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90K Qantas Points, $135 First Year @ Bankwest Qantas World MasterCard Credit Card (Save $135)

  • $6,000 min spend (3 months)
  • New Bankwest Credit Card customers only
  • Earn 1 Qantas Point per $1 spent on eligible purchases for the first $5000
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Minimum credit limit of $12,000 required.

The 90,000 Bonus Qantas Points promotion is only available to new Bankwest Qantas Mastercard customers who apply for a Bankwest Qantas World Mastercard credit card from 27 May 2019 until 31 August 2019, are approved and spend at least $6,000 on eligible purchases within three months from account opening. Bonus Qantas Points are subject to change. Bonus Qantas Points will be transferred to your account within five months of account opening. You are not eligible for this promotion if you upgrade or vary your existing Bankwest credit card to a Bankwest Qantas World Mastercard.

Also available (thanks @neovin)

50K Qantas Points, $80 First Year

  • $3,000 min spend (3 months)
  • Earn 0.75 Qantas Point per $1 spent on eligible purchases for the first $2500
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Minimum credit limit of $3,000 required.

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    • +1

      dont think the approval/decline is recorded on credit files?

  • Are child support payments eligible transactions? I mean do they come under government payments or no ? Also if paying to ATO (BAS) will it work ? Thanks

    • +1

      What counts as an eligible purchase? Most purchases are eligible purchases except some things such as bank fees, gambling, government charges and anything else listed in Section 5 of our Bankwest Qantas Rewards Terms and Conditions.


    • +1

      The following are not Eligible Purchases, and you will
      not earn Qantas Points or Bonus Qantas Points in
      respect of them:
      › cash advances;
      › Balance Transfers;
      › interest charges;
      › credit fees and charges;
      › bank fees and charges;
      › transactions we decide are disputed due to being
      fraudulent or which involve an abuse of your Card
      › foreign exchange purchases;
      › travellers cheques;
      › all purchases for gaming or gambling transactions
      including gambling chip purchases and online
      gambling purchases;
      › BPAY payments; i.e bill payments and other payments
      made through the BPAY Electronic Payments Scheme;
      › Government charges (other than GST payable in
      connection with the purchase of goods and services
      on which you earn Qantas Points);
      › credit card protection insurance;
      › Business Related Expenses; and
      › any other transactions which from time to time may
      be excluded by us.

      • @mikef thank you. I think it will work for me in this case. Question is do I need another credit card lol.

      • It's a bit annoying how foreign exchange purchases are excluded, considering one of the key selling points of this card is the 0% foreign exchange fee

        • +1

          I suspect this refers to the purchase of foreign currency notes at a exchange shop, not foreign purchases

          • +1

            @FutureTech: You're right, I called them to clarify and overseas transactions are included, it's just foreign currency exchange that isn't

      • Anyone know whether foreign government charges would be excluded? With 0% foreign exchange fees I could just chuck $6k on my NZ student loan but I'm not sure whether this would be excluded or not

        • Likely - they use the merchant category code (MCC) to identify what kind of place it is.

  • +1

    While this card has no foreign transaction fees, which is potentially handy as I am off to New York in September, do they compensate for that by having woeful exchange rates instead?

    • +1

      The exchange rates on credit and debit cards are usually close to the spot rate. It'd be hard to get better unless you're doing hundreds of million of dollars in FX trades.

      This doesn't apply to the prepaid cards where you convert to another currency ahead of time (e.g. Qantas Cash/Velocity Global Wallet)

  • Conditionally approved for 50k Qff, even though I applied for 90k.
    No choice. Since citibank refused me earlier, I am sold to bankwest.

    • Hey mate,

      You mind sharing your details i.e. income range, number of existing cards, mortgage y/n, etc

      Want to get a sense of my chances.

      • People on over a hundred grand income, perfect credit history, no mortgage, no other loans but a combined credit limit of less than $10k are getting rejected.

        I know for a fact, cos I'm one of them. You'll find that they are rejecting people even at the top 10% of the income tier which is a real head scratcher. Then again, their underwriting team is based in Philippines I think which partially explains some of it.

        • I'm in the top 0.1% and I got rejected (first time ever).

          Maybe they picked up I am just recylcing the point offers.

          • @bobneil: How often u churn….what's ur history

    • Have any other credit cards?

    • +1

      A few years ago I applied for a BankWest Platinum card, they offered me the card lower than that. I phoned them up and said that if I can't have Platinum I want to cancel my application. They moved me up to the Platinum over the phone. You should try phoning them.

      • Something similar happened to me applying with NAB; The guy called to tell me from overseas that I have been rejected but gave me an option to go for a lower credit limit. It entirely changed the equations, and I was confused and said no. Long story short the next day I called them back and said I want the lower card but later realised they had pulled my credit file out again for a worthless card :(

        I complained about the whole experience and they gave me $500 compensation (not too bad I thought, obviously at the cost of credit rating).

        • +1

          that's awesome! Didn't know you could do that

    • +5

      I've played around this afternoon to get the result I want. The key field in the application is the savings box. Entering a good amount there made me tick over to the WORLD MC, 12k limit. With it blank I get the lower product.

      I tend to try leave it blank when I apply with different banks, but looks like bankwest wants to know.

      • +1

        I like how they let you check whether or not you qualify for the world card without actually pinging your credit file.

        Looks like I only qualify for the 6000 one without outright lying about how much I have haha. Well over the minimum income required but no dice o well

        • +2

          Yeah actually most banks allow this. I did this earlier with Commbank as well. Mr Test Tester sure applies alot of cards :)

        • So the qulaification field doesn't ping your credit file? Is that correct?

      • you are lucky.. i got rejected for both cards even after over 100k salary + 100k worth savings, other cr cards below 10k and no loans.. may be i am doing something wrong…

      • +1

        Interesting find.

        I played around with the figures and could not get the application to give me a World (as opposed to a Platinum) card.

        Even with income of $500K, $1mil house and $500K savings, it still gave 'Mr Test Er' a Platinum card.

        • Wow crazy.. What do you put a the expenses and how many cc?

          • @starburstyellow: Expenses were regular amounts.

            I put in two existing CCs with a combined limit of $22K (because that is what I currently have).

            Maybe it was the existing CCs. Can't be bothered to go back and try again with fewer CCs.

            • @vetopower: They can see the credit you have on other cards.

              • @unity1: This was a fake application to test the ability to get a World (as opposed to a Platinum) card.

                They couldn't see anything about the amount owing on the cards.

                • @vetopower: I see. I recently quoted I had 18000 limit on cards when I actually had a 40000 limit. They still accepted my application.

      • how do you check this? Is this on the Bankwest website?

        • +1

          Yes it is. Just use the same link as above and put in your "real" name :). Don't need to put in your drivers licence as it's optional field. Also use a fake address.

  • +2

    Now that Bankwest have Apple Pay I might use their card.

    • +2

      Why use their card when you could use Apple Pay?

  • $6,000? Damn, big spenders eh??? Won't be able to spend that, maybe $4K, MAYBE.

    • Same, now I may have to apply for St George

  • For those interested, just an FYI on how credit scores are calculated: https://www.creditsavvy.com.au/learn/credit-faqs/how-are-cre...

  • finally, been waiting for a sign up bonus for this card for ages now. thanks op

  • Not sure how this compares with 100,000 qantas points +$200 back on + 2 lounge passes/year ANZ Black

    • +2

      No foreign transaction fees is a huge benefit

      • Thanks!

  • I had a quick read through their PDS, does anyone know if ‘cardholder’ also means ‘supplementary cardholder’? Ie if my wife would book travel on this card as a supplementary cardholder (my account), without me travelling, would she be covered?

    • Most credit card companies would need a supplementary card holder to meet their pre-trip spending requirements such as airfare to be purchased using the supplementary cardholder’s credit card, in order to be covered for travel insurance. The card holder needs not travel together.

      • Yes, I rang them and the comprehensive insurance is the same for primary as for additional card holders which is great.

  • +4

    Another way to easily tackle the min spend requirements is you can setup a 'travel credit' at a travel agency. Ie pay $5k towards a travel file but not against any particular items. Most of us are likely to take a big trip each year which has a considerable cost.
    If you didn't end up using all the travel credit for the trip itself you could also move the remainder onto a cash card as spending money for the trip. (Disclosure I work for a travel agent)

    • No clue why you got negged…
      Was a good possible way out for people applying card .

  • Was conditionally approved and sent pay slips off after business hours.

    Anyone been contacted today yet?

    • +1

      I called them up to clarify a few points - I applied and sent in my pay slips during business hours yesterday. Said the payslips were only uploaded to the system today for review, should hear back by tomorrow.

      • Thanks for update. I'm same oat as you. Uploaded yesterday only after conditional approval.

        • @mjm2 - Have you heard anything about your card?

          I sent my payslips this morning, when I called them they said I'd have to wait 2 business days.

          Hoping I can get the card asap and put my new phone purchase towards it to help tackle minimum spend.

          • @StonedWizard: not speaking on behalf of mjm2, but I waited for 2 days and got approved soon after.

            • @starburstyellow: @starburstyellow - I sent everything on Thursday morning but still haven't heard anything.

              When I called Bankwest the lady said someone was meant to action it on Wednesday, but might be able to action it earlier.

              Kinda disappointed as I'm going overseas for a week so could have put 1 week hotel cost and travel costs on the card. But I don't think I'll get the card before I go.

              • @StonedWizard: Same here, applied last week and heard nothing. Got sick of waiting so applied for St George/bank of melb/bank SA offer and was approved on the same day. Don't care now if this one gets approved or not

                • @unity1: @unity1 - Which St George offer was it?

                  Have you heard anything from Bankwest?

                  • @StonedWizard: I got the amplify platinum which has a $99 fee. 60000 Qantas points for a $2000 spend within 90 days. They also have the amplify signature for 90000 points and 2 lounge passes with $179 fee. As I said I was approved on the same day with this card. Have not heard back from BankWest yet.

    • Well they contacted me just before lunch saying my application wasn't completed. I'm pretty sure it was and I had sent in payslips already, so I said I would check at the branch. Went to the branch, and was told they couldn't help me finish a card application. So I called back when I had some time after lunch. They said everything is there and hasn't been assigned to anyone yet, so it will take a few days. I am an existing bankwest customer just don't have a CC card with them yet. Oh well not sure what's going on.

    • Just an update, got a call today to confirm few things. just got approved. So happy I passed. Time to spend $6K.

  • Cool. Thanks for the update.

  • I just got rejected, I rang and was told that because I had an application pending and had made another application (the first one crashed - probably because I had too many Bankwest windows opening and closing) the system automatically rejected me. I have the assets 9 on paper) lets see where this goes

  • Anyone know if Medibank Private's premium is a Cash Advance?

    I've asked Medibank but they keep insisting it's up the Credit Card's policy. However, the Card's T&C places the onus on the merchant..

    • Why on earth would it be a cash advance?

      • The Merchant and their financial institution dictates what is and what isn't a cash advance. It may seem like an obvious answer but only the merchant will know (or if any end user who has paid via CC with that Merchant)

        • +1

          Generally if you’re purchasing goods/services it isn’t a cash advance. If you were to deposit funds into Sportsbet/tattslotto etc that counts as a cash advance as you get equivalent in cash credited

    • Pretty certain it isn’t a cash advance.

  • Still no contact confirming formal approval after being conditionally approved Tuesday night and payslips sent that night.

    I remember when I was approved for a NAB card my application was submitted that morning and approved before close of business that day.

    • From what I can see, the big5 banks are typically quicker to finalise applications. I submitted everything on Wednesday and when I spoke to them just now, they said they got an influx of applications and have a big backlog to clear through (should hear back ‘some time next week’).

    • My application got stuffed up somehow and they said they will sort it out next week.

  • I was conditionally approved the same day via email (Monday) and i had a basic query today from a gentleman calling from Perth and following the conversation it was approved - the email states: Great news! Your new Bankwest Qantas World MasterCard has been ordered today and will reach you within 5-10 working days. Seemed relatively straight forward and in line with the other applications i have made in the past.

    • In your BankWest app you can get your card details to use online, or for Google or Apple Pay before your plastic card arrives.

      • I assume this only holds when you’re an existing bankwest customer or have received login credentials from them previously?

        • +1

          Oops, sorry - I assumed existing Bankwest customer!

          Yes, if you have login credentials, you can access your card details from within the app before the plastic card arrives https://www.bankwest.com.au/help/cards/activate-card

          I'm guessing if you're not an existing Bankwest customer, you don't get an internet banking/app login until you activate your first plastic card…

          • @BeauGiles: How you can add it to Google Pay without CVC or expiry date.
            Ok you can guess the expiry, but CVC?

            • +1

              @mikef: The full card details are available in the app (after authenticating) - card number, expiry and CVC.

              • @BeauGiles: Ohh great it's the on the mobile app. I had to activate the card :)

              • +2

                @BeauGiles: Just to clarify for new Bankwest customers, once you’re approved you’ll be emailed a PAN and receive a PIN via SMS (the day your card get sent out). With this, you can login to the app/website: you have to setup additional security questions. Then, you have to wait a day before you go back to the app -> Cards -> View card details to access your full credit card number, expiry, CVC (this errors on the first day: “There are no details currently available. Please try again tomorrow.”).

  • Anyone that was rejected by citi qantas signature recently have any luck with this one?

    • +1

      Me!! But I got approved with 50k Premium instead. And I also have CUA platinum and Virgin money (by Citi)

  • I applied and sent in information on Tuesday. I just got a call this morning to finalise the application and it's all approved now, but yes, it does sound like they're swamped with applications.

    • What sort of questions are asked during the phone call to finalise?

  • Just got off the phone with Bankwest.

    Apparently you can still apply for this if you've recently closed your Bankwest Zero Mastercard. You are not technically upgrading to this card because your card is closed and you will have to go through a full credit check again.

  • No foreign transaction fees

    Does anyone know what currency conversion rate they use? Would it be similar to 28 degree's use of Mastercard/XE rates?

    No fees is one thing, but if they use bad rates then it's not really a plus.

    • All Visa/Mastercard rates are quite good

      • Yeah but not all banks use it and have their own which is worst off than MasterCard/visa/xe. It's these small margins that they make their money when ppl don't realise their bring charged more than they should and only look at fees.

    • +3

      I have made an overseas purchase of 58.30 euro.
      got charged $93.92 AUD by Bankwest.

      • thank you. That's a good rate and close to XE. Time to cancel 28 degrees since this one has Qantas Points for overseas purchases when I'm on holiday, and yet have the benefits of 28 degrees (no foreign transaction fees, good rates etc)

        • but then you cant churn bankwest in the following years if u keep using it for foreign transactions.

        • +1

          And remember BankWest charges an annual fee.

  • When will the $135 fee be charged - After year 1?

    • +1

      $135 straight away. $270 at the start of year 2.

  • earn just over 140k a year, have a mortgage.

    good credit history, only one other credit card and still only eligible to apply for platinum :/

  • Conditional approved/ eligible for World on the website, but then just got a phone call saying not able to proceed for either card due to my hecs debt?
    Super weird, since also earn 100k+ and have a mortgage with good credit history.

    Also - Applied 30/5, Phone call 5/6.

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