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$100 off a Google Pixel 3a [$549] or 3a XL [$699] When You Trade-in Any Old Working Smartphone @ JB Hi-Fi


Saw this today in-store at JB Hifi Macquarie Centre. Pretty good deal for a just released phone. Even cheaper with discounted gift card. Looking to buy the XL for the missus. No experience with trade-ins - what do they do with an old smartphone?

Edit 1:
6.5% discount on eGift Card for AGL Rewards Members - thanks PoRKroLL. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/458828 Note it takes up to 3 days if you pay by bank transfer. Pay 1% credit card fee and the eGift Card is emailed within a couple of hours.

Edit 2: Appears to be nationwide. Thanks ndwalters and Rowen.

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    • Not if you buy a cheap phone from Woolies/Coles/BigW and trade it in

    • Hey, I got a great Alcatel U3, excellent condition and it's the quad core A53 soc version with 1GB ram. I will be glad to let it go for a hundred. Let me know if you are interested.


      • I know you're joking but some people on gumtree would really try and sell it like that.

  • Might be time to trade in my Galaxy S

  • $549 after trading.

  • Time to trade in my lg l40 I got for $9.

  • is cracked glass considered as working?

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      I suspect the staff don't really give a crap. If it powers up, then you can say it's working.

      • It's worth a try. I was in Manila last year and they have dozens and dozens of little shops that fix a cracked screen for $25. Looks like new. I assume whoever recycles these can do the same, so a cracked screen is not a write-off.

        Plus, JB Commercial/corpirate offer 70 AUD off anyways, so they probably don't give a damn.

    • I believe it matters, as it was in my case. They checked my old photo quite thoroughly for any imperfections.

    • It does matter, I was just in store.

      No phones are accepted with cracked glass, bloated battery or loose buttons.

      Any iPhone, Android or Windows phone is accepted. I wanted to trade in Samsung S5, but has cracked screen. They didn't accept that, but I have an iPhone 4 at home and they said an iPhone 4 is fine.

    • According to sellers on FB, its not only considered as working but also in brilliant condition.

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    ahhh this reminds me of deal I got for my S6 edge back in 2015, it was $200 off to trade in any phone. All you had to do was buy a $20 phone from Coles next door


    • I wonder at what point in time will this community grow up and actually start considering the impacts of their actions. Can you imagine the material, time, and shipping that went into making that 20 dollar phone, only for it to end up in landfill without any use within moments.

      • +17 votes

        Or maybe the retailer will responsibly re-purpose or recycle the components! Just because the community finds a work around doesn’t mean it doesn’t work out!

      • They get recycled in to third world countries

        Why would they give you a discount for something they would just bin…

      • Yes, the consumer is at fault for the destruction of the environment, not the people who are actually mining or producing disposable cheap trinks, and definitely not the people making the decisions to allow mining or allow the creation of disposable trinets…. definitely comes down to the consumer. Consumers should be banned, that will fix the problem.

      • Unless you can singlehandly change the way capitalism work. Consumption is the by-product of a systematic of free market. Lucky I have 2 old phones I can trade in.

    • Best deal I got off the site. Flagship smartphone at the time for under $700


    $100 off Pixel 3a phones when you trade-in any old smartphone* = Pixel 3a @ $549
    $350 off Pixel 3 phones when you trade-in any old smartphone* = Pixel 3 @ $849
    *must be in working condition
    Instore only, both end 29th May

    This is actually across all JB Hifi stores and can be seen on a banner here:

    Screenshot here:

    • What about trading in 5 phones for $500 off?

    • So I just did it.

      Traded an old dodgy Samsung galaxy S2, for $100 credit.

      Every aspect of the handset was checked. Couldn't be a broken screen, must turn on and be usable etc, they even had a check list. However I did not require charger or earphones to go with it.

    • I guess it's time to sign up for Telstra sim-only plan to get $400 credit and trade my old iphone 5s for an extra $100.

      • A working 5S is easily worth more than $100 on eBay, FB marketplace, etc. you’re selling yourself short.

    • For 3 xl that's not the best deal . Hardly normal had them for $1049 for 3 xl 128gb.

  • Better trade-in Huawei P30 Pro for a Pixel while it is still worth something XD

    • I will take your P30 Pro - even give you 200 instead of 100 that you will be getting in trade-in.

      • I can double that. Current devices are not affected except upgrade to Q when the ban might have been lifted.

  • Great little phone, only I haven't been able to find a decent screen protector (in the US).

    It's been a hugely popular phone in the US because Google actually had a promo where you trade in an old iPhone and get $250 off.

    it's a decent mid range phone, with an outstanding camera (rear is the same as a pixel 3)

    • Google actually support it really well in the US, the main reason many buy it is because it has US only features that help them out. We don't get all the pixel features here, and that's why they don't do well, as they are super basic phones for a premium. Going from a few years of pixel ownership, it's clear they prioritise US and forget about most other countries.

      • Apart from Google Fi, what features do Australians miss out on?

        • Call screening, Duplex

          • @onlinepred: Im quite sure this is normal behaviour even for Apple (eg the ECG feature on the Apple Watch). I'm assuming they do this to almost treat the US as their testing ground before rolling it out globally. Its not that we won't get Call Screening and Duplex, its that they want to iron out the kinks (or there could be some technical or legal reason for the delays) before a mass rollout.

            • @Trishool: Call screening is available on other devices now in the US. Google choose not to release these products to Australia. You buy a pixel as you want the latest and greatest with all the issues, it's why it exists.

              • @onlinepred: I'd say you're wrong, both the iPhone and Pixels have US-focused features but these come in the form of Maps, Apps, and Services.

                A noticeable difference, especially when comparing say West-coast USA to East-city Europe (Berlin?). Case in point; iMessenger vs WhatsApp.

              • @onlinepred: Meh, I wouldn't consider Duplex or call screening vital features that would decide my purchase. It's not like they're available elsewhere in any meaningful way anyway. I'm sure Google will deploy these features to Pixels when they've been properly adapted to local conditions.

                To me, the Pixel line's main selling points are stock Android, reliable updates, and the camera's performance. Pixel 3a gets all of those features too, so at $550 it's a great buy.

                • @klaw81: Frequent updates you mean, they aren't reliable at all though, often breaking features etc as they are pushing so many new things. I mean that's the point here right, the only selling point is a super basic phone with a great super basic camera. Nearly every other phone has more capability and better camera features and coat less. Putting the pixel 3a against OnePlus is a great example, even doing that shows just how poor the pixel build quality is and where they cut quality for savings.

                  • @onlinepred: What "better camera features" do you want?

                    • @brendanm: Exactly, if you haven't used anything else then you just don't know. Wide angle, macro, optical zoom, manual mode. If you don't care about taking photos and just want the super basics then yes pixel is fine but very limited.

                      • @onlinepred: It was a genuine question. You can get manual mode. A phone can't do proper macro. I care about taking photos, so I have a dslr. Might want to check out dxomark for pixel camera scores. They are just straight up great (smartphone) camera with few gimmicks.

                        Noone serious about macro uses a phone. Noone uses a phone to shoot birds in flight. Photographers don't use phones for weddings. The sensors are tiny.

                        A phone camera is to take photos of things you are doing in the moment, with reasonable quality, something that pixels do well. Also no shutter lag hdr

                        • @brendanm: I came from p3xl to s10e. Macro, I mean the ability to focus on an object within 10cm of the lens. Pixels can't do this. Manual mode doesn't exist stock on pixel. Dxo marks doesn't mean much for real world. I agree, hence wide angle is nice to capture more things and macro is great for when you need to quickly snap things up close like the other day I had to stick my camera behind my wall mount tv to get the model number, pixel couldn't focus whole s10e could. Again every phone has hdr and no shutter lag. 3a has lag processing photos though.

  • US were getting $260US value for iPhone SE plus a $100 google store voucher. Thanks JB for the amazing deal! /s

    Even pixel 3 at Christmas was almost half priced but I’m australia we got a bonus google home mini. Wow lol

    • Thank Google for the deals. Google doesn't care about the rest of the world, they are primarily US first.

    • You can sign up for the current JB Hifi 12 month deal, get a $400 voucher, trade in your phone for $100 and get the pixel for $150. How is that not a good deal?

      • I'm guessing that's signing up to a 12 month phone plan?
        Hopefully I can get my old Nexus 4 to power up and use as a trade. Otherwise I still have a working LG G2 I could use.

        • Yeah that's the downside, $65/month plan for 12 months (can be brought down to $55 with port in credit).

          I guess the US folks got the phone cheap without plan commitment.

  • +1 only because I try to encourage recycling old technology.

  • My Palm 650 is still working.

  • Has anyone tried to swap with a cracked phone?

    • +1 i have xiaomi redmi with cracked screen

    • They won't take a cracked screen. Needs to be a working smart phone with no major damage.

      Just traded an old Galaxy Nexus (running CyanogenMod) + 5% off JB Voucher.
      Total $522.50

      • Damn, I have a Galaxy S7 I'm keen to trade in. The screen itself is fine, but the glass on the bezels has seen better days. Not cracked but getting loose.

  • I'm guessing the $100 off is also on the XL?

  • do we need to include the charger?

  • https://www.tomsguide.com/us/pixel-3a-random-shutdown-bug,ne...

    Random shutdown bug on pixel 3a & XL ver too.

  • Can anyone point me in the direction of a 5% off gift card that I don't need any special membership for (i.e. AGL)? I am off to trade in an old Iphone 4 and Iphone 4S to get two Pixel 3a's.

    BTW this is in WA so the deal is definitely Australia wide, it is a banner up on the jbhifi phones page and supposedly runs until the 29th.

  • What if you have multiple working old phones? Can you trade them all in?

  • iphone 4 count as old smartphone?

    • Yes they took the one I had.

    • Yep, I trade both a 4 and 4s yesterday to purchase two pixel 3a's. It was a slow and painfully process because the jb guys couldn't work out how to add an "unknown" phone into the system to register the discount. I got sick of waiting and left it with them, they called back an hour later and said to come and pickup the new phones.

      • Likewise with me. It took them nearly two hours to get through it. I traded in an old 3Gs, they couldn't find it in the "list". They were shocked to see one, but as the ad said "ANY working smartphone". I read somewhere on their detailed terms and conditions for this deal, that the trade-in value needs to be $50 value or higher. Not sure though… I could've misinterpreted what I read.

      • Same here. No one in the store seemed to know how to do it. The guy that served me didn't even know of the deal even though there was a sign on the table right in front of him. Took about 45 minutes for them to sort it.

  • Knocked back apologetically. Staff couldn't tell me why except that their system didn't consider my phone a 'smart phone'. My phone is a fully working touch screen smart phone running Windows Phone 8.1. Perhaps that's not smart enough for them?

    Buyer beware.

    • I was told my Samsung Galaxy S2 wasnt on the list either, but then she just manually added it.

      Try another store/storeperson

    • Just successfully traded in my old windows phone. There are instructions on their system on how to process an unrecognised IMEI. They use an IMEI of 19 followed by zeros, and then select "other" make and "unlisted" model

    • On their internal wiki there is a detailed document on how to process the phone trade in. It's what the guy that served me eventually found and used.
      When entered my phone (LG G2) came up as $0 and took a few staff a while to figure out how to make it $100

  • I had a go at buying the 3 XL, but they are quite expensive at JB. Tried to get them to price match Harvey Norman ($1099 instead of $1349 for the 64GB model), but they wouldn't price match AND do the $350 trade-in deal together.
    They do have a deal where you can sign up for a new Telstra 24-month contract ($65 for 80GB) and get $850 off the phone price, but over two years I'm worse off than if I didn't with my current plan. I just don't need 80GB a month, as good a deal as that is.

  • Pixel 3A or Galaxy S10? Advise plz.

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    Thanks OP, got one in Hurstville store today ^^

  • Is that deal still going on, especially in Brisbane? It seems that it is not advertising on the website o.o