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[Amazon Prime] Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse Graphite $82.65 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Great price on this mouse $73.64 after Cashback - looks like they're waiting on more stock as it's down as 1-2 months but in my experience it would more than likely ship soon

Todays 12% Shopback Cashback will make it even sweeter

Original 5% Prime Member Deal


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +4 votes

    If you're on the fence about buying this mouse then just do it, dumped my apple mouse months ago and my hand and wrist has been thanking me ever since.

  • I think it’s just good hygiene to have a second mouse while the first one gets disinfected.

    You never know what your right hand and wrist might come in contact with when you are doing work online.

    • May I ask how long will it take to disinfect one and what's the process involved?

  • The price is $108 for me :(
    Edit: back to $87 :D

  • May I add, this mouse is bloody amazing. I've had mine for 3 years now and the battery still lasts fotever, I charge it like once every 2 weeks. I used it for 9 hours per day and is super comfy.

    • I wasn't sure the 2S had been out that long. Seems to have held its value well if so.

    • I find my battery lasts in the days, not in the weeks. I've resorted to leaving plugged in constantly. Maybe i'm holding it wrong.

  • Is the mouse non-stick?

  • I love my MX Master 2S. I originally used my Magic Trackpad constantly and loved it until I got this mouse. So comfortable to use!

  • Absolutely love this mouse since the day I bought it. Father used it for a few days and bought one for himself for work.
    Could not recommend enough!

  • How do you compare this to the first gen?

    • Would also like to know this as my first gen has had mouse wheel issues for a while now. Wonder if it got fixed in the newer version.

  • Price beat for another 5% off at Officeworks currently selling at $98.

    Quick before they reduce the price.

    • Officeworks doesn't have 12% Cashback though…

      Pretty sure they will only honour the $87 so you'd get it at the same price as in title (no cashback)

  • Cheers OP . Good time to make use of the $30 amazon credit .

  • Great mouse but it certainly has been relegated to 2nd place after the Razer Elite DeathAdder

  • +1 vote

    I think this can be called OzBargain’s favorite mouse. Never fails to get upvotes no smarter how many times the deal is posted.

    • I upvote it every time cause when I finally figured out that my wrist was hurting from my old mouse I just typed 'mouse' in the search here looking for suggestions, hoping I can contribute to more people finding this rad mouse!

  • Does anyone know whether paying partially with Amazon Gift card is eligible for cashback?

  • Might be just me, but beware delivery date of 1 to 2 months.
    I'm sold otherwise - what keyboard matches well with this? I have Microsoft Designer ones which look nice but aren't great for long stints at the pc.

    • In terms of aesthetics, the Logitech craft is designed to match, but it's a pretty expensive keyboard and not my first choice. Logitech's mechanical keyboards (I'm thinking g513) will match fairly well, and feel a lot nicer because they're mechanical.

      • Can I suggest if you are going to get a mechanical keyboard to not get Logitech? If you are going to be spending a good $150, you can get yourself a nice Filco or something similar.

        • Oh for sure, there's tons of great mechanical keyboards out there, logitech's switches are different to everyone else's. I just gave the suggestion because they were wanting a keyboard that "matches well".

      • Thanks, that's great. Will check them out

  • Here's a link to compare the first gen to the 2S. I still have the original one, as a matter of fact, two of them. This is cheap, but can't justify buying another one because mine are still going strong.

  • i know everyone loves this mouse… i found the profile too high and my hand hurt after a while… had to return it.

  • TRS claims guys

  • If it takes more than 60 days you won't get cashback.

  • G502 vs this?

    • Go for a G703 if you are looking for a good sensor and low latency.

      Edit: looks like the G502 comes in a wireless flavour now

  • Started using this mouse today, very nice!

    Side Note:
    If you use @ work on restrictions to install 3rd party programs without administrative rights, you won't be able to install Options, so then can't rebind the thumb key or make full use of the horizontal scroll, (From what i found out so far, maybe you can without the software)

  • "usually dispatches within 1 to 2 months"


  • $82.65 locked in by Officeworks

    • Would be the same, shows up as low as $69.60 C&C just using search in April, and the 20% off in 15/05 would be the same (just not posted as a separate deal)

      I've definitely seen/gotten as good or a better price from Bing Lee or The Good Guys (less opportunities) on Logitech mice.

      My Anywhere 2s bought on 23/01/2018 was $59 less 20% for $47.20 ; shipping was +$9.00 to VIC, total $56.20.

      I believe I bought my MX Master (v1) during DSE's shutdown somewhere in 2016 (scroll wheels fudged shoved a little piece of paper in there and it's less free scrolly).

      • There's a button behind the scroll wheel that changes between free scroll and bumpy scroll.

  • Does this mouse have the side click on the mouse button like the mx anywhere? Also, would you say its worth upgrading from a mx anywhere to this, how much of an improvement is it?

    • It does, two small ones and then a side scroll wheel as well, all on the left side of the mouse. Definite improvement but it has a different function really. The MX Master is big, great for a desktop situation, functional and comfortable to use whereas the MX Anywhere, its use is in its name, its small in form because it is best suited for carrying around and travelling with.

  • If you have tennis elbow, this mouse is terrible and should be avoided. By far the most uncomfortable mouse I've used

    • Have you tried using a trackball? That might be a better 'fit' for someone with that sort of pain.

      • I've just been using a cheap vertical mouse mouse from ebay and it's been great so far. I will have to try a trackball when I get an opportunity

  • Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months


  • Bought this mouse about a month ago, easily the best mouse i've used.
    I use it professionally and can't speak for it's gaming capabilities, but has everything I need and more working in IT with multiple monitors and applications.

  • Got notification that my order is shipping early and dispatch date is tomorrow . Initially it said 1 to 2 months . Csshback has also tracked - I paid part of it using gift card

  • It is back to $87 as 5% deal is expired