of these ciders are made from syrups and added flavouring and all other types of junk. due to marketing they charge a premium. That is an old article but the good thing about these big corporates is that it gets people into cider and perhaps looking for product which isn’t garbage.

        Before I learned about fermentation etc and got a decent understanding of the industry I had no idea myself and thought the above stuff was actually a quality product.

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          Very interesting article – I've learnt something tonight!

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            @itsfree: Great! Now go out and make your own cider!!! Should probably start a forum post on home brewing in general…I’m no expert as still learning but I’m sure there are far more educated members than me on here.

    • It's… drinkable.

      It's probably closer to a cider-flavoured RTD than proper cider.

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    No credit to pricehipster?

  • Thanks, bought one.

  • Good deal OP checked locally( no stock ) will place in a larger order :)

  • No stores near me have stock :-( I'm also going to Japan next week so can't get it delivered.

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      "can't get it delivered."
      What to Japan ………

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    Current offer’s for beer 6 packs for members many great offerings cheaper than slabs pro rata :)

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    Thanks OP, just picked one up. Can confirm mine was short dated (9/6/19) and hence why it was discounted. The clerk didn't understand why sales had started to flow in lol and had to explain to him why.

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    Just got 6, beauty.

  • All gone in Melbourne? Still available in Sydney. Thanks for posting, appreciated.

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    Thanks OP!! I grabbed 2 for me and the Missus :)

  • Just about to buy but appears out of stock after entering my local store :(

  • Seems to be Out of stock. That was quick

  • Good deal, bit late to the party though, out of stock everywhere I checked.

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    Click n Collected when it had 400 clicks. Grabbed two from Chaddy.

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    Still some left in Brighton VIC - placed a click and collect order which was confirmed by store.

    edit: And just as I posted that, website now saying unavailable. Hoping there'll be one put aside for me when I grab it tomorrow…

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      I picked up six at around 8pm via click/collect. The guy at the front wasn't sure there were many left in the back. So good luck with it

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    Awesome, they still floating around!!!! Dan Murphy's Alphington has stock!!

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    Got one at Pasadena store in SA, going to pick it up soon

    • How'd you go, was Ozbargained when I got there :(

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        Got it, asked if they had more he said nope as soon as it went down to $9 there was a massive run on them. Ozbargained for sure!

    • Only store in SA with stock, half an hr drive for me! Cheaper to pay postage haha

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    Grabbed 2 from Burwood NSW

  • IS there an easy way to find out which store has stock or do you need to add to your cart in every store?

  • Wooloongabba in Brisbane is showing stock.

  • 10kms away from me (Gladesville NSW).

    Edit: out of stock - they called me to make a refund

  • Out of stock at my local…. excitement gone

  • Looks like it's sold out in VIC

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    My local store who I purchased from jist rang me and said they've actually sold out 2 hours ago. He said I had to come in for a refund. I asked if he could do it electronically but said he couldn't. I also received an email 5 minutes before he called saying the orders ready to collect.
    Anyone else have dramas?

    • I'd call customer service and get them to refund it that way, saves a trip to the store.

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      I got a missed call from Dan Murphys too, assume it’s the same story :(

      Update: Just checked online and order cancelled

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      He said I had to come in for a refund.

      Just call back and tell him you're 15, so therefore can't drive to the store for a refund.

      • Lol

    • Shouldnt be a reason why you had to go in store for a refund if your whole order was not fufillable. rep must be new or not know what hes doin
      Hope this was sorted out
      if not just give our contact centre a ring

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        I phoned late yesterday and someone from the phone support called the store. They ended up informing me that there was 2 at the store put aside for me. I haven't had time to pick them up yet but pretty happy in the end.

  • Got one from Alexandria! Thanks OP!

    • :D

  • Got 5! Thanks!!

  • Says Out of stock why still posted wth stock

  • I cant find a store that has any ….HELP.

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    Picked up 3x from Balga WA. The Glass is much better than i was expecting. Nice shape and solid.

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      Now I’m more upset mine was cancelled 😢

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    i was wondering why there was a influx of orders…..
    we had about 22 and they sold out within an hour

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